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The annual DyeStat Elite Top 25 series (formerly Foot Locker Favorites and renamed given additional options available now) are national and regional rankings of cross-country runners based on distance-running accomplishments to date, with an emphasis on XC and 3200/2M track results, rather than a projection of how the Foot Locker Finals or NXN Finals will turn out (predictions run later in the season).

Settling in for mid-October

Oct 16, 2009 Girls Rankings (through Oct. 10 meets)

The Top 25

The rankings stabilize somewhat as the season turns toward state qualifying in many parts of the country

Story and rankings by SteveU

Status Quo – Very little happened on the cross-country course to change the girls Top 25 last week.  In the top five, Aisling Cuffe NY maintained her #2 ranking with a decisive 23-second victory in the Eastern States race at Manhattan.  Megan Goethals MI edged ahead of Sarah Andrews TX as the former ripped her own course record at her county meet, while the latter rested and recovered from flu in sitting out the Nike South meet.  Most of the rest of the top ten were not in action.

Rethinking - Some of the movement further down the rankings came from a few smaller race results and rethinking what seems the best order, whether or not certain races or times were weighed too heavily or too lightly.  Chelsea Ley NJ, who had slipped during the season with a few performances that didn’t quite measure up to her previous year’s efforts, came back last weekend at the South Jersey Open and ripped one of her own course records, a 17:22 that was just 1:14 behind the winning boys’ time.  That bumped her up back into the top 10.

The Eastern States race had less of an impact than some previous years as there was a big gap between Cuffe and the rest of the field, which included a lot of honorable mention runners, but no Top 25s.

Older is better - The Top 25 seems to be aging, which most would say is a good thing.  23 of the 25 Top 25 runners are juniors and seniors.  This isn't dramatically different than last year and has been a slow growing trend the last 3-4 years.  While there are still plenty of freshman phenoms exploding on the scene in different states, the best overall and most consistently good runners are upperclassmen - as it should be.    

  • Livonia Churchill MI sr Sara Kroll earned a spot after she extended a series of sub-18 performances with a 17:25.17 5k to win the Wayne Co. MI champs
  • Washburn Rural KS sr Avery Clifton edged back in after her latest sub-14:30 4k effort, a 14:27 to win the Topeka City Champs.

At right, Two-time Foot Locker Finalist Chelsey Ley, shown winning the Shore Coaches Invite, is back in the Top 10.  Photo John Nepolitan

The Top 25
Athlete (preseason in parentheses, plus grad. year, school, state)

 1. (1) Chelsey Sveinsson, 2011, Greenhill HS, TX
 2. (2) Aisling Cuffe, 2011, Cornwall Central HS, NY
 3. (4) Megan Goethals, 2010, Rochester HS, MI
 4. (3) Sarah Andrews, 2010, The Woodlands HS, TX
 5. (5) Jessica Tonn, 2010, Xavier Prep HS, AZ
 6. (6) Molly Grabill, 2011, Rancho Bernardo HS, CA
 7. (7) Wesley Frazier, 2013, Ravenscroft HS, NC
 8. (8) Carolyn Baskir, 2010, East Chapel Hill HS, NC
 9. (10) Samantha Nadel, 2012, North Shore HS, NY
 10. (14) Chelsea Ley, 2010, Kingsway Regional HS, NJ
 11. (9) Kelsey Lakowske, 2011, Boulder HS, CO
 12. (12) Emily Lipari, 2010, Roslyn HS, NY
 13. (11) Eleanor Fulton, 2011, Highlands Ranch HS, CO
 14. (13) Diane Robison, 2010, Parkway Central HS, MO
 15.(15) Katie Flood, 2010, Dowling Catholic HS, IA
 16. (16) Kathryn Fluehr, 2011, Community School of Naples HS, FL
 17. (19) Ashlie Decker, 2010, Dowling Catholic HS, IA
 18. (20) Malia Cali, 2010, St. Thomas Aquinas HS, LA
 19. (21) Megan Morgan, 2010, Torrey Pines HS, CA
 20. (22) Annamarie Maag, 2011, Jesuit HS, OR
 21. (23) Kaitlin Hanenberg, 2010, Classical Academy, CO
 22. (NR) Sara Kroll, 2010, Livonia Churchill, MI
 23. (24) Joanna Stevens, 2010, Blacksburg HS, VA
 24. (25) Kathleen Stevens, 2010, Blacksburg HS, VA
 25. (NR) Avery Clifton, 2010, Washburn Rural HS, KS
Honorable mention
Teeny Adams CA
Nicky Akande GA
Alaina Alvarez CA
Gaby Anzalone MI
Kaelyn Balch KS
Elise Beattie IL
Kayla Beattie IL
Allie Billmeyer CA
Liz Brandon ID
Emma Brink KY
Stephanie Bulder CA
Heidi Caldwell NH
Mackenzie Carter NY
Courtney Chapman NY
Allison Clark WA
McKenna Coughlin NY Madeline Chambers OH Chloe Curtis CA
Jenna Davidner MA
Kaitlyn Davis VA
Maggie Escobar TX
Sarah Fakler AZ
Megan Ferowich TN
Erin Finn MI
Erika Fluehr FL
Amanda Fox IL
Leah Francis AK
Karis Frankian CA
Maria Frigo KY
Samantha George NC

Kinsey Gomez ID
Carly Hamilton OH
Grace Heymsfield AR
Laura Hoer NC
Keelin Hollowood NY
Ashley Isham TX
Rachel Johnson TX
Rolonda Jumbo AZ
Ariel Karabinus VA
Sydney King NY
Kim Kirby TX
Carly Kitts TX
Kathleen Lautzenheiser VA
Abbey Leonardi ME
Alex Leptich MI
Hannah Luber NY
Catrina McAlister CA
Cory McGee MS
Kaylin Mahoney CA
Mackenzie Maki KS
Molly Malone NY
Sydney Marshall GA
Bret McDaniel GA
Jenna McMiller WI
Danielle Menlove UT
Liberty Miller CA
Clara Milne NM
Baylee Mires WA
Amanda Moreland NY Michelle Moriset MI
Julie Nacouzi CA
Amy-Eloise Neale WA
Hannah Neczypor OH
Waverly Neer IN
Andrea Nelson WA
Alyssa Nielson TX
Shannon Osika MI
Megan Patrignelli NY
Molly Pezzulo NY
Haley Pierce DE
Lizzie Predmore NY
Jillian Prentice NJ
Amanda Russell TX
Sara Sargent PA
McKinzie Schulz IL
Payton Schutte OR
Molly Seidel WI
Emily Sisson MO
Melissa Skiba CA
Jacque Taylor CA
Michelle Thomas OH
Regan Tindell TX
Jordan Tomecek MI
Sierra Vega CA
Megan Venables NJ
Laura Vigilante NJ
Meredith Wagner OH
Kelly Whitley IL
Danielle Winslow NY
Danica Wyson CA
Megan Yohe MO

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