Nike Team Nationals
Dec 2, 2006 at Portland OR
a DyeStat featured meet

53 teams entered in Open races
Loaded boys field is complete - 7 girls spots remain -
Kenyan teams will run with Americans - real time chip scoring will be used

by Rich Gonzalez

 PORTLAND 10/24/06 -- High expectations were set when initial plans for the inaugural NTN Open Championship races were mapped out this past summer, but the nationwide response has been nothing short of stunning! Available berths were being scooped up like fresh hotcakes as soon as the event and its registration were announced, with all 30 boys club team spots and a waiting list of more than 50 teams being formulated within a matter of days.

Nike Inc. and the National Scholastic Sports Foundation are thrilled to announce that the 30-team boys field for the NTN Open Championship is truly one of outstanding caliber, with the registered squads representing 13 states across 7 of the 8 NTN regions. Included are an impressive collection of 15 boys teams that either are currently or have previously been ranked in their respective NTN Region, including six teams that are currently ranked among the Top 25 teams in the country!

On the girls side', 23 teams have successfully completed the registration process, with those teams hailing from 12 states within 6 of the 8 NTN regions. Nine of the entered teams either are currently or have previously been ranked within their respective NTN regions this fall.

Kenyan teams will run in Open race

In an effort to further enhance each of the two NTN Open Championship races, the NTN Committee has announced plans to include the Kenyan delegations in the inaugural event! This added feature was finalized after committee members consulted with leading high school coaches and teams from across the national landscape, with a large percentage of those contacted indicating that the Kenyan participation in the "Open" format was the best logical fit for this historic exhibition event.

In more news regarding the NTN Open Championships, Nike has announced that participants in all of the day's races will experience the ground-breaking technologies synonymous with previous NTN events. This includes world-leading results features provided by Nike and FinishLynx which incorporate "real time" team scores recorded at each kilometer point along the 5,000-meter course, with those scores being displayed on the "NTN Team Vision" jumbotron screens at the course and on the world-wide web!

The third annual Nike Team Nationals event and the inaugural NTN Open Championships will be contested on Saturday, December 2 at Portland Meadows. The Nike Team Nationals format will showcase 20 invited teams per gender in a club team format that will culminate the day's scheduled action. The NTN Open Championship will be comprised of two 30-team fields who have secured their "open" entry into the event through the registration process.

Girls teams wishing to register for one of the remaining available spots or boys teams wishing to be added to the waiting list can do so by logging on at:

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