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DyeStat XC Region Review NE

Summary of Northeast Top Ten, Week Ending Sept. 29, 2007

By Matt Soja, Dyestat NE Regional Editor

Boys - Girls

The biggest story of the last weekend of September was the inaugural Ocean State Invitational in Rhode Island. This new meet provided yet another chance for the top New England teams to square off against each other (and some NY and NJ teams) early in the season. In the loaded girls’ race, featuring five of the ten best teams in the Northeast, Glastonbury CT finished second to New York’s Greenwich and ahead of the favored Bromfield MA. This meet will result in major changes to the next regional rankings. On the boys’ side, favored Merrimack NH did not disappoint.

Elsewhere, North Penn PA dominated the field at the Carlisle Invitational, including the higher-ranked North Allegheny PA. Meanwhile, Germantown Friends PA took the Paul Short crown while favorites Con-Val NH boys and Hanover NH girls were victorious at the Black Bear Invitational in their home state.

Several other teams, including Danbury and Brookline boys, took the weekend off. Many of them race every other week to give their top runners ample time for training and recovery before the strain of championship meets after Manhattan Invitational.

Next weekend is the SAT Saturday, which will hurt some line-ups, but there still should be some fireworks at Wickham Park Invitational in Connecticut and Holmdel Park in New Jersey, where the Shore Coaches meet will feature almost all of Jersey’s best.


1. Danbury (CT)
Idle this week.

Next Saturday they will run the Wickham Park Invitational with their star Matt Terry hopefully back in action at last, although they could be missing a few other runners because of SATs.

2. Brookline (MA)
Idle this week.

Next major meet will be Manhattan on October 13.

3. Germantown Friends (PA)
In their best performance of the season, the Friends were victorious at the Paul Short Invitational, winning by a comfortable margin (124-156) over Quince Orchard, MD, ranked second in the Southeast. Kaulbach ran his best time this year, only losing to Doug Smith, one of the favorites to win Footlocker championships. However, the gap between their spectacular top four and the fifth man remains in the 40+ seconds range, hindering them from beating top-notch teams like Danbury.

Next up – Manhattan in two weeks.

2. Max Kaulbach 15:27
8. Jake McKenzie 15:50
17. Isaac Ortiz 16:05
21. Gus McKenzie 16:10
85. Tom Waterman 16:57
138. Eddie Einbender-Luks 17:27
155. Fenn Hoffman 17:36

Meet results: http://paulshortxcrun.com/PaulShort/R092807AJ.html

4. Con-Val (NH)
Won the Black Bear Invitational by 19 points over strong state rivals Nashua South. McGrath continued his domination, winning the individual crown by 19 seconds. More importantly, second, third, and fourth runners dropped their times substantially from Manchester Invitational last week, solidifying their status as one of the top teams in the region.

1. Alex McGrath 15:28
8. Ethan McBrien 16:05
10. Dylan Fisher 16:12
17. Justin Butler 16:45
28. Devon Butler 17:15
34. Edward Glidden 17:23
84. Pier Pennoyer 18:41

Meet results: http://www.coolrunning.com/results/07/nh/Sep29_2007Bl_set7.shtml

5. North Allegheny (PA)
After falling from NE#2 last week, they suffered a stinging loss at Carlisle Invitational, losing not only to #8 North Penn but also unranked Upper Dublin. This can partially be attributed to the fact that Matt Jacob, who was by far the team’s best runner earlier in the season, had a fall and was back in the pack this time. On the other hand, the breakout performance of Justin Taylor could be exactly what the team needs in tight meets. The impressive 16-seconds spread within their top five bodes well for the future, although in the short term, NA will probably drop further in the ranking.

15. Dan O’Brien 16:30
23. Justin Taylor 16:32
29. Will Appman 16:40
33. Jake Holdcroft 16:46
34. Matt Jacob 16:46
39. Pat Morgan 16:54
49. Ryan Gil 17:00

Meet results: http://pa.milesplit.us/meets/24054/results/54027

6.Merrimack (NH)
They won Ocean State Invitational but beat East Greenwich by only 13. Great race for Godfrey who improved by almost a minute from the previous weekend when he was only the fourth guy on the team. If their 5th runner improves to close the 22-second gap, they should have enough depth to challenge the best teams in the region for NTN bid.

4. William Godfrey 16:18
16. Alex Bealieau 16:35
22. Ryan Haggerty 16:45
27. Brendan Repack 16:49
48. Jake Dancy 17:11
53. Jack Mulrey 17:16
63. Seth Hafferkamp 17:23

Meet results: http://coolrunning.com/results/07/ri/Sep29_OceanS_set14.shtml

7. Christian Brothers (NJ)
Idle this week.

They will run at the Shore Coaches Invitational at Holmdel next Saturday.

8. North Penn (PA)
This team is on the rise, breaking into top 10 last week and then winning the Carlisle Invitational by a big margin 48-76 over Upper Dublin, and absolutely dominating NE#5 North Allegheny by almost 80 points. The 16:09 team average is very impressive, and it looks like they might challenge Germantown for PA supremacy as the season continues.

2. Zach Hoagland 15:41
5. Brad Miles 16:01
8. Zack Montijo 16:07
15. Brian Quintrell 16:26
26. Dominic Camasso 16:36
30. Tim Stauring 16:43
31. Brian Kuntzmann 16:43

Meet results: http://pa.milesplit.us/meets/24054/results/54027

9. Holy Ghost (PA)
Making their top 10 debut, they finished fifth at Carlisle and will probably drop out of the ranking again this week. Good 1-2 up front, but after them the dropoff is quite severe.

4. Michael Pierce 16:01
9. Eric Arnold 16:08
50. Andrew Viscusi 17:00
59. Matthew Chylak 17:10
70. Stefan Bossbaly 17:20
74. Sean Galiczynski 17:21
120. Patrick Haneman 17:59

Meet results: http://pa.milesplit.us/meets/24054/results/54027

10. Glastonbury (CT)
Idle this week. Next Saturday they will run the Wickham Park Invitational in a rematch against Danbury.


1. Hanover (NH)
Nearly swept the Black Bear Invitational with Caldwell back in the line-up. Griffin ran an incredible 17:45, dipping under 18 for the first time in a major meet this fall.

1. Georgia Griffin 17:45
5. Heidi Caldwell 19:16
6. Grace Rodriguez 19:23
7. Bridgette Black 19:24
8. Cate Brown 19:25
14. Beth Taylor 20:00
22. Connie Emerson 20:11

Meet results: http://www.coolrunning.com/results/07/nh/Sep29_2007Bl_set5.shtml

2. Voorhees (NJ)
Idle this weekend.

Next up – Shore Coaches Invitational on Saturday.

3. Emmaus (PA)
Idle this weekend.

4. Colts Neck (NJ)
Running once again without Briana Jackucewicz, the Cougars lost their home invitational to unranked Unionville PA, 51-76. Stephanie Olenick, who was their #2 last weekend, sat this one out as well. The best team in New Jersey last year will lay low for the next couple of weeks until county championships on October 16 and Pre-Regionals four days later.

2. Allison Linnell 18:50
13. Jessie Fasano 20:00
16. Rachel Morris 20:06
18. Allison Donaghy 20:15
31. Brittany Hinton 20:48
34. Erin Donaghy 21:03
38. Allie Flott 21:32

Meet results: http://www.coltsnecktrack.com/girls_chvar_2007.htm

5. Bromfield (MA)
Emily Jones won the star-studded Ocean State Invitational by three seconds over fellow Footlocker finalist Caitlin Lane, running 18:04. But her team was a rather disappointing 6th in their first major meet of the season, losing to lower-ranked Glastonbury and Newton South and unranked Lincoln-Sudbury. Not enough depth to justify a top-5 ranking at the moment.

1. Emily Jones 18:04
15. Liz Lee 19:04
40. Lisa Reedich 20:20
52. Emily Reedich 20:47
55. Bo Dunn 20:51
80. Kat Long 21:53

Meet results: http://coolrunning.com/results/07/ri/Sep29_OceanS_set13.shtml

6. Newton South (MA)
They finished fifth at Ocean State, behind Glastonbury and Lincoln-Sudbury but one spot ahead of state rivals Bromfield. A powerful 1-2 punch, but the rest of the pack trails in the 20+ territory.

7. Kelsey Karys 18:45
11. Madeleine Reed 18:48
32. Melanie Fineman 20:05
46. Hannah Westbrook 20:36
51. Sonya Freeman 20:45
66. Juliet Ryan-Davis 21:13
67. Nina Slote 21:14

Meet results: http://coolrunning.com/results/07/ri/Sep29_OceanS_set13.shtml

7. Red Bank Catholic (NJ)
Idle this weekend, Shore Coaches nest Saturday.

8. Glastonbury (CT)
They finished second at Ocean State behind Greenwich NY, easily beating higher-ranked Bromfield and Newton South, so they should move up a couple of spots in this week’s rankings. Their first four girls are spectacular, but then there is a 62-second gap before 5th which almost cost them the silver this Saturday and might hurt them again in the future. Next weekend – Wickham Park Invitational.

12. Kristin Mitchell 18:48
13. Christine Vogel 18:57
22. Lindsay Crevoisera 19:31
26. Emily Harris 19:50
56. Charlotte Freeland 20:52
57. Emily MacEwen 20:53
84. Kaleigh Flock 22:06

Meet results: http://coolrunning.com/results/07/ri/Sep29_OceanS_set13.shtml

9. North Kingstown (RI)
They finished 10th at Ocean State, just one spot and two points ahead of state rivals Coventry.

25. Allie Stasiuk 19:48
27. Erin Brennan 19:56
44. Becca Morley 20:31
65. Katie Lynch 21:08
70. Alexa Mazur 21:26
76. Monica Black 21:43
87. Kelsey Evans 22:17

Meet results: http://coolrunning.com/results/07/ri/Sep29_OceanS_set13.shtml

10. Coventry (RI)
Just got edged out by NK again, after losing a dual meet earlier in the season. This is a typical pack team with no superstars.

33. Lindsay Paiva 20:11
35. Kaitlyn Grimshaw 20:13
39. Alex Hollenbeck 20:17
62. Eryn Wheeler 21:01
64. Lyn Pesola 21:04
82. Michaela Connelly 21:57

Meet results: http://coolrunning.com/results/07/ri/Sep29_OceanS_set13.shtml

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