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Is DyeStat "pro-Columbus"?

Many people have written recently to comment on DyeStat's coverage of this year's two national indoor meets - the National Scholastic Indoor meet at Boston and the new Nike Indoor Classic at Columbus, both on the same weekend, March 13-14.   Following is an answer to the sports writer of a major metropolitan newspaper, along with a reply and John Dye's comments.

The Question

John --- I love what you've posted on the Nike meet. I should tell you, however, there's a lot of talk, at least among HS coaches up our way, about the lack of information, publicity and support for the Boston meet on your site. Nearly every coach I know - and a lot of athletes - swear by DyeStat. I've mentioned it in my columns several times and people are always talking about it. That said, regardless of the reasons behind the split, a lot of top people will be in Boston and many people would like to see a comprehensive site like DyeStat treat the meets equally. Whether or not it's reality, I don't know, but a lot of people feel your site is "pro-Columbus" and "anti-Boston". I just think if you're going to be complete - and I know you really want to be and strive to be - it's important to provide balanced coverage of both meets. Just my two cents worth.....

The Answer

I appreciate hearing this, especially because I know how supportive you have been.

I started out neutral on this and put up a page for both meets (NIC page - NSI page), as well as a pro and con page with people's views about the situation. Unfortunately, MAC has provided almost   nothing for their page. They didn't even have their 99 entry standards and entry form available until late in the game. They had little presence at major meets. Byrnes and Spier, meanwhile were hustling every major meet and were providing me with good information.

I even had a call from a high official of NSI asking me if I would use information on the Boston meet. I said, of course, and we agreed they would email me stuff when they had it. Nothing ever came.

I have tried not to get involved in arguments over the 2 meets.  Because of the perception you and others have relayed, however, I may need to offer an explanation on my web site. Even now, I am perfectly willing to cover the Boston meet, but I must have their cooperation.

John Dye

A word from our sponsor

I cover every major meet I can get my hands on, but I need cooperation from meet managers.  I am only one person and I have a regular job and family responsibilities as well.   Other people have complained that I don't have news of a particular meet or athlete.  The answer is always the same:  I can't publish what I don't know.  My "how to get results on DyeStat" page shows that DyeStat is open to any meet in the country.

Lack of cooperation from MAC is not a new story.  After last year's Boston meet, I was refused the HyTek results file for Sunday's competition, the main day of the meet.  They said the file was "proprietary" because it contained the addresses of athletes, which belied the fact I had been provided the HyTek file for Saturday's results and posted those results by 5 a.m. Sunday.   Consequently it was more than a week before DyeStat had Sunday's results, which angered many of my readers around the country and reflected badly on the Boston meet.

I am not "pro-Columbus" or "anti-Boston"; I am pro-high school track -- from the lowliest dual meet in the mountains of Western Maryland to the biggest elite meet with future Olympians.

John Dye
[email protected]

PS: My offer to publish information on the Boston meet still stands.  (Are you listening, MAC? )


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