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 Battle for Boston: Johnson & Andrews tie at 1k, Lipsey wins

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by Matt McCue

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Brett Johnson rounds a corner with Robby Andrews in hot pursuit.
Photos by Jeannette Seckinger

Charlene Lispsey and Usain Bolt

No times. No exchange zones. No batons. Just winners and losers. 

The aptly named Bolt Bus full of elite high school runners pulled into the Bronx, New York just past midnight on Sunday morning to ease the pressing matter—a slew of hungry bellies. Dinner choices were slim: McDonald’s, Burger King, or Popeyes. For those craving carbs, there was a greasy pizza joint down the block. The dog-tired athletes, from Jamaica, New Jersey, and New York, poured out in search of something to eat. They were still four hours from their final destination: Boston. There they would complete an unlikely weekend double. Their first race had taken place earlier at the Penn Relays in Philadelphia. Their next, the following afternoon, would be a mad dash at the Puma Street Meet, the newest twist to help promote America’s running scene
Matt McCue Meet Story
MORE from McCue: For the Love of Running! Three cities, two meets, one passion...our newest DyeStat writer, Matt McCue, on his crazy two days covering the Penn Relays and the Puma Street Meet

Photos by Jeannette Seckinger
Flash Highlights
  • With both Robby Andrews and Brett Johnson coming off hard efforts at the Penn Relays late last week, the two Jersey friends and rivals battled over 1 kilometer in the streets of Boston to a dead heat.  Their race through the circuitous course was ruled a tie and both were congratulated heartily by Usain Bolt
  • New Yorker Charlene Lipsey had no such challenge in her 1k race, as she tore through the 200m looped course and won handily to take home her inaugural Puma Street Meet title
  • In the inovative "Speed Trap" competition, in which contestants are clocked at top speed by electronic timers, local talent Chris McConnell of Andover MA walked away the boys winner.  A Massachusetts All-State and New England champion at 55 meters, McConnell (top, right) was caught speeding over 20 miles per hour. Usain Bolt, by comparison, tops out at 27 mph. Video w/ Interview
  • Another Massachusetts local, Hingham HS junior Molly O'Dea (right, bottom)-- also an All-State and New Englands champ at 55 meters-- was the top girl in the Speed Trap competition and got to meet Usain Bolt for her efforts. Video w/ Interview

 Event Information

Everyone. Street Meet is free and open to the public. (Of course, you might want to bring your wallet so you can enjoy some Jamaican food, buy a t-shirt, or bet your friends that you can run faster than 17 miles per hour.)

What: Street Meet is a fun and unique running event dropped in the middle of a Jamaican street carnival. There will be open events in which anyone can participate, followed by the main events, which pit the fastest from Jamaica against the fastest from Boston and New York. If you're one of the fastest people in an "open" event, you'll advance to the "main" events. (See Event Details)

When: Sunday, April 26, 1-6pm. Open events begin promptly at 1:00 and will end at 4:00. Entry into these events is on a first come, first serve basis, so don't roll down at 3:00 thinking you'll cruise into the final. The main events will start at approximately 4:30.

Where: 100 Northern Ave, Boston

By Car - There are several parking lots and garages within walking distance of the event. There is also street parking available on most streets.

By T - From South Station, take the new Silver Line one stop to Courthouse Station. South Station is accessible via the Red Line or the South and West Commuter Rail lines (Framingham, Franklin, Providence/Stoughton, Kingston, Middleborough, and Greenbush lines).

By Bus - There are several buses that run along Seaport Blvd and Summer Street, within walking distance of 100 Northern Ave. For more about public transportation, visit the MBTA website.

Why: Because Usain Bolt wants to see how fast you are. (And because there's good music, tasty food, Puma City, beautiful views of the city, five Jamaican Olympians, and fun and exciting races.)


At 4:30 we’ll start the Main Events. First up is the Speed Trap Finals (men and women) followed by the Street Sprint Finals (men and women). This is where Usain Bolt is going to be looking for the fastest people “off the streets” to take on the great high school athletes in the relays.

At 5:25 we’ll host the Street DMR. Coed teams of four will race legs of varying distances (600 - 300 - 200 - 100) to find out who’s Boston fastest high school.

5:35: The Street K. The fastest middle distance runners representing Jamaica, New York, and Boston will race 3 laps on our street course. Robby Andrews, Omar Abdi, and Waquar DaCosta headline the field.

5:45: Street 4×1. This is a coed sprint relay featuring the fastest high school athletes from Jamaica against the fastest from Boston against the fastest “off the streets” - the top finishers from the Speed Trap event.

5:55: Street 4×4. This is a classic track event, taken to the streets. This coed relay features the fastest high school athletes from Jamaica against the fastest from Boston against the fastest “off the streets” - the top finishers from the Street Sprint event.

So come on down this Sunday and check out the first ever Street Meet. Who knows, maybe you’re Boston’s fastest? If not. You can still have fun and maybe meet Bolt. Questions? Comments? u know the drill!