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Boston vs. Columbus

Eric Furst: Boston had more depth

Compare 15th place marks

From: Eric Furst [[email protected]]
Sent: Tuesday, March 16, 1999 6:54 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: boston vs columbus

Although you're page is normally a very reliable source of information, i
feel that you've given the Columbus meet entirely too much credit. The
winning times were comparable, as were the next 3 or 4, but after you broke
away from the top-5, the times differed drastically. Realistically, most
of the runners in the country, even most of the runners that would be
considered elite, will not come in top-5 at nationals. Because of this,
Boston offers the better competition for the national caliber(but not
championship level) runners...
here are a couple comparisions of the depth of the two meets:
60m- 15th place at Boston was slower than 15th at Columbus, 7.19 and 7.02
200m- 15th Boston: 22.69 15th Columbus 22.90
400m- 15th Boston: 50.77 15th Columbus 50.60(i was very impressed with
Columbus's 400 meter field)
800m- 15th Boston: 1:57.20 15th Columbus: 1:59.44
mile- 15th Boston: 4:29.57 15th Columbus: 4:31.31
2-mile- 15th Boston: 9:37.74 15th Columbus: 9:42.65
the individual events were in general deeper in Boston(4 out of 6 fields
seemed to have better quality)
in the relays, the difference between the two meets was further widened...
4x200- 15th Boston: 1:33.66 15th Columbus: 1:34.69
4x400- 15th Boston: 3:28.48 15th Columbus: 3:30.27
4x800- 15th Boston: 8:06.74 10th Columbus: 8:23.64(after this time,
the times at Columbus dropped off drastically)
DMR- 15th Boston: 10:47.10 12th Columbus: 11:26.84(again, followed
by a large drop-off)
SMR- 15th Boston: 3:41.41 12th Columbus: 3:53.7

As you can see, especially in the relays, Boston boasted a superior field.
Granted, i did not take into accout the hurdles and field events, but i
suspect the results wouldn't be too much different. Part of this
discrepency between the meets can be attributed to the track quality. But
when looking for a nationals race, you should also take into consideration
the facilities. Boston is also superior in this category...
I know that you're eager to pass the throne of best national meet to
Columbus already, but it looks like the meet will need several years to
match the depth of Boston.

Eric Furst


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