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the physiology of hydration
first of a series on nutrition for athletes

The Physiology of Hydration, and When to Use Sports Drinks, Electrolyte Drinks, or Water 

By Christopher D. Jensen, PhD, MPH, RD 

Hydration for Running 
       One of the greatest hurdles runners face is keeping their bodies properly hydrated. 
Hydration is critical: Your metabolism maintains the water, fluids, and electrolytes in your 
body in a careful balance, and dehydration and overheating can seriously affect your 
physical and mental condition as well as your athletic performance. Selecting the right 
fluid intake and the right beverage— water, electrolyte drinks, sports drinks — for the
right environment and situation can make a big difference. This article will give you the 
information on how to properly hydrate to help prevent overheating and dehydration 
during exercise and competition, especially when temperature and sweat loss rises.
     Read more about the Physiology of Hydration here. 

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