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Cross Country 1999

Sunfair Invitational

10/2/99 at Yakima WA
3 miles - moderate difficulty, several short steep hills and repeating loops with some 
gradual uphill and downhill, all grass - clear skies, low 60s

Boys Results - Girls Results

highlights by Paul Jorgensen

University High School defeated Flathead High School in a hard fought battle between two
nationally ranked teams. The meet is not run in the normal format. The
varsity competition is composed of seven different flights. The first
flight consists of each team's number seven runner. The next flight
consists of each team's number six runner and so on. University started
out by winning the first flight with Flathead coming in sixth. In the
next race University again won with Flathead coming in third place. The
score was 9 for Flathead and 2 for University. Flathead went on to win
the next four races by wide margins. 

When it came to the final varsity race the score was tied at 13 a piece. 
David Vidal represented Flathead and Max Schmidt represented University. 
As it turned out David Vidal did not run well placing 12th and Max Schmidt ran very well and won the
race. Flathead's top four runners were all under 16:00 minutes with
their fifth runner at 16:02. Flathead's average time of their top five
runners was 15:49 for the three mile course. University High School's
top five had an average time of 15:59 minutes. University showed their
overall depth whereas Flathead may have been a little weak in the first
two positions. The average for all seven runners from both teams came
out to about 16:08.

There were over 2000 runners from about 70 different high schools.
States sending teams were Montana, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington.

6th Place Ambrose 17:08
3rd Place Bundy 16:41
1st Place Michels 16:02
1st Place Murphy 15:51
1st Place Watkins 15:57
1st Place Clary 15:28
12th Place Vidal 15:50

1st Place Boyce 16:32
1st Place Fuchs 16:32
2nd Place Redding 16:19
4th Place Newton 16:30
3rd Place Denny 16:12
2nd Place Stum 15:55
1st Place Schmidt 15:10

In the girl's competition Eishenhower from Yakima was the overall
winner. Eishenhower defeated Gig Harbor 39 to 48. The individual
winner for girls was Jodee Adams-Moore from Newport High School in a
time of 18:05. Eishenhower had the following finishes:
Flight One; 4th
Flight Two: 2nd
Flight Three: 2nd
Flight Four: 11th
Flight Five: 5th
Flight Six: 1st
Flight Seven: 14th

Paul Jorgensen
Flathead High School


Boys Team Scoring - 1. University (WA) 14, 2. Flathead (MT) 25, Mt Spokane (WA) 37, 

4. Snohomish (WA) 47, 5. Mead (WA) 79, 6. Ferris (WA) 112, 7. Eisenhower (WA) 113, 

8. Selah (WA) 115, 9. Gig Harbor (WA) 117, Lewis and Clark (WA) 120.

Individual scoring - top 8 in flight #1 and top two finishers in remaining flights 

(Last years track times for some of the individuals)

Flight 7                                                                                                       Mile/two mile last year

1.	Max Schmidt           	University High, WA	15:10	(4:20, 9:26)

2.	Michael Kiter	Shadle High, WA	15:12	(4:37, 9:25)

3.	Eric Logsdon	Canby, OR	15:17

4.	Matt Topping	Kamiakin, WA	15:18	(4:18, 9:31)

5.	Casey Jermyn	Plains, MT	15:22	

6.	Andrew Ice	Ferris High, WA	15:25	(4:18, 9:17)

7.	Chris Ohlinger	Rogers High, WA	15:41	(4:23, 9:43)

8.	Chris Fayant	Mead High, WA	15:42	(4:33, 9:39)

	David Vidal, Flathead, MT was in this flight but did not finish in the top ten.

Flight 6

1.	Kevin Clary	Flathead, MT	15:29

2.	Brandon Stum	University High, WA	15:55	(4:37, 10:01)

Flight 5

1.	Seth Watkins	Flathead, MT	15:57

2.	Cordean Denny	University High, WA	16:12

Flight 4

1.	Patrick Murphy	Flathead, MT	15:51	

2.	Leif Olson	Mt Spokane	16:12

Flight 3

1.	Kurt Michaels	Flathead, MT	16:02

2.	Jeremy Redding	University High, WA	16:19

Flight 2

1.	Andrew Fuchs	University High, WA	16:32

2.	Tim Schuermer	Mead, WA	16:35

Flight 1

1.	Matt Boyce	University High, WA	16:32

2.	Unknown


Flight 7 Jodee Adams-Moore Newport    18:05

Flight 6 Katie Hummel Eisenhower    19:00

Flight 5 Melissa Frostad East Valley-Spokane 18:57

Flight 4 Robin Bell Gonzaga 19:45

Flight 3 Liz Hutchinson Snohomish 19:58

Flight 2 Brenna Giesen Coeur d' ALene 20:02

Flight 1 Jade Cummings Shadle 20:31

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