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DyeStat XC Region Review NE

Summary of Northeast Top Ten, Week Ending Sept. 15, 2007

By Matt Soja, Dyestat NE Regional Editor

Boys - Girls

The second weekend of the season brought a major improvement in the weather and finally some great head-to-head competition. The big story was of course the Hartford CT meet where top-ranked Danbury boys held off #3 Germantown Friends by merely one point with #4 Glastonbury coming in third. Most of the other big hitters also began their invitational schedule or took the weekend off after racing the previous Saturday. But the real excitement will come next weekend at the Bowdoin Classic in NY where some of the top-ranked teams will face the best of New York’s harriers, and the following week at the loaded Ocean State Invitational in Rhode Island.


1. Danbury CT
The #1 team in the country won the Hartford Riverfront Festival over Germantown 42-43, running without their best runner Matt Terry (tendonitis). They have very solid depth, so after Terry’s return they should be the strong favorites in the region. The next major meet will be Manhattan Invitational in October.

2. Willie Ahearn 15:25.5
8. Joey Bubniak 16:08.3
9. Tucker Schaefer 16:09.9
12. Parker Boudreau 16:22.4
13. Justin Rau 16:24.3
15. Kevin Russell 16:49.8
16. David Zimmerman 16:53.8

Meet results: http://www.plattsys.com/results/res2007/hrxc07.htm

2. North Allegheny PA
No meet for their varsity boys this weekend, but their 8th through 14th runners took second to Seneca Valley at Slippery Rock Invitational. Five of them dipped under 18 minutes, proving they have good depth. Their next big outing will be Carlisle Invitational on September 29.

Meet results: http://runhigh.com/2007%20Results/2007%20Results%20A/R091507BJ.html

3. Germantown Friends PA
The Quakers finished 2nd to Danbury at Hartford by only one point. Big gap between 4th and 5th runner might hurt them in a huge meet, however.

4. Max Kaulbach 15:44.5
5. Isaac Ortiz 15:54.0
6. Jake McKenzie 16:02.1
11. Gus McKenzie 16:15.6
19. Eddie Einbender-Luks 16:56.9
21. Tom Waterman 17:01.8
29. Fenn Hoffman 17:48.7

Meet results: http://www.plattsys.com/results/res2007/hrxc07.htm

4. Glastonbury CT
Finished 3rd at Hartford behind Cabral’s win. They need to improve their 3rd, 4th, and 5th spots substantially to retain their ranking.

1. Donn Cabral 15:21.6
7. James Llamas 16:02.9
14. Cody Otto 16:33.5
18. Greg Disanto 16:55.9
26. Blake Summers 17:20.6
28. Kevin Dolan 17:40.1
31. Will Llamas 18:02.1

Meet results: http://www.plattsys.com/results/res2007/hrxc07.htm

5. Brookline MA
They took 1-2-3 at the Amherst Invitational and won the meet easily with 42 points, running without two of their top 7 runners, Elliot Lehane and Chris Mecurio. Despite the wet weather, Bob Gibson’s 15:41 broke the course record, although depth could be an issue here until they are at full strength in October. Next up for them is Bowdoin Classic on September 22.

1. Robert Gibson 15:41
2. Michael Burnstein 15:54
3. David Wilson 15:55
9. Ryan Hardman 16:31
27. Brendan Grove 17:00
87. Adam Sege 18:33

Meet results: http://www.amherstxc.org/invitational/2007/varsityboys.html

6. Merrimack NH
No meet. Their next two big meets will be Manchester Invitational on September 22 and Ocean State Invitational on September 29.

7. Jackson NJ
They easily won their first tri-meet over Southern Regional (21-35) and Brick Memorial (20-41) at Ocean County Park. Next up – Bowdoin on Sept. 22.

2. Austin Santillo 16:39
3. Monroe Kearns 16:45
5. Geoff Barletta 16:55
Ben Forrest 17:08
Dan Collura 17:16

Meet results: http://www.app.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070912/SPORTS01/709120404/1071

8. Nashua South NH
No meet this weekend. This Saturday they will travel to Manchester Invitational.

9. Con-Val NH
No meet this weekend. This Saturday they will travel to Manchester Invitational

10. Don Bosco NJ
Lost a dual against Bergen Catholic, racing mostly their JV runners. Next weekend they will run their first real varsity meet at Xavier Invitational at Van Cortlandt.

9 Michael Belgiovine 18:31
10 James Ungemach 18:33
16 Eric Schmidt 19:05
20 Brendan Offer 19:16
30 Patrick Mulkeen 19:40
31 Michael Vega 19:41
36 Brian Vega 20:06

Meet results: http://lfrauloracingsystems.com/07nnjilvboysgarwk1.html


1. Colts Neck NJ
The Cougars nearly swept their first tri-meet against Middletown South and Marlboro on their home course, running in a pack. Their first major invitational is the Delaware Military Academy Invitational on September 20.

1T. Stephanie Olenik 20:12
1T. Jessica Fasano 20:12
1T. Allison Linnell 20:12
1T. Briana Jackucewicz 20:12
6. Rachel Morris 20:57
9. Morgan Clark 21:26
10. Brittany Hinton 21:35

Meet results: http://coltsnecktrack.com/mar_midsg.htm

2. Hanover NH
No meet. They will race at Manchester Invitational on September 22 and Ocean State Invitational on September 29, facing off against Bromfield and Saratoga Springs.

3. Bromfield MA
On September 12 they swept Ayer 15-50 in dual meet with their top five running between 18:47 and 20:21 on a 2.8-mile course.

4. Emmaus PA
No meet this weekend. They will race at Bowdoin Classic on September 22.

5. Monsignor Donovan NJ
No meet this weekend.

6. Lincoln Sudbury MA
The Warriors opened their season with a sweep in a triangular meet against Acton Boxboro and Tyngsboro on a 2.8-mile course, led by freshman Keklack’s victorious high school debut. Their first invitational will be the Bowdoin Classic this upcoming weekend.

1. Andera Keklack 18:02
2. Rachael Potter 18:05
3. Dana Jamieson 18:06
4. Emily Mepham 18:07
5. Jess Griffin 18:07
6. Claire Arthur 18:09
7. Ellie Hylton 18:09

Meet results: http://www.coachtarello.com/XC/2007/tfiresultsevent/vsabandtyngs07.htm

7. Red Bank Catholic NJ
The Caseys easily defended their title at the St. Dominic Invitational in Jersey City on a 3.3 mile course, led by two talented freshmen.

5. Michelle Capozzi 20:47
7. Emily Rooney 20:54
10. Janine Louie 21:20
12. Molly McNamara 21:30
14. Katie Rochford 21:50
16. Katie Andree 21:59
25. Becca Laskowski 22:22

Meet results: http://www.mctrack.org/NJCatholicTrack/NJCTCXC/07XC/07sdaxcvg.htm

8. Dennis-Yarmouth MA
The state Division I champions finished only 7th at Amherst Invitational. They have a good 1-2 punch, but after that there is a steep dropoff as they have been hurt by graduation losses; possibly holding out some varsity runners.

7. Megan Barry 19:44
8. Caitlyn Crosby 19:45
40. Natalie Ferro 21:08
49. Chelsea Miller 21:28
71. Eva Dixon 22:22
72. Sarah Burke 22:23

Meet results: http://www.amherstxc.org/invitational/2007/varsitygirls.html

9. North Kingstown RI
No meet this weekend. A dual meet between NK and Coventry on September 18 should clarify the situation in Rhode Island. After that, it’s off to Ocean State Invitational on Sept. 29.

10. Coventry RI
No major meet this past weekend. After the North Kingstown dual, they will not race any invitationals until October.

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