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Cross Country 1999

USF/Jesuit Invitational

3 miles - hot and humid (a shower in the middle of boys race) - some small rolling hills and soft footing

Girls Individual - Girls Team - Boys Individual - Boys Team

by Lee Stephens and Bob Deak

The races featured some truly exciting, great running. 

The girls field was dominated by the national class racing of Hilary White 
and Christa Benton. Both were out of the pack like bullets. It was clear 
that Benton was attempting to stretch out the race and run away from the 
field, which she nearly accomplished with the excpetion of White. Benton 
pushed a blisterin pace throughout the race. White followed about 2 seconds 
behind the whole way. As they entered the stadium, the outcome of the race 
was still unclear, but Christa's lead had visibly grown a few more seconds. 
As they entered the backstretch Benton attempted to increase the gap between 
her and White, however as she entered the final turn it was clear that was 
running out of gas. All of the spectators in the stands were on their feet 
and cheering as White began her drive down the final stretch of the race and 
nipped Benton just out of the final turn, edging her out 17:42.90 to 
17:44.84. These times were run on a 3 mile course that was mildly difficult 
and it was hot and humid. 

In the boys race a tightly bunched pack of runners consisting of Cory 
Presnick, Rolf Steier, Joe Harris, Michael Joanas, and Steve Zieminski set 
the pace throughout the race. With 800 meters to go Presnick surged to the 
lead. This immediately broke everyone in the pack except for Steier, who 
continued to bide his time a few seconds behind. As they entered the stadium 
onto the track Steier tossed in a surge of his own, pulling up next to 
Presnick --neck and neck. With 300 meters to go Presnick again surged, and 
again he built small lead of a few seconds. The distance between the two 
remained more or less the same until the final curve, when Rolf put on one 
final effort for the win. He quickly closed the gap between them, but it was 
too little too late as Presnick took the win in this outstanding rivalry, 
15:39..03 to 15:40.86.

Team competitions featured 1999 state champions from several divisions in 
both the girls and boys races.

Great American bound Bishop Kenny used strong depth to capture the girls 
invitational team title. Lead by Mason Cathey (6th,18:56.05) and Marisa 
Kenyon(9th,19:05.78) scored 82 points. Notably the remaining five runners 
placed 21,22,25,26 and 30. Quite impressive. In second place was perennial 
power Plant (108pts) and third was Riverview (124pts).

Squaring off in the boys invitational team race were 5A state champs, Estero 
(Great American bound); 4A champs, Jesuit; 1A champs, Maclay; and a host of 
runners ups and 3rd place finishers. Led by 8th grade upstart Ryan Deak 
(7th,16:01.91) and senior captain, Thure Caire (8th,16:03.39), Maclay of 
Tallahassee snared its second major invitational title of the young season. In a tight 
battle for second, Cypress Lake nipped Bishop Kenny 105 to 109.

Boys Individual 

1.Corey Presnick (CIT) 15:39.03; 2.Rolf Steier (BERK) 15:40.86; 3.Michael Joanos (LE) 15:50.81; 4.Steve Zieminski (RIV) 15:56.17; 5.Thomas Shannon (ATL) 16:00.15; 6.Joe Harris (CL)16:00.54; 7.Ryan Deak (MAC) 16:01.91; 8.Thure Caire (MAC) 16:03.39; 9.Anthony Taveras (CL) 16:11.00; 10.James Johnson (BK) 16:12.76

Boys Team 

1.Maclay 68; 2.Cypress Lake 105; 3.Bishop Kenny 109; 4.Atlantic 127; 5.Estero 153; 6.Jesuit 203; 7.Berkeley Prep 206; 8.Citrus 209; 9.Vanguard 229; 10.Leon 235; 11.Largo 248; 12.Bloomingdale 253; 13.Ransom Everglades 278; 14.Riverview 284; 15.Buchholz 368

Girls Individual

1.Hilary White (BUC) 17:42.90; 2.Christa Benton (KC) 17:44.84; 3.Jill Gerber (CL) 18:32.91; 4.Anna Brew (EAS) 18:38.21; 5. Linda McLaughlin (EST) 18:43.69; 6.Mason Cathey (BK) 18:56.05; 7.Lindsey Moffenisier (EAB) 18:59.70; 8.Beth Lukins (RIV) 19:00.94; 
9.Marisa Kenyon (BK) 19:05.78; 10. Nicole Posey (MAC) 19:15.39

Girls Team

1.Bishop Kenny 82; 2.Plant 108; 3.Riverview 124; 4.Estero 124; 5.Ransom Everglades 167; 6.Buchholz 179; 7.Cypress Lake 183 ; 8.Bolles 200; 9.Eastside 262;  10.Bloomingdale 271; 11.Keswick Christian 273; 12.Gaither 275; 13.Northeast 313; 14.Barron 
Collier 355; 15.Lake Howell 357

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