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2008 Simplot Games

Idaho State University, Pocatello ID
February 14-16, 2008

DyeStat on-site with Rich Gonzalez, Dave Devine
Mike Kennedy, Marc Davis and John and Donna Dye

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March 2 at 2 pm MST
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Donna on the Side - see 300+ photos of the sideline scenes.

Saturday - Jackie Coward USR 60H 8.16!!!
Breaks own USR by .01. Vashti Thomas 42-08.75 TJ (#4 all-time)/19:10.25 LJ, great Ashton Purvis sprint double (breaks soph 200 record), and more #1s or meet records. Rich Gonzalez lead story
Mile high medal haul - Colorado boys took home a wealth of sprint medals, and it all goes back to the coaching - Dave Devine story
Shade of disappointment - Vaulter Shade Weygandt grabs 13-1 MR, but misses competition from Rachel Laurent - Dave Devine story
Davis distance gets it done - Candace Eddy and Natalie Haws (Davis UT) follow coach's lead in claiming Simplot wins - Dave Devine story

Coward (right) and Thomas clear the last hurdle almost even.

Girls 60H - photo by John Dye

Friday Simplot Friday: Flat Out Fast
Spikes ban doesn't slow down Jackie Coward, Vashti Thomas, Ashton Purvis, Dominick Roberts, Joe Morris.
Who is Dominick Roberts? Colorado sprinter answers question in blazing 200/400 heats.
Jackie Coward Ver. 2.0 - Tennessee hurdler shows new and improved version in prelim.


Winners Table

2008 Simplot Winners Table
Click on event name for detailed results, pix and summaries


Winner: 6.76 Joe Morris CO Video
Qual: 6.82 Joe Morris CO Video
Record: 6.68 Kenny O'Neal CA (2004)
Winner: 7.38 Ashton Purvis CA Video
Qual: 7.59 Ashton Purvis CA Video
Record: 7.19 USR Ashley Owens CO (2004)
Winner: 7.78 Michael Hancock CO Video
Qual: 8.16 Andre McDonald MO Video
7.82 Jason Richardson TX (2004)
Winner: 8.16 Jackie Coward TN Video
Qual: 8.49 Jackie Coward TN Video
Record: 8.33 Nichole Denby CA (1999)
Winner: 21.87 Demario House NC
Qual: 22.36 Dominick Roberts CO Video
21.47 J-Mee Samuels NC (2005)
Winner: 23.54 Ashton Purvis Video
Qual: 24.42 Ashton Purvis CA Video
Record: 22.97 USR Bianca Knight MS 2007)
Winner: 47.98 Dominick Roberts CO Video
Qual: 49.14 Dominick Roberts CO Video
45.92 USR Elzie Coleman NY (2004)
Winner: 54.41 Natalie Stewart UT Video
Qual: 57.18 Natalie Stewart UT Video
Record: 53.38 Lashinda Demus CA (2001)
Winner: 1:55.10 Joe Abbott NV Video
Qual: 1:57.38 Charles White CO
1:50.74 Karjuan Williams NC (2006)
Winner: 2:14.24 Charlene Lipsey NY Video
Qual: 2:17.03 Brazile Clark CA and Camilla Dencer CA
Record: 2:07.00 Heidi Houle UT (2005)
Winner: 4:10.58 Luke Puskedra UT Video
Qual: 4:21.58 Luke Puskedra UT Video
4:13.62 Luke Puskedra UT (2007)
Winner: 4:54.57 Candace Eddy UT Video
Qual: 5:10.82 Candace Eddy UT
Record: 4:51.65 Alicia Craig WY (2000)
Winner: 9:16.39 Wesley Rickman CO
Qual: 9:39.70 Patrick Casey
9:11.05 Josh Rohatinsky UT (2000)
Winner: 10:56.16 Natalie Haws UT
Qual: 11:22.01 Natalie Haws UT
Record: 10:32.41 Emily Kroshus CAN (2000)
Winner: 3:35.46 Warrior Express CO
Qual: 3:41.25 Teeva Track Club CO
3:14.84 John Muir Pasadena CA (1996)
Winner: 4:05.76 Spanish Fork UT
Qual: 4:10.94 Davis TC UT
Record: 3:56.40 Zodiacs TC New York (1996)
Winner: 1:30.61 D.A.T.A.C. CO
Qual: 1:31.80 Speed City CA
1:27.96 Newburgh Academy NY (2004)
Winner: 1:40.68 Racer-X NC
Qual: 1:43.93 Speed City CA
Record: 1:36.55 Teekay TC, Long Beach CA (1997)
Winner: 3:21.36 Speed City CA Video
Qual: 3:29.40 AMS Elite
3:14.84 John Muir Pasadena CA (1996)
Winner: 3:50.97 Speed City CA Video
Qual: 4:00.63 Teekay TC CA
Record: 3:44.26 United Stars TC Philadelphia (2000)
Winner: 8:12.74 Timpview Thunderbirds UT
7:47.88 Bingham TC, S. Jordan UT (1998)
Winner: 9:36.64 Edmonton Thunder CAN
Record: 9:12.22 Bruin TC, Orem UT (2003)
Winner: 6-10 Maurice Valentine Oakland CA
7-2.25 Alfredo Deza, Lima Peru (1998)
Winner: 5-6 Danielle O'Donnell Stride Ahead
Record: 6-3 USR Lisa Bernhagen ID (1984)
Winner: 22-11.5 Andre' McDonald MO
24-8.5 Clarence Scott CA (1996)
Winner: 19-10.75 Vashti Thomas CA
Record: 20-5 Brittany Daniels CA (2005)
Winner: 50-10.5 Omar Craddock TX
52-2.75 Greg Yeldell NC (1998)
Winner: 42-8.75 Vashti Thomas CA
Record: 43-5 Brittany Daniels CA (2005)
Winner: 17-2 Nico Weiler CA Video
Record: 17-6.25 Pat Manson CO (1986)
Winner: 13-1 Shade Weygandt TX Video
Record: 13-0 Julene Bailey ID (2003)
Winner: 62-3 Mason Finley CO
Record: 67-10.5 Brent Noon CA (1990)
Winner: 47-1.5 Lauren Chambers GA
Record: 51-5.75 Collinus Newsome CO (1994)
Winner: 77-3 Wes Wright GA Video
Record: 82-7.25 Leif Arrhenius UT (2004)
Winner: 58-10.50 Lauren Chambers GA
Record: 60-0 Maureen Griffin ID (1998)

Thursday - Georgians dominate weight throw.
Throw 1 Deep club brings 15 throwers and all make the finals. Their Wes Wright, the national boys leader this season,
and Lauren Chambers win, and soph Patrice Gates sets a national class record.
Lauren Chambers Wes Wright

photos by Rob Oliver (left) and John Dye

World's finest converge in Pocatello
** THE BIG PICTURE from Rich Gonzalez - Headlined by four of the top high school-age vaulters on the planet and a record-setting crew of female hurdlers, the 30th annual Simplot Games indoor meet taking place in Pocatello, Idaho this weekend appears well equipped to once again showcase leading track and field talent in its trademark entertaining and upbeat setting. READ MORE
** EVENT by EVENT from Mike Kennedy - For 30 years, the Simplot Invitational has been the crown jewel of high school indoor track in the Western United States – and this year is no difference as many of the best athletes in the nation will converge on Pocatello, Idaho this weekend. The very best pole vaulters will be in action for both the boys and the girls. The same can be said for girls in both the sprints and the hurdles, as well at both the long jump and triple jump. The long sprint and the middle distances are both quality events for the boys, as are the shot put and the weight throw. GIRLS | BOYS
** DISTANCE SUBPLOTS from Dave Devine - Luke Puskedra has been here before. A year ago, before he was the preeminent prep miler in the country, before he was the reigning Arcadia 2-mile champion or the Bob Firman Invite titlist or the NTN Southwest Regional winner or the Foot Locker All-American, before he was known as the runner who guns it from the start—lactic acid and oxygen depletion be damned—he was here in Pocatello, Idaho, a callow junior with an outdoor 1600 PR somewhere north of 4:20 and an 800 best of 2:04. READ MORE
Friendly competitors Shade Weygandt TX (left) and Rachel Laurent LA (right) have met mutliple times, but the 2008 Simplot Games marks their first run-in this season, after a winter where they've traded US#1.
Photos: Vic Sailer for photorun.net; Inset: Donna Dye for Donna on the Side

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