Foot Locker Cross Country
Nov 25 - Dec 9, 2006

a DyeStat featured meet

Foot Locker Favorites
steveu's analysis of the leading contenders for the 2006 Foot Locker Cross Country titles
Steven (steveu) Underwood analyzes the runners and tells who the favorites are in each region and nationally. He was right on last year. Steveu will update the lists throughout the season until the regional meets -- Nov. 25 in the Northeast, South and Midwest; and Dec 2 in the West. We start with the 30-deep national boys list, and we will continue with national girls and boys and girls in each region.

Pre-Season Analysis - Mid-Season Update - Update 2 November - FINAL PREDICTIONS

Final Predictions

  • Northeast - Craig Forys PA will win showdown with Tommy Gruenewald NY; Neely Spence PA could surprise and Danielle Tauro NJ might ease the pedal
  • South - Bet on Kathy Kroeger TN in her clash with Aurora Scott VA; Girma Mecdheso GA will blaze past fellow Georgia Ben Hubers and Colby Lowe TX
  • Midwest - Evan Jager IL should rule alone at top of Midwest heap; Katie Vanatta CO could run away if SD's Allison Eckert and Betsy Bies keep something for NTN.
  • West - Coming next week

Update 2 - November

  • Northeast Boys - Manhattan was big, but championship season hits full stride now - Craig Forys, Tom Gruenewald and Steve Murdock still favored
  • Northeast Girls - Danielle Tauro takes the wheel as championship time begins - Late debut confirms her #1 ranking, followed closely by Hannah Davidson, Ashley Higginson and Caitlin Lane
  • Midwest Boys - Steady at the Top, but Lots of changes below -- too many great runners and not enough spots in the top 10
  • Midwest Girls - Blazing Freshmen Work Way into Veteran Group - Katie Flood IA and Emily Sisson NE may challenge Eckert, Vanatta and Bies
  • South Boys - Girma Mecdheso GA soundly defeats Ben Hubers at GA State; Colby Lowe TX awaits at McAlpine.
  • South Girls - Aurora Scott VA will challenge Kathy Kroeger TN in a battle of two who could battle Hasay in San Diego
  • West Boys -
  • West Girls -

Mid-Season Update
steveu plots the rising stars and remaining showdowns before regionals

by Steve Underwood
Senior Editor

10/20/06 -- If there is any point of the great wheel of the national prep cross-country season when its axel can be said to turn, it is now. Going into this week, with the exception of Alaska, no state has had its state meet yet. With the exception of this weekend’s Mt. SAC meet – the T-Rex of prep harrier invites – and a few select others, the invitational season is over. The great rush to the finish has begun, with conference, district, region, and state meets to follow. It’s time (ok, past time) to revisit this season’s individual rankings and Foot Locker contenders and see what’s what.

Boys - Forys and Gruenewald Last Week, and Tebo-Cybulski-Hall This Week Impact the “Big Four”

Girls - Jordan and Mel Compare Times, But Not Strides - Mt. SAC will be second meet they are entered in different races.

Pre-Season Analysis

NATIONAL BOYS - Tebo, Jager, Cybulski, and Forys start the season as the US Big Four..
NATIONAL GIRLS -They'll be chasing Jordan, Mel and Danielle.
NORTHEAST BOYS - Eight top boys could win it all or lose it all in an unpredictable region.
NORTHEAST GIRLS - Tauro leads a deep, deep field - 22 of last year's top 28 return.
SOUTH BOYS - Look for new faces after Ben Hubers, Colby Lowe and Duncan Phillips
SOUTH GIRLS - Shuffle at the top - exit Nichole Jones, re-enter Aurora Scott
MIDWEST BOYS - Big two of Jager and Turner, and then eight big question marks.
MIDWEST GIRLS - Dakota Dreamin' - runners from SD, ND could take 4 of top 6 places
WEST BOYS - Tebo-Cybulski Showdown Probably Won't Happen in Top-Heavy West
WEST GIRLS - A tough road ahead -- if you're not Jordan, Mel or another Cali girl.

Matt Tebo NM
Evan Jager IL
Michael Cybulski CA
Craig Forys NJ
Jordan Hasay CA
Marie Lawrence NV
Danielle Tauro NJ



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