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2009 Outdoor Season
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5/5-10 Notables
  • An even dozen Another fairly light week in terms of new national leaders (12); it's getting tougher now, thought, this late into the season.  Still, expect that number to increase the next few weeks as we get deep into the state meet season.
  • Dueling deuces There were new US#1s for both the boys and girls full 2-mile races this past week.  Being an event rarely run, the times have lagged behind their 3200 counterparts, though there's now just 13 seconds between the two boys marks ... still more than 30 seconds on the girls side.
  • Steeple people Hand-timed national records, like Shelby Greany set last week, are pretty unusual these days.  Most of the time, a performance of that magnitude is going to come in a national meet, a big invitational, or at least a state meet - all of which are going to have FAT.  There are still a number of hand-held records on the books, but most were set in the 1970s.  The last time a US mark was set in a non-FAT setting was in 1991, when Steve Guerrini CA set the boys standard in - surprise - the 2k Steeplechase (5:43.9) ... the same event, of course, where Greany set her record a week ago.
  • Throwers bonanza Thanks to Lauren Chambers' new #1 201-06 HT, this amazing year for throwers continued.  Five of the eight boys and girls throwing events have seen efforts that rank first or second all-time, and one of the exceptions to that - the boys shot - has had its deepest year ever with four 71 footers (in and out) and three revisions this spring to the all-time outdoor top-ten.
  • Great Tate at state Tavaris Tate MS lost one of his #1s last week as Dentarius Locke FL zipped a 20.58 200, but strengthened his hold on another.  His 45.71 400 at his state meet was part of a big triple, with 10.48 100 and 21.73 200 in there, too.

12 NEW US#1s added (so far) for May 5-10
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NEW! Randall Carroll CA 10.30 (+1.7)
MarkQuis Frazier TX 10.22 nwi
100m dash
Chalonda Goodman GA 11.30 (+0.8)
Octavious Freeman FL 11.09p nwi
NEW! Dentarius Locke FL 20.58 (+0.9)
200m dash
Chalonda Goodman GA 23.32 (+0.4)
NEW! Tavaris Tate MS 45.71
400m dash
Ebony Eutsey FL 52.42
NEW! Elijah Greer OR 1:48.97 800m run
Charlene Lipsey NY 2:05.83
NEW! Nathan Mathabane OR 3:50.48
1500m run
Jordan Hasay CA 4:16.80
Chris Stogsdill NY 4:06.43c1600m run
Chelsey Sveinsson TX 4:45.05c
Chris Stogsdill NY 4:07.93
Mile run
Chelsey Sveinsson TX 4:46.85
Robert Micikas PA 8:23.84
3000m run
Stephanie Morgan OH 9:31.32
NEW! Jeff Thode IL 8:51.3h
3200m run
Chelsey Sveinsson TX 10:12.11
NEW! Bobby Peavey VA 9:04.23
2-Mile run
NEW! Lizzie Predmore GA 10:44.74
Zach Ornelas TX 5:58.88
2000m ST
Shelby Greany NY 6:33.7h USR!
Colin Seidl NY 9:25.2h
3000m ST
Megan Fristoe OR 11:16.10
Trevor Dunbar AK 14:33.96
5000m run
Alexa Gellman NC 17:37.45
Cameron LaCour TX 13.48 (+1.9) 110/100m Hurdles
Kori Carter CA 13.67 (-0.9)
Reggie Wyatt CA 36.01 300m Hurdles
Kori Carter CA 41.09
Jordan Rispress OH 51.89
400m Hurdles
Kori Carter CA 59.89
Monsignor Pace FL 40.54
4x100m relay
 Eleanor Roosevelt MD 45.24
DeSoto TX 1:24.76
4x200m relay
Eleanor Roosevelt MD 1:36.55
Track EC(New Bern) NC 3:12.82 4x400m relay
Eleanor Roosevelt MD 3:40.68
Albemarle VA 7:30.67 USR! 4x800m relay
Long Beach Poly CA 9:01.89
Dana Hills CA 17:27.75
The Woodlands TX 17:26.42 (4x1600)
4x 1 Mile relay
Saugus CA 20:38.75
Alexander GA 1:30.34800m Sprint
Medley relay
Rancho Verde CA 1:45.08
Track EC(New Bern) NC 3:19.58 USR! 1600m Sprint Medley relay
Long Beach Poly CA 4:01.37
NEW! Westerly RI 10:01.13 4000m Distance
Medley relay

Dana Hills CA 11:47.29
James White MO 7-05.75
High Jump
Toni Young OK 6-04 =USR!
Jack Whitt OK 18-00.25
Pole Vault
Rachel Fisher TX 13-03
Marquise Goodwin TX 24-10.75 (+1.0)
NEW! Stephen Hill GA 25-08.25 nwi
Long Jump
Brittany Porter GA 20-03 (+0.3)
Brittany Porter GA 21-03.50 nwi
Hammed Suleman CA 50-03 (+0.4)
Hammed Suleman CA 51-02 nwi
Triple Jump
Ciarra Brewer CA 42-01.50 (+1.1)
Alitta Boyd CA 42-10.50 nwi
Nick Vena NJ 72-02.50
Shot Put
NEW! Anna Jelmini CA 52-03
Mason Finley CO 236-06 USR! Discus
Anna Jelmini CA 188-04 =USR!
Justin Shirk PA 235-03
Fawn Miller PA 157-08
Conor McCullough CA 256-09
NEW! Lauren Chambers GA 201-06
Curtis Beach NM 7909 USR!
(HS implements)
Kimmie Conner CA 4558

Updated: May 12, 2009

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A = altitude-aided
e = en route time
c = converted (Conversions for mile to 1600 are 1.5 for boys, 1.8 for girls; for 2M to 3200 are 3.4 for boys, 4.0 for girls)
h = hand time
p = prelim or qualifying

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