Nike Outdoor Nationals
A National Scholastic Sports Foundation Event
June 16-17, 2006
North Carolina A & T University, Greensboro, NC

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Girls Triple Jump
Despite No King, Triple Jump Gets It Wright


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By SteveU

The first surprise of the girls triple jump was the absence of top-seeded Medford MA defending champ Arantxa King, the meet losing its only 42-footer.

Then the next surprise was how decisively Widefield CO sr Nyeisha Wright took over the event’s star power factor. She dominated, with her five legal jumps better than all but one of her competitors’ combined efforts. But what really stunned was her third-round 41-08, which would win by more than two feet.

Well, actually it was announced that Wright had improved her PR by 3 feet, but it was really about six inches. In any case, it was a monster effort, a US#4. She added a 40-04 and 40-10 in the finals to complete a great competition. Brook Pointe VA jr April Sinkler was one of the few others who jumped near her seed distance, her 39-05.75 thus getting her all the way from #9 to second. Bradford PA sr Erin Hannon was 3rd in 38-07.50.

“I was surprised, because I haven’t competed since state (May 20),” Wright said. “On my second jump, I scratched, then I just told myself to have fun, instead of worry. Then I jumped good.”

by Elliott Denman

After Nyeisha Wright of Colorado Springs went 38-9 in the
first round and fouled her second jump, there were serious doubts. But then she
put it all together and spanned 41-8 third time down the runway and that was
For icing on the cake, the senior star went 40-4 ¼ in round five and 40-10
¼ in round six, making it three jumps that topped runnerup April Sinkler's 39-
5 ¾ for Stafford, Va. High. Best of the rest in the 20-jumper field was
Bradford, Pa. senior Erin Hannon at 38-7 ½.
Wright's 41-8 was the fourth longest winning mark in NON annals but no
threat to Erica McLain's meet record 44-1 ¼ for Plano, Texas in 2004.


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                Nike Outdoor Nationals - 6/15/2006 to 6/17/2006                

                 North Carolina A+T University, Greensboro, NC                 



Girls Triple Jump


    National: $ 44-11.75  6/27/2004   Brittany Daniels, Merrill West, Tracy, CA

        Meet: # 44-01.25  6/19/2004   Erica Mc Lain, East, Plano, TX           

    Freshman:   41-08.50  1999        Ychlindria Spears, Luling, Tx            

   Sophomore:   43-04.50  7/2001      Michelle Sanford, Woodbridge, Irvine, TX 

      Junior:   44-11.75  6/27/2004   Brittany Daniels, Merrill W, Tracy, CA   

      Senior:   44-00.50  5/31/1991   Julianna Yendork, Walnut, CA             

    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Wind          


Flight  1  

  1 Taryn Wentz               07 Forest Hills HS,Mar     11.46m   1.6  37-07.25 

     11.46m(1.6) 11.44m(1.7) 11.24m(0.6) 11.14m(-0.0) 11.22m(-0.0) 11.37m(-0.0)

  2 Ashley Carbray            06 Bloomfield HS,Bloom     11.26m   1.4  36-11.50 

     10.86m(2.3) 11.26m(1.4) 11.13m(3.1)           

  3 Crystal Dukes             07 Unat-NC-Fayettev,Fa     11.23m   2.1  36-10.25 

     11.23m(2.1) FOUL(0.9) 10.83m(1.7)           

  4 Monique Vines             06 Southeast Raleig,Ra     11.08m   1.2  36-04.25 

     10.99m(-0.1) FOUL(2.5) 11.08m(1.2)           

  5 Veronica Day              07 James Madison HS,Vi     11.06m   1.2  36-03.50 

     11.06m(1.2) FOUL(1.2) FOUL(0.7)           

  6 Sandy Antenor             07 Suffern TC,Suffern,     11.02m   1.8  36-02.00 

     FOUL(2.3) FOUL(2.5) 11.02m(1.8)           

  7 Sequoya Casey             08 Spartanburg HS,Spar     10.93m   NWI  35-10.50 

     10.78m(-0.0) 10.93m(-0.0) 10.61m(-0.0)            

  8 Danielle Thorpe           06 Jordan HS,Durham, N     10.91m   4.2  35-09.50 

     FOUL(1.7) FOUL(3.3) 10.91m(4.2)           

  9 Lauren Watts              06 Hillsborough,Hillsb     10.83m   1.5  35-06.50 

     10.83m(1.8) 10.83m(1.5) FOUL(-0.2)           

Flight  2  

  1 Dekalah Price             07 High Point Heat,Hig     11.72m   NWI  38-05.50 

     11.72m(-0.0) 11.39m(-0.0) FOUL(NWI) 11.53m(-0.0) 11.41m(-0.0) 11.50m(-0.0)

  2 Radiance Basden           08 Western Guilford,Gr     11.61m   NWI  38-01.25 

     11.25m(-0.0) 11.35m(-0.0) FOUL(NWI) FOUL(NWI) 11.61m(-0.0) FOUL(NWI)

  3 Antoinette Arrington      06 Blazin' Raiders,Gre     11.49m   NWI  37-08.50 

     11.49m(-0.0) 11.08m(-0.0) 11.34m(-0.0) PASS(NWI) 11.29m(-0.0) 11.14m(-0.0)

  4 Kristin Brandt            08 Central Mountain,Lo     11.31m   NWI  37-01.25 

     11.08m(-0.0) 10.97m(-0.0) 11.31m(-0.0)            

  5 Cherelle Allen            07 New Britain HS,New      11.27m   1.4  36-11.75 

     11.27m(1.4) 10.50m(0.1) 10.96m(2.2)           

  6 Ellen Powers              07 Bishop Guertin H,Hu     11.24m   NWI  36-10.50 

     10.75m(-0.0) 11.24m(-0.0) FOUL(NWI)            

  7 Michelle Newman           08 Columbia Express,Mi     11.17m   NWI  36-07.75 

     11.17m(-0.0) 10.99m(-0.0) 10.90m(-0.0)            

  8 Judeka Adams              06 Proviso West HS,Bel     11.04m   NWI  36-02.75 

     FOUL(NWI) 10.44m(-0.0) 11.04m(-0.0)            

  9 Cora Dayon                07 Trenton TC,Trenton,     10.58m   NWI  34-08.50 

     FOUL(NWI) 10.58m(-0.0) 10.42m(-0.0)            

 -- Ajla Glavasevic           07 McDowell HS,Erie, P       FOUL   NWI           

     FOUL(NWI) FOUL(NWI) FOUL(NWI)            

 -- Jasia Richardson          09 JR Tucker HS,Richmo       FOUL   NWI           

     FOUL(NWI) FOUL(NWI) FOUL(NWI)            

Flight  3  

  1 Nyeisha Wright            06 Joe Gentry Track,Co     12.70m   NWI  41-08.00 

     11.81m(-0.0) FOUL(NWI) 12.70m(-0.0) 11.86m(-0.0) 12.30m(-0.0) 12.45m(-0.0)

  2 April Sinkler             07 Brooke Point Hs-,St     12.03m   NWI  39-05.75 

     11.66m(-0.0) 11.75m(-0.0) 11.51m(-0.0) 11.73m(-0.0) 12.03m(-0.0) 11.64m(-0.0)

  3 Erin Hannon               06 Unat-PA-Bradford,Br     11.77m   NWI  38-07.50 

     11.77m(-0.0) 11.76m(-0.0) FOUL(NWI) 11.42m(-0.0) 11.64m(-0.0) FOUL(NWI)

  4 Ashley Orr                08 Deep Run,Richmond,      11.52m   NWI  37-09.50 

     FOUL(-1.4) 11.31m(-2.0) 11.51m(-1.5) 11.44m(-0.5) 11.52m(-0.4) 11.26m(-1.3)

  5 Simone May                06 Guntersville HS,Gun     11.25m   NWI  36-11.00 

     11.18m(-0.0) 10.67m(-0.0) 11.25m(-0.0)            

  6 Sarah Young               06 Quick Striders T,Li     11.14m   NWI  36-06.75 

     11.08m(-0.0) 10.96m(-0.0) 11.14m(-0.0)            

  7 Stephanie McIntyre        07 South Brunswick,Mon     11.11m   NWI  36-05.50 

     11.06m(-0.0) 11.11m(-0.0) 11.08m(-0.0)            

  8 Consandria Walker         06 Hackensack HS,Hacke     11.07m   NWI  36-04.00 

     10.83m(-0.0) 10.78m(-0.0) 11.07m(-0.0)            

  9 Tara Prier                08 Alief TC,Houston, T     10.98m   NWI  36-00.25 

     10.98m(-0.0) 10.52m(-0.0) 10.81m(-0.0)             


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