Washington v. Oregon
Nov 19, 2006 Nike World Headquarters, Beaverton OR
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RESULTS - Marc Davis video - John Dye photo albums: BOYS - GIRLS
Donna on the Side - Dave Devine's STORY of the day

Washington tsunami sinks Oregon
WA boys win 55-272 (10-runner scoring) and the girls 70-196, most lopsided scoring in the 8-year history of the meet.  Stephanie Marcy 16:25 and Max O'Donoghue-McDonald 14:01.



Qualifying Procedures - Revised slots by class for both states.

"Drum squads, cannons, fireworks, dancers, elite athletes, a helicopter and pouring rain all welcomed the finest high school runners from Oregon and Washington to Nike World Headquarters for the eighth running of the BorderClash meet..." - Read the Story by Dave Devine

Max leads Washington boys
Washington boys
The first 16 boys were from the Evergreen State, led by Seattle Prep star Max O'Donoghue-McDonald who won in 14:01. Spokane showed strength as Ferris, Mead and Central Valley runners were prominent in the Washington juggernaut.
photo by John Dye

DONNA ON THE SIDE - 125 scenes from the sidelines

Washington-Oregon preps
battle for Northwest supremacy

This is the 8th year of this unique post-season matchup of the best cross country runners from Oregon vs. the best from Washington. The race is run on the gleaming campus of Nike World Headquarters, starting and ending on the soccer field and winding through the campus for 4000 meters.

The teams start from opposite ends of the soccer field. When the cannon sounds, the two states run toward each other like a medieval jousting contest before merging and turning on to the course. Helicopters overhead send video of the race down to large screen TV's near the finish. Spectators crowd the TV tents until the runners return to the soccer field; then they line the 100 meter home stretch to cheer for the green "O" or the blue "W".

Qualifying Procedure

Top 14
Top 12
Class 4A
Top 10
Top 20
Class 3A (WA)
Top 10
Class 3A/2A/1A (OR); 2A (WA)
Top 4
Top 7
Class 1A (WA)
Top 2
Class 1B (WA)
Top 1

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