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18th Nike Outdoor Nationals
June 19-21, 2008 - North Carolina A&T University, Greensboro NC

Boys - Girls -

Michael Gama Jr. (RI) 204-1, Allison Horner (GA) 177-2



Michael Gama

by Pete Cava for NSSF

Burly Mike Gama made a clean sweep of the 2008 Nike Nationals weight titles, winning the hammer throw Friday with a mark of 204-1. Gama, a junior from Bishop Hendricken High School in Warwick, R.I., also won the weight throw at the Nike Indoor Nationals in Landover, Md., last March. Here in Greensboro he defeated Wesley Wright (Villa Rica, Ga.), who was third in the event in 2007.

Going into the fifth round,Wright had the lead on the strength of a 203-0 third-round effort. Gama improved from 195-10 to 204-1 on his fifth try and, when Gama and Wright fouled on their final attempts, Gama had the win.

Thomas Davis (East Greenwich, RI) took third with a best of 201-8. Friday's results were off the mark for all three. Gama came in with a best of 222-6, fourth-best in the U.S. this year, while Wright (217-4) and Davis (214-0) couldn't match their season bests.

“I didn’t throw the hammer as far as I would have liked to but I’m pretty happy with the win,” Gama told North Carolina A&T sports information director Brian Holloway. “I just didn’t have anything at the end of throw, I just let it go and it worked out for me. I pretty much got lucky today, but it’s nice to get lucky.

“Winning indoors was a little more special because I was ranked third coming in. But this one wasn’t bad either, because I was ranked third going into the finals. I still had to wait for two more throws and that was pretty stressful. I was sweating a lot.”

C.F.P.I. Timing & Data - Contractor License 
Nike Outdoor Nationals - 6/19/2008 to 6/21/2008
North Carolina A+T University, Greensboro, NC

Event 53 Boys Hammer Throw
8 advance to the final
National: $ 255-11 5/5/2007 Walter Henning, St Anthony's, S Hunt,N
Meet: M 249-00 6/16/2007 Walter Henning, St Anthony's, S Hunt,N
Freshman: F 213-00 6/22/2006 Conor Mc Cullough, Chaminade,West Hill
Sophomore: O 243-11 2007 Conor Mc Cullough, Chaminade, W Hills,
Junior: J 252-06 6/20/2006 Walter Henning, St. Anthony's,S Hunt,N
Senior: S 255-11 5/5/2007 Walter Henning, St Anthony's, S Hunt,N
Name Year School Finals
1 Gama, Jr., Michael 09 Wakfield, RI 62.21m 204-01
FOUL 57.19m 58.48m 59.70m 62.21m FOUL
2 Wright, Wesley 08 Villa Rica, GA 61.88m 203-00
54.64m 58.56m 61.88m 60.54m 61.28m FOUL
3 Davis, Thomas 08 East Greenwich, RI 61.47m 201-08
FOUL 59.69m 61.47m 59.95m FOUL 60.26m
4 Stancombe, Benjamin 09 Bloomington, IN 59.39m 194-10
FOUL 54.41m 57.84m FOUL 59.39m 57.34m
5 Onye, Chinedu 08 Providence, RI 58.07m 190-06
55.95m 55.79m FOUL FOUL FOUL 58.07m
6 Faldermeyer, Alec 10 New Hampton, NY 57.86m 189-10
FOUL 56.21m FOUL 56.52m FOUL 57.86m
7 Gormley, Mitchell 08 Lawrenceville, GA 56.10m 184-01
FOUL FOUL 52.80m 52.96m 56.10m 55.49m
8 Schwendtner, James 08 Ballston Lake, NY 54.26m 178-00
FOUL 54.26m FOUL FOUL FOUL 34.03m
9 Guider, Robert 09 Danbury, CT 52.76m 173-01
52.19m 52.76m 49.85m
10 Janes, William 09 Newport, RI 52.69m 172-10
52.69m FOUL FOUL
11 Fraker, Davis 10 Peachtree City, GA 52.45m 172-01
FOUL FOUL 52.45m
12 Torrisi, Vincent 08 Central Valley, NY 51.78m 169-10
46.94m 51.78m 48.76m
13 Freberg, Miles 09 Marietta, GA 51.75m 169-09
51.75m FOUL FOUL
14 Dunkleberger, Andrew 11 Smyrna, GA 51.26m 168-02
51.26m FOUL 49.75m
15 Grey, Garrett 08 Grahamsville, NY 50.87m 166-11
49.03m 50.87m 49.18m
16 Mubarak, Nabil 09 Lawrenceville, GA 50.58m 165-11
FOUL 50.58m 50.08m
17 Faboyede, Joshua 09 providence, RI 49.93m 163-10
49.93m FOUL 48.02m
18 Filiano, Dominic 10 Lebanon, NH 49.49m 162-04
49.49m FOUL FOUL
19 Kidder, Michael 09 Kings Mills, OH 48.42m 158-10
48.02m 48.42m FOUL
20 Fiedler, Robert 09 Grahamsville, NY 47.71m 156-06
FOUL FOUL 47.71m
21 Gaitan, Enrique 11 Kennesaw, GA 46.96m 154-01
44.75m FOUL 46.96m
-- Morales, Brendan 09 Westminster, MD FOUL
-- Brentnall, Edward 11 Atlanta, GA FOUL
-- Resendes, Nicholas 08 Warwick, RI FOUL
-- Bourque, Brian 08 White Plains, NY FOUL
-- Khan, Tanzeel 08 Loch Sheldrake, NY DNS
-- Nicoll, Justin 08 central falls, RI DNS


by Elliot Denman for NSSF

Lovett High School (Marietta, Ga.) senior Allison Horner had all her credentials lined up long before the 22-thrower field assembled at Aggie Stadium. After all, she came to Greensboro as:
(a) The defending NON champion with her 2007 heave of 166-11;
(b) Owner of the five best throws in the nation this year, headed by her 194-footer at USATF Georgia meet on May 11.
(c) Third spot on the all-time American list, her 194-0 trailing only Maureen Griffin’s 201-7 for Pocatello, Idaho in 1998, and Jennifer Dahlgren’s 195-2 for Klein, Texas in 2002.

So her decisive NON was no shock at all. Still, she would have liked to have gone better than her 177-2 winner. Then again, all five of her legal throws – she fouled in round three - topped the best effort (167-10) of silver medalist Victoria Flowers of Providence, RI.

Rhode Islander Meaghan McGovern (149-6) outdueled Georgian Patrice Gates (149-2) for third place. Statesboro, Ga.’s Sally Marie Futch led Flight One throwers at 126-6.

Horner's trip to the USATF Junior Nationals Friday in Columbus, Ohio was something of a downer. Hoping to make the American team heading to the IAAF World Junior Championships in July in Poland, she placed a disappointing fourth at 176-4.

“I just needed to redeem myself today.” she said. “My mindset changed after yesterday’s meet. My flight was at a late time and I had to get up at 6:30 this morning. I had to tell myself it was going to be a big day. In Columbus, I had an off day, so I knew I had to come in here today and do well or it was going to be a bad weekend.”

C.F.P.I. Timing & Data - Contractor License 
Nike Outdoor Nationals - 6/19/2008 to 6/21/2008
North Carolina A+T University, Greensboro, NC

Event 54 Girls Hammer Throw
8 advance to the final
National: $ 201-07 5/30/1998 Maureen Griffin, Pocatello, ID
Meet: M 187-10 6/14/1997 Maureen Griffin, Pocatello, ID
Freshman: F 173-04 5/5/2007 Casey Kraychir, Twentynine Palms, CA
Sophomore: O 177-04 5/18/2008 Casey Kraychir, Twentynine Palms, CA
Junior: J 190-00 1997 Maureen Griffin, Pocatello, ID
Senior: S 201-07 5/30/1998 Maureen Griffin, Pocatello, ID
Name Year School Finals
1 Horner, Allison 08 Marietta, GA 54.00m 177-02
51.20m 51.51m FOUL 52.89m 52.57m 54.00m
2 Flowers, Victoria 08 Providence, RI 51.15m 167-10
47.35m 47.13m FOUL 51.15m FOUL FOUL
3 McGovern, Meaghan 08 North Kingstown, RI 45.56m 149-06
FOUL 45.56m 43.66m 39.39m FOUL 42.08m
4 Gates, Patrice 10 Villa Rica, GA 45.47m 149-02
FOUL 44.01m FOUL FOUL 45.47m FOUL
5 Veatch, Aimee 08 Roanoke, VA 43.54m 142-10
39.37m 43.54m FOUL FOUL 40.36m 41.89m
6 Callan, Robin 08 Monroe, NY 42.93m 140-10
42.85m 40.55m 42.93m 40.39m FOUL 42.07m
7 Baird, Natalie 08 Sterling, VA 42.80m 140-05
40.52m 42.80m FOUL FOUL 40.34m 42.41m
8 Niehaus, Emily 08 Maineville, OH 42.79m 140-05
41.01m 42.38m 40.79m FOUL 42.79m 42.45m
9 Pehmoeller, Alyssa 08 Poughquag, NY 40.44m 132-08
FOUL 40.44m FOUL
10 Henning, Karen 10 Kings Park, NY 38.71m 127-00
38.71m FOUL FOUL
11 Futch, Sally Marie 11 Statesboro, GA 38.55m 126-06
36.98m 36.65m 38.55m
12 Barboza, Liliana 08 Oxford, AL 38.38m 125-11
FOUL FOUL 38.38m
13 Miller, Jazmin 09 Powder Springs, GA 37.62m 123-05
37.62m 37.14m FOUL
14 Westover, Julia 09 Lebanon, NH 37.01m 121-05
37.01m 35.99m 36.14m
15 Pope, Charlotte 09 Scarsdale, NY 36.19m 118-09
FOUL 32.77m 36.19m
16 John, Christina 08 Marietta, GA 35.45m 116-04
33.62m FOUL 35.45m
17 Fannon, Megan 09 Doraville, GA 35.13m 115-03
35.13m 33.22m 32.15m
18 Fisher, Symmone 08 coram, NY 34.21m 112-03
FOUL 34.21m FOUL
19 Agoris, Catherine 08 Reisterstown, MD 31.37m 102-11
28.63m 31.37m FOUL
-- Echard, Jessie 08 Fairfax, VA FOUL
-- Bragg, Katie 09 Peachtree City, GA FOUL
-- Radford, Breanna 09 Alpharetta, GA FOUL
-- Renker, Nina 09 Mineola, NY DNS

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