Nike Outdoor Nationals
A National Scholastic Sports Foundation Event
June 16-17, 2006
North Carolina A & T University, Greensboro, NC

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Girls Hammer Throw -
Emily Bernhardt leads Georgia peaches

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Throw One Deep Club Dominates

By SteveU

Many of the athletes at NON are identified by the club they represent outside their track season and are decked out in garb from said club. Still, we know most of them by their high school affiliation.

Not so much so with the girls of Throw One Deep. They are known for their hammer throwing, an event not contested in Georgia or many other states. Saturday, they hammered the competition into submission by taking the top four and six of the top eight places.

It was no surprise that Lassiter (Marietta GA) sr Emily Bernhardt led the way. Although she fouled three times, each of her fair throws was good enough to win the competition, including the first. That one marked 168-02, while the her fourth was the best one at 169-01.

“I started out just trying to get a feel for the ring,” Bernhardt said. “I was going to fast at first. I pulled one out of the sector and had a foot foul.”

She added that two of the fouls were in the 178-180 foot range, increasing her confidence heading into USATF. “I’m really finally beginning to believe in myself. USATF (and making worlds team) is what I’ve been thinking about since I first threw 180. I’ve been pointing to it since the beginning of the year.”

TOD members Allison Horner (158-05) and Patrice Gates (147-06) rounded out the top three.


by Elliott Denman

Pocatello, Idahoan Maureen Griffin's 1998 National record of
201-7 looks better with every passing season. No one at NON 2006 was
anywhere close to being in Griffin's league.
Marietta, Ga. claimed the first two spots in the nation with the exploits
of senior Emily Bernhardt (169-1) and sophomore Allison Horner (158-5.) Two
more Georgians, both freshmen, Patrice Gates of Villa Rica (147-6) and Lauren
Chambers of Kell High. Acworth (143-11) went 3-4 to make this a peach of an

"I wanted the meet record (Griffin's 187-10 in 1997) and I'm upset that I
didn't get it," said Bernhardt. "I was so loose, but I fouled two of my
(preliminary round) throws."

She also fouled toss No. 5 but all three of her legal throws were in the
51-meter (167ish) range.


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                Nike Outdoor Nationals - 6/15/2006 to 6/17/2006                

                 North Carolina A+T University, Greensboro, NC                 



Girls Hammer Throw


    National: $ 201-07  5/30/1998   Maureen Griffin, Pocatello, ID             

        Meet: # 187-10  6/14/1997   Maureen Griffin, Pocatello, ID             

    Freshman:   159-09  6/2005      Allison Horner, Lovett, Marietta, GA       

   Sophomore:   176-00  1999        Kate Johnson, Warwick, RI                  

      Junior:   187-10  1997        Maureen Griffin, Pocatello, ID             

      Senior:   201-07  1998        Maureen Griffin, Pocatello, ID             

    Name                    Year School                  Finals           


Flight  1  

  1 Emily Pendleton           07 Woodmore,Lindsey, O     41.25m     135-04 

  2 Ciara Taborn              07 St. Peter Chanel,Cl     39.76m     130-05 

  3 Ilaria Scott              06 Hendrick Hudson,Mon     37.67m     123-07 

  4 Kadine Johnson            07 New Rochelle-Grl,Ne     37.51m     123-01 

  5 Brianna Strother          08 St. Peter Chanel,Cl     37.10m     121-09 

  6 Jennifer Fleser           07 Toll Gate HS,Warwic     36.06m     118-04 

  7 Emily Green               06 Columbus Elite,Colu     32.95m     108-01 

  8 Erin Pendleton            09 Woodmore,Lindsey, O     31.43m     103-01 

  9 Alexandra Roberts         08 Columbus Elite,Hill     30.86m     101-03 

 10 Emily Overmyer            07 St. Joseph's HS,Fre     25.35m      83-02 

 -- Jennifer Mack             06 Custer HS,Watertown       FOUL            

Flight  2  

  1 Emily Bernhardt           06 Lassiter HS,Mariett     51.54m     169-01 

  2 Allison Horner            08 Throw One Deep,Mari     48.29m     158-05 

  3 Patrice Gates             09 Villa Rica HS,Villa     44.97m     147-06 

  4 Lauren Chambers           09 Kell HS,Acworth, GA     43.88m     143-11 

  5 Lindsay Pehmoeller        06 Arlington Throwi,Po     41.93m     137-07 

  6 Jessica Irizarry          06 Throw One Deep,Acwo     39.91m     130-11 

  7 Robin Callan              08 Wilson Memoral T,Mo     39.36m     129-02 

  8 Kristin Smith             06 Throw One Deep,Mari     38.74m     127-01 

  9 Emily Settle              07 Roy C. Ketcham,Wapp     38.41m     126-00 

 10 Cynthia Lloyd             07 New Rochelle-Grl,Ne     36.69m     120-04 

 -- Alyssa Cambareri          06 Minisink Valley,Oti       FOUL            


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