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Millrose Games Trials

Wednesday, January 9, 2008 - New Balance Track and Field Center at The Armory, NY NY

Anatomy of a 4x8

The CHSAA Millrose Trials - Photos by John Nepolitan

Five of the top teams, including Kellenberg and Chaminade (3rd, 4th from left) take off from the line

St. Joseph Sea led early on, but it was Monsignor Farrell at the first exchange ...

,.. Now Chaminade's Mike Schieck begins to lead ... and by the 2nd handoff, they have a small lead over Kellenberg, which got a 1:55 burner from Mike Elnick. Meanwhile, St. Joseph Sea falls back ...

... In the third leg, Chris Tonn strongly extends the lead for Chaminade, then Steven Donnelly holds on during the anchor, losing just a little ...

... The Donnelly's bracket teammates Chris Tonn and Mike Schieck for winning Chaminade.

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