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Saratoga NY - Burnt Hills NY Dual

NY#6/US#23 Toga girls beat short-handed NY#2/US#3 Burnt Hills

Wednesday, October 16, 2007 - Saratoga Springs State Park, Saratoga NY

from section2harrier.com

The NY#6/US#23 Saratoga girls continued to move back up in the world with a big 25-30 victory over NY#2/US#3 Burnt Hills.  The latter, it should be strongly noted, was still without standout Meghan Gregory, but it was still a very good showing by the winners.  Toga #1 Hannah Davidson topped Burnt Hills star Sam Roecker for the win, 17:00-17:21.

 1     Hannah Davidson (Toga)     17:00
2     Sam Roecker (BH)     17:21
3     Molly Pezzulo (BH)     17:27
4     Cassie Goutos (Toga)     17:28
5     Brianna Bellon (Toga)     17:50
6     Sydney King (Toga)     18:15
7     Rachel Stalker (BH)     18:28
8     Alyssa Drapeau (BH)     18:32
9     Amanda Borroughs (Toga)     18:35
10     Riley Wilk (BH)     18:42

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