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Missouri 1A-2A state meet

Terry Phillips (St. Mary's, Independence) 11:02.44/ 5:08.51 wins in 2A; Brandon Etzold (Saxony Lutheran) goes 1:57.35/ 4:29.41/ 49.66 for 3 wins in 1A.

5/ 18-19/ 2007 Jefferson City MO

highlights by Tony Bozarth

 full meet results link at www.mohsrunning.com

 2A Boys:

*Lucas Manning (Stockton) wins the 800 in 1:57.86, edging Jacob White (Southern Boone, 1:58.37) and Jacob Vernetti (East Buchanan) 1:58.90).

*Aaron Minsk (Principia, St. Louis) runs 4:24.68 to win the 1600, narrowly defeating team-mate Nick Barron (4:25.12) with Turner Slagle (Ash Grove) third at 4:26.91.

*Keenan Conrad (Whitfield) vaults 13-6 to win, with Kiefer Smith (Linn) second at 13-0, and Josh Kleithermes (Fatima) third at 12-6.

*Jordan Maxwell (Linn) triples 44-8 to win, with Quentin Gorden (Malden) second at 44-7.25 and Stefan Garrison (Osceola) third at 44-1.25

*Tim Opfer (Lafeyette County) launches the discus 173-10 for the state title, with Brad Madison (South Harrison) second at 169-2. Kyle Holt (Trenton) was third at 159-3.

2A Girls

*Terry Phillips (St. Mary's, Independence) romps to an 11:02.44 win in the 3200. Jordan Esry (Penney) is second at 11:32.20, with Kelsie Hutsell (Willow Springs) third at 11:41.02, shading Lori Forck (Blair Oaks, Jefferson City 11:43.99).

*Penney (9:44.02) shades Blair Oaks (Jefferson City 9:49.61) in a tough 4 x 800 battle. Centralia (10:01.15) edges West Platte (10:02.52) for third with College Heights (Joplin, 10:03.33) close behind.

*Shelby Franklin (Monroe City) vaults 12-0 for a dominating win, with team-mate Cara Grinde second at 10-6, and Leslie Oliaro (Lexington) third at 10-0 on misses from Ally Bergh (Marceline, 4th) and Lindsay Acacia Hays (Monroe City, 5th).

*Courtney Shuman (Clark County) jumps 17-6 to win the long jump, with Jelessa Stafford (Lexington) second at 16-8.75 and Brooke Hamilton (El Dorado Springs) third at 16-5.

*Katie Evans (Putnam County) threw the discus 128-0 to win by almost 10 feet, with Rachel Elmore (Lafayette County) second at 119-2 and Kate Walker (St. Mary's, Independence) third at 115-0.

1A Boys
*Brandon Etzold (Saxony Lutheran) ran 1:57.35 to dominate 800. Chris Hufford (Polo) was second at 2:00.41 and Alex Mullock (Worth County) third at 2:00.82.

*Brandon Etzold (Saxony Lutheran) won his second race of the day, taking the 1600 in 4:29.41, with Thomas Hamer (Norborne) giving a sprited fight in second at 4:30.71. David Baker (Chambois) was third at 4:33.21.

*Mitchell Scott (New Covenant Academy) jumped 6-5 to win the high jump, edging Brentlee Thomas (Rock Port, 6-4 2nd) and Nathan Ribsby (Crocker, 6-4, 3rd).

*Nathan Ribsby (Crocker) won his second medal of the day, this one a gold, jumping 21-4.25 for the long jump title. Ribsby edged high jump champion Mitchell Scott (New Covenant Academy 21-2.5, 2nd). Andrew Moore (Greenfield) was third at 21-2.5.

*Patrick Fitzgerald (North Harrison) tossed the shot 54-1.25 to take the title, with Tyler Werle (Orrick) second at 53--0.5. Ethan Stark (Princeton) also broke the 50 foot barrier in third at 51-5.25.

1A Girls

*Taylor Rivera (Miller) ran 12:07.59 to pull away for the 3200 title, with Any Gangloff (Wellsville) second at 12:20.23 and Hanna Vette (Tarkio) third at 12:31.56.

*Polo ran 10:15.93 to edge Norborne (10:16.96) in the 4 x 800 relay, with Archi (10:18.38) a close third.

*Hannah Barker (Winston) won the high jump, clearing 5-3 to win on misses from Kala Fields (Hardin-Central, 5-3). Briana Holmer (Tina-Avalon) was third at 5-0.

*Kalie Hogan (Norborne) won the triple jump at 34-2.25, Kaci Sargent (Meadville) second at 33-10 with a better back-up jump from Andrea Young (Bosworth, 3rd, 33-10).

*Brittney McGinley (Polo) won the shot at 36-3.5, edging Candis Talbot (Jasper, 36-2.) Becky Rouse (Green City) was third at 35-1.

Saturday Report

2A Boys

*Jay Parker (Maplewood) romps to the 100 meters win in 10.86, with Ryan Sherman (Fayette) second at 11.18, edging Tony Jones (East Prairie 11.23) and Tanner Edwards (Tipton 11.26.)

*In a close 200 race, Demetrius Terry (Crystal City) runs 22.45 to edge Ryan Criglar (Malden 22.49), Ryan Sherman (Fayette 22.52) and Tanner Edwards (Tipton 22.59).

*Ryan Criglar (Malden) ran 49.45 to shade Damien Jones (Carrollton 49.53), with Anthony Garrett (Lamar) also in hunt with a 50.05 for third.

*Roger Morse (Highland) ran a 9:46.94 to win the 3200, with Grant Brown (Lone Jack) second at 9:51.31, and Ethan Beaver (College Heights, Joplin) also under 10:00 in thrd at 9:54.84.

*Trey Porter (Malden) zipped to a 15.43 110H win, with Joe Lambertz (Midway) second at 15.56 and Kyle Anhefeld (Carrollton) third at 15.86.

*Logan Esperson (Trenton) ran 40.20 to win the 300H by over a second, with Charlie Brockway (Cuba) seconda t 41.25 and Ian Defries (Crystal City 41.41) edged Eric Frazee (South Callaway 41.46) for third.

*Malden dominated the 4 x 100, winning in 43.42, over a second up on Crystal City (44.48) and Schuyler County (44.54).

*Crystal City showed good speed in the 4 x 200, running 1:30.85 to win, with Dixon (1:32.56) edging Malden (1:32.94) for second.

*In exciting climax to the meet, Lamar (3:26.13) edged East Buchanan (3:26.26) for the title, with the third place battle between Stockton (3:28.40) and Crystal City (3:28.43) also a thriller.

*After going 1-2 in the 1600 Friday, Principia (St. Louis) showed more middle-distance domination, running 8:04.95 to in the 4 x 800. Trenton was second at 8:13.10, with Southern Boone third at 8:16.99, shading Stockton (8:18.46).

*Curtis Cooper (Midway) lept 6-6 to win the HJ, with Gerrico Shanklin (Crystal City) clearing 6-5 to beat Alex Clawson (Brookfield 6-5) for the silver on misses.

*Roscoe Robinson (Westran) lept 22-6 for a big LJ victory, with Ryan Criglar (Malden) leaping 21-9.75 for second and DeAndre VAndevender (Trenton) third at 21-3. Kaleum Reed added points to Malden's championship run, placing fourth at 21-0.

*Brad Madison (South Harrison) added the shot gold to his silver in the shot, throwing 54-5.25 for the win. William Coleman (Monroe City) was second at 53-3.75, with Kyle Holt (Trenton) third at 52-10, edging Craig Robinson (Hayti 52-6.5).

*Malden won the boys team title with 73 points, well up on Crystal City's 52 and Trenton's 50.5.

2A Girls

*Freshman Jasmin Hughes (Hartville) started her day with a convincing 100 win, running 12.23. Lori Mortenson (Tipton) was second at 12.44, edging Kali Strother (Metro, St. Louis 12.46

*Jasmin Hughes (Hartville) won here in a quick 25.22, with Kali Strother (Metro, St. Louis) second at 25.52 and Tanna Prenger (Marceline) third at 25.65.

*Tanna Prenger (Marceline) controlled the 400, winning in 58.57, with Londyn Backfisch (Kelly) second at 59.85. Danielle Boulware (Palmyra) was third at 60.66.

*Kelsi Chowning (Liberty, Mountain View) ran 2:17.05 to win in convincing fashion and deny Terry Phillips (St. Marys, Independence 2:18.13) a three gold medal day. Kristin Austin (Southern Boone) was third in 2:21.94.

*3200 champ Terry Phillips (St. Marys, Independence) won the 1600 in 5:08.51, with a challenge from runner-up Kelsi Downing (Liberty, Mountain View 5;10.46). Katie Berkbigler (Pleasant Hope 5:17.55) edged Jordan Esry (Penney 5:17.68) for third.

*Lisa Vengels (Dixon) hurdled 15.82 to win the 100H, with Lacy Jones (Penney 15.97) edging Stephanie Grauel (Macon 16.04) for second.

*In a tight finish, Stephanie Grauel (Macon) ran 46.80 to edge Adrienne Cornelius (Lafayette County 46.87), Lacey Jones (Penney 46.93) and Janelle Ehret (Hallsville 47.03).

*Metro (St. Louis) ran 50.12 to easily win the 4 x 100, with Fayette (50.75) second and Palymyra (51.28) edging Blair Oaks (Jefferson City 51.29) for third.

*Marceline zipped a 1:45.13 to win the 4 x 200 over Metro (St. Louis 1:45.66), with Fayette third at 1:46.55.

*Marceline clinched the team-runner up trophy, running 4:03.81 to win the 4 x 400, with Palmyra (4:04.85) a close second. Centralia (4;08.76) outran Lawson (4:09.90) for third.

*Cara Harbstreet (Sherwood) lept 5-6 to win the HJ, with 100H champ Lisa Vengels (Dixon) second at 5-5 on misses from Maci Wood (Skyline, 3rd) and Rosemary Semke (Orchard Farm, St. Louis, 4th).

*Courtney Shuman (Clark County) won her second gold of the meet, and broke a 24 year old state record, triple jumping 37-11.25 to win. Jelessa Stafford (Lexington) had her own fine jump, leaping 37-4.75 in second, with Ashley Cowsert (Hollister 35-0.75) in third.

*Jasmine Kaasanaroid (Lawson) launched the shot 42-0.5 to win the shot by over a yard, with discus champ Katie Evans (Putnam County) second at 38-9.25, and Nicole Anderson (Knob Knoster 38-4) edging Melissa Coil (Harrisburg 38-1) for fourth.

*Penney used it's distance power to score 54 points for the team title, with Marceline second (43) in a tight battle with St. Mary's (Independence 42) and Metro (St. Louis 42).

1A Boys

*Andy Ahart (Polo) dashed to a large margin in the 100, winning in 11.13, with Alex Berry (Greenfield 11.33) second and Ryan Rainey (King City 11.38) third.

*Andy Ahart (Polo) took his second gold of the day, running 22.69 to win the 200, with Alex Berry (Greenfield) again second at 22.95 and Josh Duncan adding Polo points in third (23.16).

*Brandon Etzold (Saxony Lutheran) added the 400 to his 1600/800 championships of Friday, running a 1A record 49.66, Andy Ahart of Polo was second at 50.64 and JR Gillespie (Scott County Central) was third at 51.87.

*The Hamer brother of Norborne, Andrew (10:08.28) and Thomas (10:09.79) dominatedt the 3200, breaking away to go one-two. Kevin Sundermann (Tarkio) was third at 10:30.08.

*Zane Myers (Princeton) ran 15.12 to win the 110H from Kyler Hiatt (Worth County 15.21) with Chris Hufford (Polo 15.44) a clear third.

*Alex Jauch (Saxony Lutheran) ran 39.29 to shade Chris Hufford (Polo 39.44) for the 300H win, with Kyler Hiatt (Worth County) third at 41.75.

*Mound City ran 45.04 to win the 4 x 100 crown, with Polo (45.25) second and Worth County (45.63) third.

*Polo ran 1:31.94 for the 4 x 200 title, with Mound City (1:33.23) second and Princeton (1:34.30) third.

*Saxony Lutheran controlled the 4 x 400 with a 3:28.46 win. Princeton (3:32.87) took second with Mound City (3:34.40) third.

*Saxony Lutheran continued it's domination of the middle distances, running 8:22.34 to win with Valle Catholic (8:26.40) second and New Haven (8:30.94) third.

*Payden Bauman (North Andrew) jumped 12-9 to win the PV, with Zach Allee (Worth County) second at 12-6. Will Haer (Craig) jumped 12-0 for third on misses from Landon Crawford (Albany).

*Brentlee Thomas (Rock Port) jumped 42-1 to win the triple jump, with Logan Kirchoff (Santa Fe) second at 41-2.75 and Andrew Moore (Greenfield) third at 40-11.

*Tyler Werle (Orrick) tossed the disc 159-9 to win by over 10 feet. Aaron Gammon (Drexel) was second at 147-5, while Patrick Fitzgerald (North Harrison) threw 146-8 to take third on best backup throws from Blake Bradley (Rich Hill).