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Kansas League Summaries

League action from around the Sunshine State

compiled by Tony Bozarth

Twin Valley League 10/15 @ Cedar Hills Golf Course, Washington

Mark Mock (Washington County) ran 17:50 5k to outlast Alex Potuazak (Clifton-Clyde, 18:05)
for the league title.  Washington County put four runners in the top ten to dominate the
team race with 17 points,  with Frankfort second with 40.  In the girl's competition, Karly
VanCampen (Clifton-Clyde) pulled away to 16:00 4k win, with Allie Henry (Blue Valley-Randolph)
edging Audrey Schmitz (Axtell, 16:23) for second.  Clifton-Clyde scored 19 points (four scoring)
to shade Washington County (26) for the team title
Girls Team Scores:  Clifton-Clyde 19, Washington County 26, Onaga 49, Frankfort 66
Boys Team Scores: Washington County 17, Frankfort 40, Axtell 63, Valley Heights 68, Onaga 89,
Clifton-Clyde 91, Centralia 93.

Pioneer League 10/15/09 @ Garnett Country Club, Garnett

Ethan Van Zent (Central Heights, Richmond) raced over the rolling hills of the Garnett Country
Club to a 17:16 4k victory.  Brendan Soucie (Osawatomie) was second at 17;27, with Arthur
White leading a stong Anderson County (Garnett) pack in third at 18:01.  Anderson Country won the
team title with 45 points, with Central Heights second with 53, edging Osawatomie on the tie
breaker.  Meriel Long (Jayhawk-Linn) won the girls title with a 17:04 4k romp.  Amanda Moody (17:32)
and Paige Porter (18:14) placed 2-3 for Anderson County.  Anderson County swept team
scoring with 15 points, with Central Heights second with 51.
Girls Team Scores: Anderson County (Garnett) 15, Central Heights (Richmond) 51, Osawatomie 71.
Boys Team Scores: Anderson County (Garnestt) 45, Central Heights (Richmond) 53, Osawatomie 53, Prairie
View (LaCyngne) 89, Wellsville 99.

NCKL @ Clay Center 10/15/09
Riley Woodward of Wamego continued his strong season, with a 16:53 5k win over the hills of the
Clay Center Golf Course.  Woodward pulled away from James Wilson (Abilene, 17:17) for the win,
with Gavin Koester (Concordia 17:33), Phillip Hudson (Wamego 17:34) and Kevin White (Wamego 17:46) following.
Wamego powered to a convicing team win with 25 points, with Clay Center (54) and Concordia (83) next.
In a battle of 4A contenders, Brielle Lund (Clay Center) thrilled the home crowed with at 16:18 4k
win, pulling away from Haylee Steffen (Abilene, 16:28).  Kelly Roberts (Wamego 17:00), Page Reed
(Concordia 17:06) and Mayabeth Jagosz (Wamego, 17:13) followed.  Wamego cruised to the girl's title
with 31 points, while Concordia (55) edged Clay Center (59) for second.
Girls Team Scores: Wamego 31, Concordia 55, Clay Center 59, Abilene 80
Boys Team Scores: Wamego 25, Clay Center 54, Concordia 83, Abilene 84, Marysville 142

Mid-East League @ Alma 10/15/09
Peter Ruby (17:26) and Jerod Barker (17:28) ran 1-2 for Silver Lake, but Riley County packed well
behind the third place finish of Grady Goff (17:58) to win the boy's team title.  Riley County
scored 32 points, with Silver Lake second with 49.  In the girls race sisters Mindy Wilson (17:04) and
Mandy WIlson (17;06) ran 1-2 for Rossville, with Emily Collins (Riley County) third with a 17:21 clocking.
Behind the Wilson's, Rossville packed well enough to edge Riley County 25-32 for the team title.
Girls Team Scores: Rossville 25, Riley County 32, Rock Creek 72
Boys Team Scores: Riley County 32, Silver Lake 49, Rock Creek 64, Alma-Wabaunsee 85

MCAA @ Hesston 9/15/09
In a tremendously exciting race, Zach Weber (Hesston) edged Jordan Hett (Marion) at the line with both runners
timed at 17:12 for 5k.  Zach Baumgartner (Hesston) edged Kyle Sooter (Halstead) for third as both
timed 17:17, with four more runners within 3 seconds!!Hesston (67) edged Lyons (75) for the team title.
with Hillsboro third (91).  In the girls race, freshman Jenna Snell (Ellinwood) cruised a quick
15:21 4k for an easy win, with Maggie Newlin (15:55), Megan Duggins (15:59) and Ellie Newlin
(16:13) following in a pack for Collegiate (Wichita).  Ellinwood (35) edged Collegiate (38) in a tight team
Girls Team Scores: Ellinwood 35, Collegiate (Wichita) 38, Haven 84, Hesston 95, Smoky Valley (Lindsborg) 110,
Lyons 112.
Boys Team Scores: Hesston 67, Lyons 75, Hillsboro 91, Smoky Valley (Lindsborg) 106, Halstead 122,
Sterling 134, Marion 153, Ellinwood 217, Collegiate (Wichita) 227, Haven 242.

Kaw Valley League 9/15/09 @ Shawnee Mission Park, Shawnee
Brooks Ballou (Bonner Springs) romped to victory with a 16:46 5k clocking.  Pete LaMoe (Lansing) ran 17:29
for second, edging Brian Mosier (Piper, Kansas City 17:32) and Edward Reed (Turner, Kansas City, 17:34)
Mill Valley (Shawnee) packed well to score 40 points in a convincing win.  Santa Fe Trail (Carbondale, 81)
edged Turner (83) for second.  Katie Hirsch (Perry-Lecompton) raced off to a 16:16 4k win in the girls race.
In a tight pack, Kayla Peterson (Basehor-Linwood 16:45), Lauren Jaqua (Lansing 16:45), Hannah
Tush (Basehor-Linwood 16:48) and Kelsey Wakefield (Mill Valley 16:49) followed.  Mill Valley made it a team
sweep with a 45-57 win over Lansing.  Basehor-Linwood (75) was third.
Girls Team Scores: Mill Valley (Shawnee) 45, Lansing 57, Basehor-Linwood 75, Bishop Ward (Kansas City) 122,
Tonganoxie 131, Santa Fe Trail (Carbondale) 138, Perry-Lecompton 168, Bonner Springs 170.
Boys Team Scores: Mill Valley (Shawnee) 40, Santa Fe Trail (Carbondale) 81, Turner (Kansas City) 83,
Bonner Springs 108, Tonganoxie 124, Basehor-Linwood 143, Piper (Kansas City) 175, Lansing 182, Perry-Lecompton 221.

Frontier League @ Rimrock Farm, Lawrence 9/15/09
Tony Weiss (Baldwin) confirmed his status as a 4A favorite with a smooth 16:35 5k win to the
Frontier League crown.  Weiss easily pulled away from Austin Hinchey (DeSoto, 17:03) for the win.
Ivan Espinosa (Eudora 17:28), Caleb Laird (Gardner-Edgerton, 17:34) and Preston Pyle (Gardner-Edgerton, 17:40)
rounded out the top five.  DeSoto packed six scorers in the first fifteen to win convicingly
with 35 points.  Gardner-Edgerton (63) edged Baldwin (68) for second.  In the girls race
freshman Sienna Durr (15:53) and Kaitlyn Barnes (16:09) ran 1-2 for Baldwin.  Clarissa Johnson
(Gardner-Edgerton 16:09) was a close third, with Ellie Sheridan (DeSoto 16:37) and Heather
Karlin (Baldwin 16:42) rounding out the top five.  Baldwin was very impressive in totalling
21 points for the win.  DeSoto (60) was second with Gardner-Edgerton (102) third.
Girls Team Scores: Baldwin 21, DeSoto 60, Gardner-Edgerton 102, Spring Hill 122, Eudora 154, Ottawa 159, Paola 163,
Louisburg 176,
Boys Team Scores: DeSoto 35, Gardner-Edgerton 63, Baldwin 68, Paola 91, Eudora 125, Louisburg 152, Spring Hill 201.

Flint Hills League @ Council Grove 10/15/09
Osage City showed great up-front strength behind the 1-2-3 finish of Richard Woodward (16:46), Kyle Stromgren (16:46)
and Ryan Cox (17:27) on their way to a 20 point total to win the boys title. Kimberly Smith
(Northern Heights, Allen) blitzed to a one-minute plus victory margin with her 16:51 4k win.
Jamie Singleton (Mission Valley 17:53) and Ashley Heston (Northern Heights 17:57) were second and third. 
Northern Heights cruised to a 27 point total to win the team title.
Girls Team Scores: Northern Heights (Allen) 27, Council Grove 56, Mission Valley (Eskridge) 66, West Franklin 70
Boys Team Scores: Osage City 20, Northern Heights (Allen) 38, Council Grove 75.

Delaware Valley League @ Rimrock Farm 10/15/09
Cody Miller (Wathena) cruised to a 17:25 5k win, to easily take the DVL crown. Eli Alhom
(Kansas City Christian, Prairie Village, 18:18) edged Elliott Nold (Wathena 18:19) for second.  Wathena's boys
scored 44 to edge KC Christian (49) for the title.  Haley Wellman (Horton) ran 17:35 4K to pull away
from Hannah Simpson (Troy, 17:49) for the girls title,with Leah Murata (Horton) third at 18:04.
KC Christian packed well (53) to shade Horton (62) for the team title.
Girls Team Scores: Kansas City Christian (Prairie Village) 53, Horton 62, Pleasant Ridge 81,
Jefferson County North 118, Jackson Heights (Holton) 131, Troy 131, Doniphan West 162, McLouth 175
Boys Team Scores: Wathena 44, Kansas City Christian (Prairie Village) 49, Jefferson County North 87,
Pleasant Ridge 119, Doniphan West 129, Valley Falls 149, Jackson Heights (Holton) 153, Horton 188.