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DyeStat XC Region Review SW

Summary of Southwest Top Ten, Week Ending Sept. 29, 2007

By Sal Gonzales, Dyestat SW Regional Editor

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SW#1/US#2 Albuquerque Academy, New Mexico

SW#3/US#15 Los Alamos, New Mexico

++Bubble Teams: Gallup, NM; Rio Rancho, NM

Albuquerque Academy Invitational
Albuquerque, NM

Academy 45 Los Alamos 56 Gallup 81 Eldorado 113 Rio Rancho 116

At the UNM and Liberty Bell meets Pat Zacharias was able to break up the Los Alamos threesome of Pittman, Pittman and Gilna (sounds like a law firm), but on his home turf he finished 12 seconds behind the Pittmans. It isn’t the complete story of the 11 point victory for the Chargers but it is the start. I feel like I have written this story before….Academy dominates Los Alamos in early season competition and then the Hilltoppers slowly close the gap as the season rolls on. The gap between the two schools is paper thin at small meets and larger at big meets. Maybe the two teams feel that I lack imagination so they are playing out, relatively, the same season as a year ago… Chances are we are in for at least 3 more “bar brawls” between these two squads (Los Alamos, NM4A State and Tempe.)
As for the SW Bubble teams: Gallup seems to be able to turn their speed on an off like a faucet. Luckily for them they always seem to have the knob on HOT during big meets. Rio Rancho slipped to fifth this week with Josh Bueno still running in the junior varsity division. His time would have made him the Rams #4 and put the team ahead of Eldorado for fourth.

Top 10 Individuals

1) Ben Johnson, Academy 15:48
2) Bryce Palmer, Eldorado 16:04
3) Gareth Gilna, Los Alamos 16:28
4) Allen Pittman, Los Alamos 16:32
5) Kyle Pittman, Los Alamos 16:32
6) Kevin Palmer, Eldorado 16:38
7) Pat Zacharias, Academy 16:44
8) Rob Selph, Rio Rancho 16:49
9) Kyle Cooper, Academy 16:55
10) Donavan Jim, Gallup 16:58

1. Ben Johnson 15:48
7. Pat Zacharias 16:44
9. Kyle Cooper 16:55
14. Ryan Clark 17:07
16. David Feddema 17:25
27. Neil Longenbaugh 17:43
30. Damon Campbell 17:51

Los Alamos
3. Gareth Gilna 16:28
4. Allen Pittman 16:32
5. Kyle Pittman 16:32
18. Tom Witherell 17:27
28. Tom Bowidowicz 17:45
46. Andrew Vierra 18:24.53
56. Kevin Hemphill 18:37

10. Donovan Jim 17:00
13. Sammy Smith 17:06
19. Donavan Jackson 17:29
21. Vernard Martinez 17:31
22. Cody Carlston 17:34
44. Justin Bahe 18:21
60. Damon Flannery 18:46

Rio Rancho
8. Rob Selph 16:55
17. Ben Matheson 17:27
24. Chris Rubalcaba 17:39
33. Colton Trujillo 17:59
38. Larry Rodarte 18:08
45. Joe Miano 18:21
52. Clint Bramlette 18:31

SW#2/US#5 Wheat Ridge, Colorado

SW#8 Dakota Ridge

++Bubble Team: Battle Mountain, CO

Dave Sanders Invitational
Columbine, CO

Division 1: Wheat Ridge 68 Arapahoe 94 Battle Mountain 97 Dakota Ridge 119 Regis 128 (18 complete teams)

The Wheat Ridge Farmers keep plowing through the competition…ha, ha, Unghhh…. Another week another victory. They are the top team in Colorado. That is clear. What is not clear is: Who is next? Rampart seemed to be that team but then they squeaked by Dakota Ridge last week. This week Dakota Ridge was fourth and 22 points behind Battle Mountain.
Coach Mike Callor of Dakota Ridge stated that 3 of his top 5 runners were sick and so he doesn’t feel like this was his real team. Battle Mountain received a lot of pre-season recognition and this week they showed that it was well deserved. Arapahoe’s second place showing, and 3 point margin over Battle Mountain, makes them a legitimate contender. What is also clear is the fact that Colorado Cross Country is exciting and there are a handful of teams gunning for the Farmers.

Top 10 Individuals
1. Evan Appel, Dakota Ridge 15:46
2. Bobby Nicolls, Regis 16:03
3. Dart Schwader, Wheat Ridge 16:08
4. John Stevens, Battle Mountain 16:09
5. Will Cernanec, Littleton 16:16
6. Henry Cowhick, Wheat Ridge 16:21
7. John O'Neil, Battle Mountain 16:24
8. Alex Weinheimer, Fairview 16:32
9. Mike English Horizon, 16:38
10. Matthew Caldwell, Smoky Hill 16:38

Wheat Ridge
3. Dart Schwarderer 16:08
6. Henry Cowhick 16:21
14. Scott Fauble 16:49
20. Bryan Heiny 17:00
25. Micky Nelson 17:04
59. Aaron Goldfain 18:00
107. Patrick Williams 18:29

11. Chris Holt 16:40
16. Kyle Lyons 16:51
19. Doug Winter 16:58
22. Jason Kearns 17:03
26. Jackson Brainerd 17:05
42. Matt Ryan 17:32

Battle Mountain
4. Jonny Stevens 16:09
7. John O'Neill 16:24
24. Tony Crisofulli 17:03
28. Jamie Fahrmeyer 17:10
34. Mario Gonzalez 17:19

Dakota Ridge
1. Evan Appel 15:46
15. Austin Appel 16:49
23. Sean McNeil 17:03
37. Chris Baerren 17:26
44. Jimmy Mohrbacher 17:34

2. Bobby Nicolls 16:03
12. Danny Nicolls 16:41
29. Mitch Woomer 17:11
38. Garrett Golesh 17:26
49. Cursti Pottle 17:44

SW#4 Desert Vista, Arizona

++Bubble Teams: Mesa Mountain View, AZ; Mountain Pointe, AZ

Doug Conley Invitational
Tempe, AZ

Rio Rico 123 Alhambra 137 Desert Visa 167 Mesa Mountain View 193 Catalina Foothills 237 (22 Teams Total)

There were surprises galore at the Doug Conley Invitational. The boys from Rio Rico came away with a solid victory. Rio Rico had fallen off of the SW Bubble but they proved that they are a contender. They were led by their top three who all finished in the top 10 and within 4 seconds of each other. The scoring by their top 3 was the difference in the final outcome. For the #4 team, Desert Vista, it was a day of sub par performances by their seniors that led to the 3rd place finish. Earlier in the season Chris Conway and Mike Merrell were able to run within 35 seconds of team #1 Matt Boughton. On Saturday the pair was 1:08 and 1:21 behind respectively. The remainder of the Thunder finished close to or within the gaps that they had run earlier in the year. On the positive side the deep Desert Vista squad can still put things together and run a solid pack time in the future. It was a solid pack that led to success for the surprising Alhambra team. They had a 1-6 pack time of 1:00. They were led by 2 runners who finished in the top 20 and within 15 seconds of each other.

Top 10 Individuals

1. Jim Walmsley, Horizon 15:46
2. Steve Magnuson Salpointe Catholic 16:03
3. Sherod Hardt Queen Creek 16:05
4. Matt Boughton Desert Vista 16:13
5. Cody Smith, Shadow Mountain 16:14
6. Chris Frazier, Rio Rico 16:15
7. Jose Luis Munoz, Rio Rico 16:17
8. Bobby Evans, Rio Rico 16:19
9. Lance Williams, Tuba City 16:20
10. Ben Jankunas Horizon 16:21

Rio Rico
5. Chris FRAZIER 16:15
6. Jose Luis MUNOZ 16:17
7. Bobby EVANS 16:19
43. Omar HERNANDEZ 17:06
62. Matt DIAZ 17:17
107. Alejandro VALENCIA 17:50
108. Luis SANCHEZ 17:51

10. Denis PATRICK 16:24
15. Marcos BAILON 16:31
17. Jorge MARTINEZ 16:39
40. Carlos MENDEZ 17:04
55. Emmanuel SHIMY 17:13
75. David GONZALEZ 17:24
97. Nelson DANDER 17:40

Desert Vista
3. Matt BOUGHTON 16:13
11. Andrew KELLOGG 16:26
24. Sean BARR 16:43
60. Jon SERFILIPPI 17:16
69. Chris CONWAY 17:21
84. Chris DUNKER 17:28
91. Mike MERRELL 17:34

SW#5 Orem, Utah

SW#9 American Fork

Orem Kiwanis Invitational
Orem, UT

Combined Results: American Fork 98 Orem 99 Alta 118 Davis 178 Bingham 195 (34 teams total)

American Fork continues to improve. Scary thought for the other teams in Utah and the Southwest. The Orem Kiwanis Invitational is run in one race but the results are broken up into divisions. This is the reason for the differentiated results below. But all of the runners toed the line for the same race at the same time and when it was all said and done American Fork was 1 point better than SW#5 Orem. With back to back upsets; American Fork is the hottest team in Utah and the Southwest.

American Fork (in 5A Results)
5. Robby Lee 16:36
7. Ryan Bradshaw 16:37
14. Evan Melville 16:59
17. Ben Felix 17:01
21. Shawn Crane 17:05
60. Josh Stewart 17:53
61. Spencer Craft 17:54

Orem (in 4A Results)
1. Benjamin Johnson 16:30
3. Darren Ott 16:38
4. Bryan Willoughby 16:44
5. Jason Palmer 16:51
14. Ray Bateman 17:17
15. Michael Garlick 17:18
16. Andrew Jeferson 17:24

SW#6 Rampart, Colorado

Pikes Peak Invitational (no info)

SW#7 Mingus, Arizona

Mingus Invitational
Clarkdale, AZ

Mingus 21 Sinagua 120 Mesquite 124 Sedona 131 Prescott 136

The boys from Mingus Union High School continue to roll through the competition. A 99 point victory in a 21 team field is as “behind the woodshed” as a beating can get.

3. HAYES, SAMUEL 17:40
4. LOGAN, BRUCE 17:49
9. MICKELSEN, KY 18:27
12. JAIMES, DANIEL 18:38

SW#10 Cibola

Cibola Invitational
Albuquerque, NM

Cibola 24 Hope 63 Jemez Valley 76 West Mesa 82 Del Norte 116 Moriarty 182

The Cibola Cougars continue to make quick work of the competition at the small meets in Albuquerque. Next week will be the telling week for Cibola as they compete in the Albuquerque City Championships against SW#1Academy, and two rising teams in Eldorado and Sandia. This Saturday they ran a “Tempo Workout” with their uniforms on. Hold off judgment until next week.

1. Vince Montoya 16:34
4. Josh Clark 17:07
5. Thomas Debenedittis 17:09
6. Chris Montoya 17:15
8. Jesse darling 17:16
9. Andrew Stearns 17:23
12. Cameron Ross 17:51


SW#1/US#2 Eldorado, New Mexico

++ Bubble Teams: Albuquerque Academy, NM; Sandia, NM

Albuquerque Academy Invitational
Albuquerque, NM

Eldorado 34 Albuquerque Academy 57 Gallup 103 Sandia 143 Pojoaque 144

Coach James Butler was not pleased with the performance of his Eagles on Friday. He thought that two of his girls ran well (Kristy and Camille). If the Eagles did slip up, most people could not tell. They still ran 4 girls in the top 10 even without Laynee Valverde who sat out this week with shin pain. The good new for the Eagles was the performance of Kristy Hannah. Many around the Duke City believe that she has the biggest upside of any girl on the team. On the track, she has the potential to qualify for state in any distance from 200-3200m. She can also run a mean XC 5k.
It seems like the Eldorado girls have not been able to lock into a consistent mode this season. Every week it seems like a new girls looks to find her stride and then next week they are off. The fact is they have not faced any real competition and they may be tired of racing themselves.
The Academy girls are certainly not the same squad that finished fourth at the UNM meet. The entire team seems to be hitting its stride following their impressive performance at the Liberty Bell Invitational. What is clear is that the team has a new #1. The diminutive and extremely shy Clara Milne was once again the fleetest Charger. She finished third and was within a stones toss of the top Eagles. She was followed 30 seconds later by defending 4A state champ Julia Foster who finished fifth. The jury is still out on Foster who seems to have all the potential in the world but has not been able to put together 3 solid races in a row. If she hits her stride and is joined by a few of her Charger teammates; Eldorado could find the competition they have missed over the last couple of years.
We will see a repeat of this matchup next week at the Albuquerque City Championships. Luckily for us the SW#10 La Cueva Bears will be thrown into the mix for added flavor.

Top 10 Individuals
1) Rachel Velarde, Eldorado 19:30
2) Kristy Hannah, Eldorado 19:46
3) Clara Milne, Academy 19:57
4) Holly Walker, Los Alamos 20:09
5) Julia Foster, Academy 20:26
6) Jordan Brown, Gallup 20:27
7) Allison Bedonie, Eldorado 20:28
8) Lisa Peterkin, Academy 20:29
9) Tess Amer, St Mikes 20:32
10) Julie Brasher, Eldorado 20:37

1. Rachel Velarde 19:30
2. Kristy Hannah 19:46
7. Allison Bedonie 20:28
10. Julie Brasher 20:37
14. Erin Madden 21:06
18.Camille Davis 21:16
44. Lauren Burnham 22:24

3. Clara Milne 19:57
5. Julia Foster 20:26
8. Lisa Petekin 20:29
19. Paige Throckmorton 21:27
22. Annie Tomlinson 21:35
28. Amanda Throckmorton 21:52

SW#2/US#7 Fort Collins, Colorado

Fort Collins City Meet. No info

SW#3/US#23 Davis, Utah

SW#9 Timpanogos

Orem Kiwanis Invitational
Orem, UT

Combined Results: Davis 96 Timpanogos 170 American Fork 176 Orem 176 Judge Memorial 198 (32 Teams total)

The Davis girls keep on rolling along; even without their usual #3 Katie Swanson who will be in a boot for the next couple of weeks. Coach Corbin Tally believes in being conservative with injuries and he is certain that she will be ready for the Southwest Regional. He is not sure about state. After this week’s team performance it looks like the rest of the Davis girls can hold down the fort while she is gone. Kelsey Velentine, the team’s usual #7, stepped up in Swanson’s absence. She finished 32nd and was the team’s #4. SW#9Timpanogos ran their usual top 5 and was still not able to get within 70 points of Davis. Timpanogos is a tough team but they have the misfortune of running in the same division as Davis. The American Fork girls seem to be drinking the same elixir as the boys. They are rising as well and finished six points behind Timpanogos and tied Orem in the Combined Results.

Davis (in 5A Results)
1. Natalie Haws 18:36
2. Candace Eddy 18:54
13. Emily Hansen 19:46
18. Kelsey Valentine 20:10
24. Loren Storey 20:17
27. Hollie King 20:28
29. Meghan Hedquist 20:32

Timpanogos (in 5A Results)
5. Brooke Hodson 19:13
7. Suzanna Sorensen 19:16
15. Hannah Groom 20:04
37. Kimberly Bringhurst 20:43
42. Lecy Skousen 21:02
46. Amber Hart 21:10
55. Terra Hawkins 21:31

SW#4 Greeley West, Colorado

Roy Griak Invitational
University of Minnesota

Gold Division: Greeley West 125 Dowling Catholic 139 Sioux Falls Roosevelt 162 Burnsville 182 Fargo South 274 (41 Teams total)

The dream season continues for the Greeley West girls. Last week they ran without their usual #1 and still won. This week Kendra Gerk returned to lead her team to a surprise victory at the Roy Griak Invitational. It was a surprise to many but not to the 7 girls from Greeley West. They parleyed a tough performance by their top 4 runners into a victory over HL#2 Dowling, HL#3 Roosevelt and HL#10 Burnsville. They have now proven that they can run with the top teams from two regions.

3. Kendra Gerk 18:52
6. Erica Hinchcliffe 19:24
10. Ashlee Smalley 19:36
21. Sarah Swenson 19:47
85. Adriannenicol Larson 21:03
100. Hilary Hurst 21:11
210. Michaela Leach 10 22:29

SW#5 Dakota Ridge, Colorado

++ Bubble Team: Chaparral, CO

Dave Sanders Invitational
Columbine, CO

Division 1: Dakota Ridge 36 Chaparral 87 Green Mountain 100 Arapahoe 110 Mountain Vista 158 (18 complete teams)

What do Katie Vanatta and David Becham have in common? Isn’t it obvious? The less they play/run the more we talk about them. Well for your information mark down October 11, because that is the day that Katie-V makes her debut in a Dakota Ridge uniform. This week the varsity is concentrating on their training and will not race but on the 11th Dakota Ridge will finally be at full strength. But without Katie-V, Dakota Ridge was able to crush SW Bubble Chaparral.

Top 10
1. Alexa Rogers, Dakota Ridge 18:59
2. Camille Logan, Littleton 19:06
3. Natasha Rogers, Dakota Ridge 19:14
4. Kayla Beciar, Arapahoe 19:40
5. Megan Chipman, Mountain Vista 19:48
6. Paige Lillo, Dakota Ridge 19:48
7. Caroline Hine, Chaparral 19:49
8. Kelsey Dutton, Chaparral 19:50
9. Jamie Anderson, Grandview 19:55
10. Julia Hernandez, Fairview 19:56

Dakota Ridge
1. Alexa Rogers 18:59
3. Natosha Rogers 19:14
6. Paige Lillo 19:48
12. Katelyn Carney 20:01
14. Vicky Vanalstine-Taue 20:08
16. Nicole Ceja 20:11

7. Caroline Hine 19:49
8. Kelsey Dutton 19:50
15. Lexie Pavlich 20:10
20. Kirsten Lake 20:25
44. Katelyn Wojan 21:21

SW#6 Xavier Prep, Arizona

SW#7 Mountain View-Mesa, Arizona

++ Bubble Teams: Cactus Shadows, AZ; Desert Vista, AZ

Doug Conley Invitational
Tempe, AZ

Xavier Prep 120 Mountain View-Mesa 123 Sandra Day O’Connor 128 Salpointe Catholic 173 Desert Vista 207

Many were quick to make judgments about the Arizona Girls teams early in the year. What we should of done was hold off judgment until this race. Xavier Prep did not receive much early season attention but they have proved their metal over the last two weeks and we now know what they are about. Like many of the top teams in the Grand Canyon State, Xavier Prep has 3 great front runners and then a big gap to their next group. Their top 3 runners all placed in the top 10 and led the team to a close victory over Mountain Veiw-Mesa and Sandra Day O’Connor.
Mountain View-Mesa has remained pretty true to form and has been the most consistent team in Arizona. Their top 3 finished in the top 20 and their #5 ran across the line before Xavier’s #5. The scary team in the group is O’Connor. They had been bounced from the SW polls and bumped off of the bubble but they came through in, what is to this point, the biggest race of the season. Once again they were led by their ace Lindsay Prescott, who finished second.
What is most impressive about the O’Connor girls is their pack from their 2-5. A scant 43 seconds passed between them and their #5 was the first to cross the soccer field at Kiwanis Park. This team’s improvement can be traced to the emergence of freshman McKenzie Brist and the return of Jade Riley. Many wondered how the O’Connor team was going to be able to fill the holes left by the departed seniors. Brist seems to be filling in nicely. She was the team’s #3 this week and should improve. Riley was a member of last year’s squad and was suffering through an injury earlier in the season. She made her debut last week and this week she showed signs that of improvement. Prior to the injury she was pegged as the team’s #2 this week she was #5. If she improves this team may be as tough as last year’s squad that finished 13th at Portland.

Top 10 Individuals
1. Jessica Tonn, Xavier 18:24
2. Lindsay Prescott, O’Connor 18:31
3. Hannah Henson, Rio Rico 18:34
4. Aubri Mountain Pointe 18:43
5. Natasa Vulic, Mountain Pointe 18:58
6. Cami Jackson, Mountain View-Mesa 19:07
7. Kristina Vanderholt, Xavier 19:11
8. Sarah Penney, Xavier 19:11
9. Stephanie Ledgerwood, Kofa 19:22
10. Magda Mankel, Catalina Magnet 19:27

Xavier Prep
1. Jessica TONN 18:24
7. Kristina VANDERHOUT 19:11
8. Sarah PENNEY 19:11
33. Katie PENNEY20:26
71. Annie KUNI 21:20
81. Megan CANON 21:26
91. Jessica FITZGERALD 21:36

Mountain View-Mesa
6. Cami JACKSON 19:07
13. Jennifer LARSEN 19:47
16. Hailey HANNA 19:52
32. Shayna NORBERG 20:25
56. Mary MASSEY 21:04
75. Amy ALLEN 21:21
92. Jayleen ROBINSON 21:37

Sandra Day O’Connor
2. Lindsay PRESCOTT 18:31
22. Kailey RUMBO 20:09
23. Mckenzie BRIST 20:09
39. Renee PECK 20:48
42. Jade RILEY 20:52
102. Emily ARLAND 21:52
107. Gloria TELLO 22:00

SW#8 Mountain Ridge, Arizona

Stanford Invitational
Palo Alto, CA

Sweepstakes: Jesuit (Portland) 108 Rancho BV 128 Torrey Pines 135 The Woodlands 195 Buchanan 221 Davis Senior 221 Mountain Ridge 232

This is the seventh year in a row that Mountain Ridge has attended the Stanford Invitational. For this school it has become a tradition. What is also becoming a tradition is the dominating performances by the Bishton Twins. On Saturday they were able to run the fastest times of the day and lead their team to a seventh place performance. Not bad considering the completion. Jesuit is the top ranked team in the NW and the #16 ranked team in the US. The Woodlands is the #5 team in the south and Torrey Pines is the #8 team in California. The results could have been better for Mountain Ridge do to the fact that Natalie Nguyen fell at the mile. Based on previous results the freshmen should have run in the top 50. That would have been good enough to place them fifth. Nadya’s time is almost identical to last year’s performance but this year she had it in cruise control after the 800m mark as no one really threatened her.

1 Nadya Bishton 17:29
2. Nastia Bishton 17:31
63. Katelin Radosevich 19:45
74. Nathalie Nguyen 20:07
92. Marina Trent 20:36
95. Franki Catania 20:42
120. Maggie Wiemeyer 21:24

SW #10 La Cueva

Rio Grande Invitational
Albuquerque, NM

La Cueva 39 Albuquerque High 56 Santa Fe Indian School 60

La Cueva continued their rest rotation and sat Laura Lavezo (usual #1) and Jessica Knewitz (usual #3) at the Rio Grande Invitational. La Cueva is in the Albuquerque Public School District and like Eldorado and Cibola they are forced to participate in certain meets. This is one of those meets for the Bears. It is also APS rules that force La Cueva to host their invitational on the same day as the Rio Rancho meet. Rio Rancho is the site of the New Mexico state Championship and over 50 teams will attend that meet. So don’t think for a second that La Cueva is ducking the competition. Next week they will be at full strength and gunning to prove their rank against an improved Academy team. They will also look to enact revenge against Sandia who beat them last week. As with Cibola (read above) hold off judgment until Saturday’s Albuquerque City Championship.

2. Crystal Freeman 20:41
8. Riley Kemper 22:01
9. Carly Porter 22:09
10. Natalie Paranto 22:15

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