Nike Team Nationals
Dec 2, 2006 at Portland OR
a DyeStat featured meet

Prior Years

2004 inaugural meet

2005 - 2005 coverage
Changing of the guard in the mud.
Saratoga boys upset York, but Saratoga girls lose to Hilton NY
photo by Kirby Lee

Rich Gonzalez' report
NTN 2005: A Toga Party; Hilton's Honors Program
"I don't think anyone has ever had to run a race in conditions like that. We had girls picking mud out their teeth in the finish chute!" -- Girls' race-winner Betsy Bies of Yankton 3-D, commenting on the cold, drizzly and muddy conditions at Nike Team Nationals.
Saratoga boys crash defending champion Elmhurst's party.
Girls trophy leaves the Saratoga penthouse and checks in for a night at the Hilton.

Steve Murdoch, Greg Kiley lead Toga.
Amanda Griggs, Carolyn Schulze lead Hilton
on the Side

captures all the fun before and after the races
Colorado girls
Gig Harbor WA
Joe Newton and friends
Don't mess with Texas
slogan of the meet
celebrity judge Lauren Fleshman gongs off a team in skits
We are the girls from Alaska.


Chapel Hill NC

to the victor go the spoils.


2004 - 2004 coverage

BOYS - York IL is decisive winner over Fayetteville-Manlius NY
GIRLS - Divine right of queens: Saratoga wins the crown

"Never before had such breathtaking storylines played out quite like this: Champion met champion. Talent met technology. And for the first time ever, America met its true number ones." -- Rich Gonzalez' story

York Elmhurst IL
Saratoga NY

New Jersey fans

photos by Donna Dye

Colorado fans

the goodie bags are really good
celebrity judges for the skits


team vans get decorated

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