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DyeStat XC Region Review NE

Summary of Northeast Top Ten, Week Ending Nov. 3, 2007

By Matt Soja, Dyestat NE Regional Editor

Boys - Girls

The first weekend of November was abundant with state championships and qualifying meets. As the weather finally turned cooler, there were some great performances by the top teams in the region, especially on the girls’ side. The center of attention was at Hershey Park, where the PA state meet took place. There were no upsets as North Penn boys and Emmaus girls claimed the AAA titles and Central Cambria girls crushed the AA competition.

At the State Open meet in Connecticut, there was also a lack of surprises as Danbury boys and Glastonbury girls continued their season-long dominance of the local rivals. Lopsided victories were also seen in New Hampshire where Con-Val boys and Hanover girls dominated the Meet of Champions. Finally, the New Jersey scene did not have any direct match-ups with the ranked teams easily dominating their public school sectionals, although the Voorhees girls’ dominating performance was one for the history books. And Massachusetts powers lay low in anticipation of the state meet.

Next week the biggest two meets will take place at Holmdel Park, where the New Jersey group state meet will have a couple of direct clashes between state powerhouses (Morris Hills vs. Millburn in public schools division and Don Bosco vs. CBA in parochial division), and at the New England Championships which will offer a partial preview of the Northeast NTN regional. In addition, the Massachusetts state championships will get under way with divisional meets at various sites.


1. North Penn (PA)
The third-ranked team in the nation took the Pennsylvania AAA state meet crown, edging out Coatesville 90-107. They averaged 16:38 on the Hershey course, as their regular fourth man Quintrell had a slightly off day, finishing more than a minute behind his top teammates.

6. Zack Montijo 16:09
10. Brad Miles 16:20
24. Zach Hoagland 16:34
61. Tim Stauring 16:58
101. Dominic Camasso 17:15
124. Brian Quintrell 17:25
135. Brian Kuntzmann 17:30

Meet results: http://www.runhigh.com/2007%20Results/2007%20Results%20B/R110307AN.html

2. Danbury (CT)
The Hatters steamrolled the State Open meet, defeating New Milford 48-155. With their top three finishing together under 16:10 at Wickham and another two in mid-16s, they have to be the favorites to defend their New England Championships crown next weekend in Maine. Their 16:13 average was 26 seconds better than at the class meet on the same course last week.

6. Matt Terry 15:56
7. Tucker Schaefer 16:03
9. Willie Ahearn 16:10
19. Justin Rau 16:28
23. Joey Bubniak 16:31
30. Porter Bourdeau 16:46
36. Ricky Balmaseda 16:53

Meet results: http://www.casciac.org/bcc07o.shtml

3. Brookline (MA)
They rested most of their varsity runners at the MSTCA Invitational, a class meet at Wrentham, as they are resting for next weekend’s state qualifying meets. Here are their top performers at the different class races:

Grade 11-12
49. Adam Sege 18:09
62. Sebastian Felleisen 18:23
67. Nick Perry 18:27
93. Michael Mainguy 18:50

Grade 10
1. Brendan Grove 16:54
29. Sam Pratt-Otto 18:28
63. Raffi-Sherak 19:22

Grade 9 (3k)
11. Christian Sampson 11:38

Meet results: http://www.mstca.org/

4. Don Bosco (NJ)
The Ironmen rested their varsity runners before next weekend’s state group meet at Holmdel where they will face off against CBA. The JV runners running as varsity this weekend placed fifth at the Catholic Track Conference meet on Warinanco Park’s 5250m course.

12. Mike Carapezza 17:04
22. Stephen Flanagan 17:30
29. Ryan Muldoon 17:38
31. Daniel Fellner 17:39
48. John Murphy 17:58
66. James Ungemach 18:29
80. John Clifford 18:40

Meet results: http://mctrack.org/NJCatholicTrack/NJCTCXC/07XC/07CTCChampsXCVb.htm

5. Con-Val (NH)
Very easily won the New Hampshire State Meet of Champions, defeating Nashua South 36-88 on NS’s home course. With five runners in top 15 and a 15:55 average, they left no doubt as to who was the top team in the Granite State this fall.

1. Alex McGrath 15:18
8. Ethan McBrien 15:54
12. Dylan Fisher 16:00
14. Justin Butler 16:12
15. Devon Butler 16:12
47. Edward Glidden 16:51
133. Dan Ellingwood 18:41

Meet results: http://lancertiming.com/results/fall07/xcmocb.htm

6. Germantown Friends (PA)
No meet

7. Morris Hills (NJ)
Won the North Jersey Group 3 sectional title at Garret Mountain with merely 29 points to Old Tappan’s 118. They put their entire top five into first ten places and under 17:20, producing a 16:51 average – one of the best in course history. Next Saturday they will face off against rapidly improving Millburn at the Group 3 state meet at Holmdel.

1. Sean Pohorence 16:19
2. Liam Tansey 16:22
7. Tyler Hendrickson 17:06
9. Lucas Clyne 17:14
10. Vinny Chiusano 17:18
11. Joseph Bararro 17:25
17. Javier Skwara 17:38

Meet results: http://lfrauloracingsystems.com/07xcn1grp3boys.html

8. LaSalle (PA)
No meet

9. Nashua South (NH)
Finished second at the state Meet of Champions, far behind Con-Val but 37 points ahead of Merrimack. They averaged 16:27 on their own home course.

7. Zack Campbell 15:54
22. Chris Mentas 16:26
27. David Fernacz 16:37
28. Tyler Pare 16:37
37. Jordan Choate 16:44
77. Ethan Dionne 17:25
81. Ryan Cathcart 17:30

Meet results: http://lancertiming.com/results/fall07/xcmocb.htm

10. Christian Brothers Academy (NJ)
Coming back into top 10 after their Shore Conference triumph, the Lincroft school captured another trophy this weekend, taking the New Jersey Catholic Track Conference title at Warinanco Park after easily downing Delbarton 50-93. Their 16:58 average on the 5250m course gives them some hopes before the showdown against Don Bosco at the state meet at Holmdel next weekend.

6. Kyle Havard 16:48
7. Brendon Pierson 16:54
8. Rich Grandelli 17:01
14. Vin Ferrer 17:07
15. Ben Horel 17:08
32. Gregg Donnelly 17:41
33. Christian LaMorte 17:43

(JV race: 1. Brendan Swan 17:21, 2. Dan Bailey 17:23)

Meet results: http://mctrack.org/NJCatholicTrack/NJCTCXC/07XC/07CTCChampsXCVb.htm


1. Hanover (NH)
They put on a running clinic at the state Meet of Champions, scoring only 29 and winning by almost 100 points. They put five girls in top 12 in the state and ended up with a stunning 18:35 average as Griffin won by more than a minute in a blazing 17:28.

1. Georgia Griffin 17:28
2. Heidi Caldwell 18:31
6. Bridgette Black 18:41
11. Cate Brown 19:07
12. Grace Rodriguez 19:11
20. Beth Taylor 19:23
27. Meg Donohue 19:35

Meet results: http://lancertiming.com/results/fall07/xcmocg.htm

2. Voorhees (NJ)
With an absolutely dominating performance, they captured the North 2 Group 3 state sectional crown, scoring only 20 points and defeating state-ranked Ridge by 42 (last week they beat them 52-96 at conference meet). With Whitney back from injury, they averaged a stunning 19:11 on Warinanco Park’s 5250m course, which is comparable with Holmdel Park in terms of times. They currently look untouchable in the Garden State and might make a serious bid for the regional crown in a couple of weeks.

1. Melanie Thompson 18:36
2. Katrina Spratford 18:56
3. Katie Petruzzellis 19:11
6. Christine Curtis 19:32
8. Colette Whitney 19:40
19. Maria Baldino 20:39
25. Jessie Schaumburg 21:06

Meet results: http://lfrauloracingsystems.com/07xcn2grp3girls.html

3. Lincoln-Sudbury (MA)
Like Brookline boys, they rested their varsity runners this weekend, but the JV was good enough to win the junior/senior class race at the MSTCA Invitational. State qualifying meet next weekend.

Grades 11-12
7. Jessica Griffin 20:06
10. Jennifer Gossels 20:14
16. Liz Albanese 20:26
21. Mary-Kate Shelly 20:41
28. Calli Pappas 20:54
30. Michelle Saint 20:57
39. Olivia Reed 21:18

Grade 9 (3k)
4. Kathryn Colletti 13:20

Meet results: http://www.mstca.org/

4. Glastonbury (CT)
Unsurprisingly, Glastonbury dominated the State Open meet, defeating Guilford 70-139. They averaged 16:27 on the 4000m course, 40 seconds faster than at the class meet last week. With Harris back and Vogel getting into spectacular shape, they could get second if not better at New Englands next week.

8. Christine Vogel 16:04
11. Kristin Mitchell 16:12
12. Lindsey Crevoiserat 16:13
40. Emily Harris 16:52
45. Charlotte Freeland 16:56
89. Emily MacEwen 17:25
164. Siobhan Wilcox 18:35

Meet results: http://www.casciac.org/gcc07o.shtml

5. Central Cambria (PA)
They destroyed the competition at the Pennsylvania AA state meet, scoring 53 points to runners-up Elk Lake’s 175. Their 19:35 average was 9 seconds faster than the AAA champions Emmaus’s, but this was largely helped by yet another course record broken by the unstoppable Carly Seymour.

1. Carly Seymour 17:49
19. Annie Cekada 19:50
22. Kelsey Seymour 19:53
24. Kendall Seymour 19:54
46. Emily Wright 20:27
77. Ashley Stump 20:52
250. Morgan Eckenrod 23:12

Meet results: http://www.runhigh.com/2007%20Results/2007%20Results%20B/R110307AC.html

6. Emmaus (PA)
As expected, they easily captured the AAA state crown at Hershey, although with a slightly slower average (but better depth) than the AA winners Central Cambria. They beat Northern York 78-147.

15. Lindsey Graybill 19:20
19. Amanda Faust 19:24
37. Christina Faust 19:49
52. Melissa Meade 20:00
61. Brianna Faust 20:06
170. Kelsey Coates 21:08
246. Rachel Lichtenwalner 22:32

Meet results: http://www.runhigh.com/2007%20Results/2007%20Results%20B/R110307AG.html

7. Bromfield (MA)
No meet, state qualifiers next week.

8. Immaculate Heart Academy (NJ)
With the state meet coming up next weekend, the Eagles did not run their top 7 at the NJCTC meet at Warinanco, and the next seven girls running as varsity placed 12th in the meet.

50. Anna May 22:29
56. Stefanie Carapezza 22:41
57. Kerry McNulty 22:42
58. Madeline Delehanty 22:42
59. Lauren Masur 22:44
61. Lauren Miller 22:45
86. Susan O’Rourke 23:58

Meet results: http://mctrack.org/NJCatholicTrack/NJCTCXC/07XC/07CTCChampsXCVg.htm

9. Northern York (PA)
Runner-up to Emmaus at the state meet, edging out Unionville for silver by only 7 points. They averaged 20:05 at Hershey, more than half a minute faster than the week before at districts.

16. Rachel Wong 19:22
35. Katie Meck 19:47
65. Maegan Boucher 20:09
94. Abby Wong 20:24
120. Kaylin Delvecchio 20:43
217. Kristin Taylor 21:47
256. Angie Pettinato 22:57

Meet results: http://www.runhigh.com/2007%20Results/2007%20Results%20B/R110307AG.html

10. Monsignor Donovan (NJ)
After Mon Don won the Shore Conference title last Monday over (among others) Red Bank Catholic, the Caseys had their revenge on Saturday as they beat Mon Don for the NJ Catholic Track Conference crown by the slimmest of margins, 80-81. Both teams averaged 20:12 on the 5250m Warinanco course.

7. Molly Kempton 19:47
13. Briana Crowe 20:03
15. Krissa Loretto 20:09
20. Kirby Costello 20:25
26. Devin Solvik 20:38
28. Maegan Brosnan 20:41
30. Amanda Cavallo 20:46

Meet results: http://mctrack.org/NJCatholicTrack/NJCTCXC/07XC/07CTCChampsXCVg.htm

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