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Northwest Region Roundup 9/9/06

week ending 9/9/06

Alaska - 
Hawaii - 
Idaho - Boise Boys, Girls win Wildfire Makeup Meet

Montana -

Flathead edges out North Central
Oregon - 
Washington - NW #2 Ferris wins atComstock Park





by Dave Mills

Wildfire makeup meet
Boise ID
Saturday, 9/9/06

Due to forest fires, a Red Alert for air quality has been issued throughout much of our state, cancelling many activities, including practices and cross country meets.

After having a Thursday meet cancelled Boise High threw together a meet held on Saturday in the Boise Foothills. Four schools showed up but there were only two complete teams, Boise and Eagle.

The course was a very difficult 5K with the first 3000 meters uphill the last 1K on switchbacks.

Anne Lovelace of Boise won the girls race in 23:20 and Nick Bolinder of Boise won the boys race in 19:17. Boise won both team races 23 to 33 in the girls and 18 to 39 in the boys.

Given the difficulty of the course, subtracting 4 min from the girls times and 3 min from the boys times gives and idea of the efforts on a more reasonable course.

Cardinal Classic
Soda Springs ID

In South Eastern Idaho the Cardinal Classic was held in Soda Springs at 6000 ft.

Winning the boys race Taylor Farnsworth of Highland (Pocatello) ran a very good time of 16:27. Mtn View dominated the day scoring 22 points.

In the girls race Jordan Englehardt of Bishop Kell won in 20:02 leading her team to a 2 point win over Bear Lake.

Silverwood Coaster Classic
Silverwood ID

Borah traveled North to run in the Sliverwood Coaster Classic (Silverwood is an amusement park).

In the boys race Frank Lagrimanta of Timber Lake out kicked Sawyer Bosch of Borah and Borah domintaed the team score totaling 25 points.

In the girls race Central Valley of Spokne won


Flathead of Montana (4th in NW rankings) edges out North Central High School of Washington (not ranked)

Flathead and North Central both ran away from Big Sky (ranked 9th in NW)

Official results not yet posted on the internet.



Greater Spokane League Meets - Boys

Central Valley/Ferris/Shadle/University Meet
hosted by Ferris at Comstock park

Boys week 1 results: Ferris 26, Central Valley 33; Ferris 15, University49; Ferris 15, Shadle Park 48; Central Valley 17,
University 45; Central Valley 17, Shadle Park 46; University 22, Shadle Park 36

1. David Hickerson F 15:20
2. Tyler Thatcher CV 15:34
3. Sean Coyle CV 15:37
4. Cam Quackenbush F 15:39
5. Jayson Taylor CV 15:53
6. Nick LaPlante F 15:54
7. Pat Maloney F 16:07
8. Steve Olsen F 16:08
9. Peter Miller SP 16:10
10. Jeff Devlin F 16:11
11. Anthony Brown U 16:12
12. Peter Hawkins F 16:27
13. Andrew Cesal CV 16:30
14. Jason Stoker CV 16:33
15. Bruce Aguilar CV 16:47


Mead/Gonzaga/EV Meet
Mead High School

Mead 15, Gonzaga Prep 49; Mead 15, East Valley 50;
Mead 15, Rogers 48; Gonzaga Prep 21, East Valley 35:
Gonzaga Prep 23, Rogers 35; East Valley 26, Rogers 29

1. Dylan Hatcher M 16:08
2. Kelly Lynch M 16:28
3. Kelvin Daratha M 16:30
4. Ryan Bishop M 16:49
5. Jordan Curnutt M 16:55
6. Steven McConnell R 16:57
7. Steven Kutsch M 17:15
8. Taylor Gregory GP 17:18
9. Thomas Wolfe M 17:21
10. John Marlow EV 17:37

North Central/Mt Spokane meet
Audobon Park

North Central 18, Mt. Spokane 39; North Central 20,
Lewis & Clark 35; Lewis & Clark 27, Mt. Spokane 30

1. Leon Dean NC 16:18
2. Darrick Thompson LC 16:23
3. Andrew Kimple NC 16:34
4. Steven Hicks NC 16:44
5. Adam Tyler NC 16:45
6. Alan Schroeder MtS 16:52
7. Eric Janson MtS 16:54
8. Dao Crosby LC 16:58
9. Trevin Goodrick MtS 16:59
10. Jeff Howard NC 17:04


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