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DyeStat XC Region Review NE

Summary of Northeast Top Ten, Week Ending Sept. 22, 2007

By Matt Soja, Dyestat NE Regional Editor

Boys - Girls

This was so far the most exciting weekend of the season as the last day of the summer featured two major invitationals. Up in New Hampshire the Manchester Invitational featured the best teams of the Granite State along with some terrific competition from out of state. After a fierce fight Con-Val boys edged Merrimack to temporarily claim supremacy in NH while Hanover girls unsuccessfully challenged one of the best teams in the nation, Burnt Hills of New York.

Meanwhile in New York the home course of the NTN Regionals hosted the Bowdoin Invitational, featuring mostly NY teams. But both crowns went to the teams from our region, with Brookline MA boys holding off Shenendehowa and unranked Voorhees girls pulling the biggest upset of the weekend and winning the girls championship race.
While the top boys team, Danbury, took the weekend off, the girls’ leaders from Colts Neck sent an incomplete team to Delaware on Thursday, resulting in a huge loss to Tatnall. Yom Kippur prevented several other teams from racing on Saturday.

Next weekend should provide even more thrills with the Paul Short meet in Pennsylvania on Friday and the Ocean State Invitational in Rhode Island on Saturday, which will feature most of New England’s best, especially on the ladies’ side. The real fall has begun, both in the calendar and on the cross country courses!


1.Danbury (CT)
Idle this weekend and lying low till Manhattan next month.

2. North Allegheny (PA)
In their second major outing of the fall, they won the Gold Division race at the inaugural Hershey Cross Country Festival on their state meet course 85-130 over Hatboro-Horsham. Next weekend they will run the Carlisle Invitational.

6. Mat Jacob 16:47
15. Danny O’Brien 17:20
17. Will Appman 17:33
21. Pat Morgan 17:38
30. Jake Holdcroft 17:57
38. Eric Balaban 18:03
39. Chase Broussard 18:08

Meet results:

3. Germantown Friends (PA)
Idle this weekend. Paul Short Invitational next week.

4. Brookline (MA)
They won the Bowdoin Invitational on Sept. 22 on the NTN Regional course, beating New York powerhouse Shenendehowa by a 66-96 margin, despite still missing two of their top 5. Bob Gibson continued his impressive season by winning the race by 14 seconds.

1. Bob Gibson 16:13
2. David Wilson 16:36
8. Michael Burnstein 16:48
22. Brendan Grove 17:20
31. Ryan Hardiman 17:35

Meet results: http://finishright.com/XC/07/BOWDOIN07.htm

5. Merrimack (NH)
In a fascinating battle of the two best teams in the state at the Manchester Invitational, they fell to NE#8 Con-Val by a 71-79 margin. They have better depth than their state rivals, however, which might work in their favor in even larger meets than last weekend. Next up – Ocean State Invitational on Sept. 29.

10. Brendan Repack 16:45
16. Alex Bealieau 16:51
18. Ryan Haggerty 16:54
20. William Godfrey 17:02
33. Jake Dancy 17:22
43. Jack Mulrey 17:40

Meet results: http://lancertiming.com/results/fall07/mieb.htm

6. Christian Brothers (NJ)
The Colts, which came back to top 10 in the region last week, finished third at Bowdoin behind Brookline and Shen and decisively ahead of Jackson. They have no stud frontrunner but an excellent pack, which will be a great help in huge meets such as NTN Regionals.

13. Vincent Ferrer 16:59
21. Brendon Pierson 17:20
24. Christian LaMorte 17:20
27. Kyle Havard 17:27
32. Ben Horel 17:35
57. Brendan Swan 18:19
(JV race: 2. Dan Bailey 17:59, 3. Dennis Smith 18:09)

Meet results: http://finishright.com/XC/07/BOWDOIN07.htm

7. Nashua South (NH)
They will likely drop out of the top ten after placing only third to unranked Pinkerton (by 137 points) and Mansfield MA in the non-Elite race at Manchester Invitational.

13. Chris Mentas 16:59
27. David Fernacz 17:23
53. Jordan Choate 17:48
59. Ethan Dionne 17:55
78. Zack Campbell 18:12
102. Paul Dupont 18:35

Meet results: http://lancertiming.com/results/fall07/milsb.htm

8. Con-Val (NH)
They avenged their loss to state rivals Merrimack at the Saber Relays from two weeks ago by defeating them by 8 points in the Manchester Invitational. Alex McGrath crushed the field by 17 seconds to take the individual crown as well. However, the dramatic dropoff after their fifth runner could prove to be a huge liability in case of injuries or a poor race by one of their top five.

1. Alex McGrath 15:43
10. Ethan McBrien 16:41
15. Dylan Fisher 16:50
26. Justin Butler 17:12
34. Devon Butler 17:22
64. Edward Glidden 18:35
73. Pier Pennoyer 19:11

Meet results: http://lancertiming.com/results/fall07/mieb.htm

9. Glastonbury (CT)
Idle this weekend (Yom Kippur).

10. Jackson (NJ)
The best team in New Jersey last year had a rather disappointing trip to Bowdoin, where they finished only 8th losing not only to Brookline and CBA but also to Morris Hills, which was previously not even in top 20 in the region. Although Jackson did not have one of its top 5, Dan Collura, the fact that CBA put four runners ahead of Jackson’s second (and fifth right behind him) establishes Jackson as the heavy underdog, not only at NTN but even at the NJ Meet of Champs.

10. Austin Santillo 16:48
30. Monroe Kearns 17:32
33. Ben Forrest 17:36
44. Geoffrey Barletta 18:04
61. Ed McQuade 18:22
74. Derrick Russell 19:14
85. Nick Borup 20:45

Meet results: http://finishright.com/XC/07/BOWDOIN07.htm


1. Colts Neck (NJ)
The Cougars lost to Tatnall DE (SE#5) 23-59 at the Delaware Military Academy Invitational on September 20, running without two of their top three, Briana Jackucewicz and Allie Flott, who were recuperating from injuries. Next race: Cougar Invitational on Sept. 28, but afterwards they will not run any invitationals until Pre-Regionals on Oct. 20.

3. Allison Linnell 19:05
10. Stephanie Olenick 20:16
11. Rachel Morris 20:19
15. Jessie Fasano 20:35
20. Allison Donaghy 20:56
27. Erin Donaghy 21:13
29. Brittany Hinton 21:20

Meet results:

2. Hanover (NH)
The best team in New England was no match for the national powerhouse Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake NY at the Manchester meet, losing 37-56. Georgia Griffin continued her magic, winning the individual crown by 9 seconds. They were also missing Heidi Caldwell, one of their top three runners. Next weekend it’s Ocean State and a head-to-head battle against Bromfield.

1. Georgia Griffin 18:16
8. Bridgette Black 19:31
14. Grace Rodriguez 19:58
15. Cate Brown 20:00
18. Beth Taylor 20:14
31. Meg Donohue 20:50
48. Connie Emerson 21:41
(JV Race: 3. Rosalie Lipfert 21:07)

Meet results: http://lancertiming.com/results/fall07/mieg.htm

3. Bromfield (MA)
Another weekend without a major meet. Their coming out party will be on Sept. 29 at Ocean State.

4. Emmaus (PA)
Depth proved to be a problem for this team which finished only 4th at Bowdoin, far behind the unexpected winners from unranked Voorhees NJ. Two of the Faust sisters provided a good one-two punch, followed by Graybill, but the 49-second gap before their 4th girl and then another 59 seconds before their 5th were unbearable in a meet of this caliber. Their hopes rest in the return of Brianna Faust, sidelined by recovery from her appendectomy.

8. Amanda Faust 19:32
13. Christina Faust 19:44
15. Lindsey Graybill 19:47
26. Melissa Meade 20:36
52. Kelsey Coates 21:35
76. Meghan Zang 22:50

Meet results: http://finishright.com/XC/07/BOWDOIN07.htm

5. Monsignor Donovan (NJ)
A long trip to Cali resulted in a 7th place finish at the Pepperdine Invitational on the muddy course against tough national competition. Their next major meet will be the Shore Coaches Invitational at Holmdel Park on Oct. 6.

22. Briana Crowe 20:02
27. Molly Kempton 20:18
31. Krissa Loretto 20:27
50. Devin Solvik 21:04
56. Kirby Costello 21:12
65. Meghan Brosnan 21:28
73. Amanda Cavallo 21:44

Meet results:

6.Newton South (MA)
After their great race at Amhest a week ago, they swept Boxboro 15-50 in a dual on Sept. 19 on a 2.9 mile course but did not race Saturday. Ocean State next weekend.

1. Karys 18:22
2. Reed 19:01
3. Fineman 19:04
4. Westbrook 19:08
5. Golovkina 19:09
6. Freeman 19:12
7. Ryan-Davis 19:19

Meet results: http://www.coachtarello.com/dclxc/DCLResultsFemale3.htm

7. Lincoln-Sudbury (MA)
In their first major meet of the fall they placed 7th at Bowdoin, led by freshman Keklack. No superstars on this team, but a tight pack helps them in big meets. Their next test comes next weekend at the loaded Ocean State meet.

18. Andera Keklack 20:03
34. Claire Arthur 20:50
39. Emily Mepham 20:58
45. Rachael Potter 21:14
46. Holly Clarke 21:15
55. Jess Griffin 21:41
58. Molly Binder 22:00
(JV race: 1. Ellie Hylton 21:47)

Meet results: http://finishright.com/XC/07/BOWDOIN07.htm

8. Red Bank Catholic (NJ)
The Caseys easily dominated the low-key Battle of Monmouth class meet, sweeping all four class championships. The following are the seven best RBC runners from the 5K races (Molly McNamara won the freshman 3200m race in 12:46, which also would put her in top 7 on the team). Depth and interchangeability are RBC’s main assets, although that might not be enough to overcome their two Shore Conference rivals at the local and state level.

Janine Louie 20:23 (1st senior)
Michelle Capozzi 20:42 (1st soph)
Emily Rooney 21:00 (1st junior)
Katie Rochford 21:13 (2nd junior)
Kim Hogan 21:17 (3rd senior)
Keely Eckberg 21:31 (4th junior)
Katie Andree 21:34 (4th senior)

Meet results: http://lfrauloracingsystems.com/2007battleofmonmouth.html

9. North Kingstown (RI)
No meet, Ocean State next weekend.

10. Coventry (RI)
No meet, Ocean State next weekend

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