Nike Outdoor Nationals
A National Scholastic Sports Foundation Event
June 16-17, 2006
North Carolina A & T University, Greensboro, NC

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Girls Long Jump -
Arantxa King defends title after skipping triple jump

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MA Junior Overcomes Bad Hammy

By SteveU

Arantxa King, the super triple jump/long jump standout from Medford, MA, and defending champion in both events, was conspicuously absent from Friday’s TJ. At the time, her whereabouts were unknown, but she came for the long jump Saturday, explaining that she was nursing a tender hamstring.

She leapt 19-09.50 to take the long jump here in 2005, but going into the sixth round, she trailed the previous night’s TJ champ, Nyeisha Wright, 19-06.25 to 19-10.50. Finally, King put it all together and bounded 20-01.75, shifting the pressure to Wright. The Widefield CO sr was indeed up next and could manage just 19-07.50, giving King her second title.

King was oddly subdued about the whole thing. There was no celebration after the winning leap, or when she realized she’d repeated.

“I was looking to go in the high 20s,” she shrugged. Ok, well, so what was the deal with the hamstring? “We decided it was best to put the effort into one event. It wasn’t really that bad today … just a little tight.”

And King is just a junior; she has a chance to be a rare NON three-peater. Despite getting beat at the end, Wright had an impressive double. The other 20-footers in the competition, Ft. Lauderdale FL sr Deandra Doyley and Methacton PA soph Ryann Krais, went 18-10.50 and 18-08.50, respectively.


by Elliott Denman

NON's all-time role model is Tianna Madison, who set the meet record of 20-7 ¼ for Elyria, Ohio High in 2003. Little more than two years later, she was the IAAF World Champion in Helsinki.

Someday, Arantxa King of Medford, Mass. hopes to be competing at this exalted level. After all, she'd already snared golds in the long and triple jumps - as a sophomore, at NON 2005.

But she skipped the TJ Friday to rest her aching hamstrings and focus on the LJ, a move that paid off in a highly competitive event.
Colorado's Nyeisha Wright had seized the lead with her first-round 19-7 ½. King, who'd twice fouled early jumps, finally pulled it out with her
last-leap 20-1 ¾.
Wright improved to 19-10 ¾ on her last jump, but there was no catching King.

Only one other athlete went past 19 feet - Shakie Forbes of Bethel/Hampton, Va. at 19-4 ¾. "It was harder this year than last year; there was a lot more pressure on me this time," said King.


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                Nike Outdoor Nationals - 6/15/2006 to 6/17/2006                

                 North Carolina A+T University, Greensboro, NC                 



Girls Long Jump


    National: $    22-03  6/21/1976   Kathy McMillan, Hoke Cty,Raeford, NC     

        Meet: # 20-07.25  6/14/2003   Tianna Madison, Elyria, OH               

    Freshman:   20-07.25  1979        Tomi Rucker, Paul JHS, Washington DC     

   Sophomore:   21-01.50  2000        Ychlindria Spears, Luling, TX            

      Junior:   21-07.75  1980        Carol Lewis, Willingboro, NJ             

      Senior:      22-03  6/21/1976   Kathy McMillan, Hoke Cty, Raeford, NC    

    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Wind          


Flight  1  

  1 April Sinkler             07 Brooke Point Hs-,St      5.71m   3.0  18-09.00 

  2 Taryn Wentz               07 Forest Hills HS,Mar      5.64m   2.4  18-06.00 

  3 Nyosha Bryant             09 Harding Universi,Ch      5.53m   2.3  18-01.75 

  4 Ashley Hendrix            08 Uniondale,Long Beac      5.34m   2.4  17-06.25 

  5 Jacia Montgomery          07 Blazin' Raiders,Gre      5.30m   1.8  17-04.75 

  6 Racquel Anderson          06 Hempstead HS,Hempst      5.11m   2.7  16-09.25 

 -- Erica Peake               09 Spartanburg HS,Spar       FOUL   NWI           

Flight  2  

  1 Brittany Howard           06 Michigan Acceler,Wa      5.61m   1.3  18-05.00 

  2 Olga Ponomarenko          07 Concord Carlisle,Co      5.51m   1.7  18-01.00 

  3 Simone May                06 Guntersville HS,Gun      5.48m   2.1  17-11.75 

  4 Niesha Kelly              06 St. Peter Chanel,Oa      5.44m   2.1  17-10.25 

  5 Josefine Kvist            08 Ridge HS,Basking Ri      5.35m   1.6  17-06.75 

  5 Ranae Nelson              09 Harding Universi,Ch      5.35m   2.0  17-06.75 

  7 Halloran Cope             06 Maple Leaf TC,Mento      5.27m   0.4  17-03.50 

  8 Consandria Walker         06 Hackensack HS,Hacke      5.20m   0.7  17-00.75 

 -- Brittany Martin           06 Central FL Sprin,Sa       FOUL   NWI           

Flight  3  

  1 Arantxa King              07 Medford HS,Medford,      6.14m   2.0  20-01.75 

  2 Nyeisha Wright            06 Joe Gentry Track,Co      6.06m   2.9  19-10.75 

  3 Shakie Forbes             07 Bethel HS,Hampton,       5.91m   3.5  19-04.75 

  4 Deandra Doyley            06 Platinum TC,Fort La      5.75m   3.9  18-10.50 

  5 Lynne Layne               06 New Rochelle-Grl,Ne      5.71m   3.1  18-09.00 

  6 Ryann Krais               08 Methacton TC,Eaglev      5.70m   2.3  18-08.50 

  7 Tiffani Long              06 Unat-MD-Columbia,Co      5.40m   2.2  17-08.75 

  8 Ashley Carbray            06 Bloomfield HS,Bloom      4.79m   2.4  15-08.75 

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