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Samuel Borchers (Yellow Springs, Ohio)

Interview - One of Nation's Top Middle Distance Runners

Doug Speck - DyeStat.com

Samuel Borchers (far right) Third in 2006 US Jr Natls 1500
(Pat Davey photo)

One of the great stories of the 2006 late spring and early summer was that of Samuel Borchers of Yellow Springs, Ohio, as the Buckeye State junior was a Division III 1600 winner last year at 4:16.54 by nearly three seconds. He traveled to the Nike Outdoor Nationals in North Carolina in June, and won the section 3 contest at 4:12.82 by nearly five seconds (!). Next it was the US Junior Nationals, where he finally met defeat, but blazed a 3:46.32 1500 meter clocking, finishing a close third to AJ Acosta (California) 3:45.95 and Andrew Bumbaough (Georgetown frosh) 3:46.13.

This Fall he was the State Division III Champion in Cross-Country at 15:50, and finished the winter indoor season with a blazing kick during a 4:14.19 Mile win at the Nike Indoor Nationals in Maryland.

This spring he cranked a 4:10.83 in the late April Darby Distance Classic, with a training regimen summarized below that included only one interval session to that point of the season, with a great Piqua Regional meet last week prior to this weekend’s State competition. At Piqua Samuel had a great triple, with a 1:52.62 800 (winning by nearly four seconds), 4:14.14 1600 (winning by five and a half seconds), and 1:49.3 800 relay split on the 7:51.82 winners.

Below Coach Vince Peters (VP) and Samuel (SB) answer some questions about the great past weekend, the spring in general, and some goals down the road the rest of the season.

Doug Speck

(To Doug from Coach Peters: Sam, answered the following questions after a workout with his teammates at Yellow Springs HS, from which he'll graduate on June 7th. The bulk of the three set Igloi style interval workout was a set of 4x400 @ 55 seconds with two minutes rest between each.)

DyeStat: Samuel, big weekend last at the Piqua Region (1:52.62-4:14.14 and 1:49.3 relay)--describe how the weekend went in order of events for you and how you approached them--

SB - For the relay I just watched my teammates do what they needed to do. Then I did what I needed to do. My teammates and I made a deal that if they kept it close I would run whatever was needed to win.

SB - In the mile I was trying to conserve energy for the 800.

VP - Dayton Christian HS came into the regional having run the fastest time in the state for division III {small schools} at 7:56. Yellow Spring's best was an 8:16 earlier in the season. Sam's teammates Alexis Onfroy, Andy Peters, and Evan Firestone ran splits of 2 flat, 1:59 and 2:02 - all PRs - to keep it close. Dayton Christian ran their top guy Jason Wenzel, a 1:56 half miler, on the third leg to break it open, which he did extremely well. He gave DC's anchor a 5 second / 35-40 meter head start on Sam. Some say it was more. It was a great race as their 4:18/9:15 star, John Luttrell did everything he could to keep from getting caught. (Ed note: Yellow Springs won 7:51.82 to the 7:54.11 for Dayton Christian) DC also broke the old State record with their 2nd place finish. They, too, have a great team! ).

DyeStat - How have the training conditions been for you this spring after the Nike Indoor Nationals, where you looked so good in Maryland in winning the mile?

SB - My training this spring has been much more consistent than before the indoor nationals.

VP - Sam fell and broke his hand in January while riding his bike home after school. Till the end of April speed work was limited to what he ran in the meets as a broad distance base was built. Often times he'd run the open 400, the 3200, and anchor the 4x4 in those April meets. With the Mansfield Relays the Saturday before the Darby Distance Twilight Meet the focus started changing to the 1600.

DyeStat - Have you worked on anything different in your training this spring, or focused your preparation in any general different way as you have approached the end of your senior year?

SB - Just a higher quality.

DyeStat - You had some great experience last year with your effort at the USATF Jr Nationals 1500 (3rd 3:46.32) in June of 2006--relate what you learned most from that competition--

SB - Mostly that I can compete at that level.

DyeStat - Describe the 4:10.83 at the late April Darby Distance Twilight Meet that you ran - how did the race go and were the conditions good for the race?

SB - The conditions were great. I ran it mostly off of my base training. I'd done only one interval workout up to that point.

DyeStat - What are some of your goals for the next few weeks and what races will you be competing in?

SB - Ohio HS State Meet - June 1&2: 4x800 on Friday evening and the 1600m followed 30 minutes later by the 800 on Saturday afternoon.
Midwest Meet of Champions in Michigan (June 9): I'd like to run the 4x8 and the 800. But I don't know yet.
Nike Outdoor Nationals (June 16): I'd like to do the 4x800 with my HS teammates. And, of course, the mile.
Junior Nationals - 1500m (June 23): I'd like to win.

DyeStat - Penn State we understand as a college choice - reasons behind that?

SB - The factors were numerous. The final decision was simply personal.

DyeStat - What advice would you offer to a first year ninth grade runner who has maybe completed their first year in the sport?

SB - Take it easy. Have fun. Your freshman year should be about getting to know the sport and finding your strengths. Make it an experience you want to repeat year after year!

Thanks Samuel and Coach Peters – Best of Luck!!
Doug Speck