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Cross Country 1999

Entries & Starting Positions

Race of Champions - Invitational - Open - JV - Adult (Lists revised 9/21)

Starting Positions and Procedure

Several teams were seeded in the more competitive races. All other teams
were placed in starting boxes based on a random drawing of names. All
starting positions are final.

Coaches, and athletes should confirm the placement of their teams in the
appropriate race.

The starting line will be a curved arch, approximately 50 meters wide. Each
box will be the same approximate distance to the first 400 meter post.
Runners who cut into the center of the course prior to the 400 meter post
will be running a longer distance.

Starting boxes will be numbered from 1 to 30 at the starting line, going from
left to right, facing the direction of the race. The width of each box is 5
feet. No more than three runners per team may be on the front line.

The first 400 meters of the course will be secure at all times. Entry onto
the course will be at a controlled point, 200 meters in front of the start.
Teams will be admitted into the starting area (at the 200 meter post),
approximately 28 minutes before the start of each race. Runners may not
enter the course from behind the starting line. One Coach per team may enter
the starting area, provided they leave the course 5 minutes before the start
of the race. Coaches must leave the starting area when the announcer makes
such announcement.

Teams/runners must be in the assigned starting box, 5 minutes before each
race.  There will be a two command start. 
1. "Runners to your Mark". 
2. Sounding of the gun.

The race will be recalled if a runner falls in the first 400 meters.

Coaches: No jewlery, watches, etc. may be worn in the race. All uniforms
must be the same for each team. (Unattached runners can not wear team/school
uniforms, however, they must be appropriately dressed in running tops and
running shorts. No cut-off tops, no t-shirts).

All runners must have an assigned race number. Coaches and athletes must
verify the accuracy of race numbers.


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