Nike Outdoor Nationals
A National Scholastic Sports Foundation Event
June 16-17, 2006
North Carolina A & T University, Greensboro, NC

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Girls Discus - Emily Pendleton is far the best

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Huge Improvement For Junior Since 05

By SteveU

Woodmore (Lindsey) OH jr Emily Pendleton came to NON last year as a soph, got off one fair throw of 124 feet, and finished 19th.

What a difference a year makes.

Pendleton started the year making noise among the national leaders with throws in the 150s. Even then, national observers couldn’t have seen what was coming. She improved her PR several times during the spring, finally hitting 172-8 before her state meet, and ruled the national list. Returning champ (and shot put winner from Friday) Harding Kamorean Hayes had her work cut out for her.

But Hayes, a 162-foot thrower, was off and hit just 144-00 for 7th. And no one else could really challenge Pendleton. She started out at 157-01, with Park View-Sterling VA’s Natalie Baird coming close to matching her at 155-06. That would be Baird’s best throw, however, and the worst for the champ-to-be.

Four of Pendleton’s next five throws would be 162-00 or better, including the winning 166-03 on whirl number four. She totally dominated the competition, with Baird hanging on for second.

Like most great champions, the winner wasn’t completely satisfied, hoping for that big PR mark. “I was very consistent and I’m happy with that,” she said. “I just wished I could have popped a big one.”

She added that there was a decent wind for throwing, but she wasn’t used to the heat. And “technically, it was pretty good. But I needed to work on standing up at the beginning more.”

Pendleton, Hayes, and six of the top seven will return next year – and Baird is just a sophomore – so watch out.


by Elliott Denman

Emily Pendleton, the Woodmere of Lindsey, Ohio junior, came in
as owner of all the top marks - best of 172-8 - on the year list and so was
the overwhelming favorite.

She did not disappoint - whirling out all six throws longer than
second-place sophomore Natalie Baird's 155-6 for Sterling, Va. Pendleton's eventual
winner, 166-3, came in the fourth round. Her big series also included 165-8 and
163-9 heaves.

Pendleton expects to be back at NON 2007 and take one more shot at the meet
record - Krista Keir's 175-9 for Ohio's Westerville South, dating back to
1997. Two more beat 150 - Colorado's Paige Newby (153-0) and Union City, Pa.'s Natalie Clickett

Said Pendleton: "I've won (Ohio) States for three years in a row, so
hopefully I can make it four. And there's more to go this summer. I can't wait
for more meets.


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                Nike Outdoor Nationals - 6/15/2006 to 6/17/2006                

                 North Carolina A+T University, Greensboro, NC                 



Girls Discus Throw


    National: $ 188-04  5/20/1994   Suzy Powell, Modesto, CA                   

        Meet: # 175-09  6/14/1997   Krista Keir, South, Westerville, OH        

    Freshman:   168-01  1998        Briona Reynolds, Red River,Grd Forks,ND    

   Sophomore:   176-04  1996        Heather Colyer, East Juniata, PA           

      Junior:   185-04  4/16/2002   Melanie Uher, Wilbur-Clatonia, NE          

      Senior:   188-04  5/20/1994   Suzy Powell, Modesto, CA                   

    Name                    Year School                  Finals           


Flight  1  

  1 Ciara Taborn              07 St. Peter Chanel,Cl     40.28m     132-02 

  2 Kelsey Huckins            08 Keene HS,Westmorela     40.22m     131-11 

  3 Aslynn Halvorson          09 Butler HS,Charlotte     38.76m     127-02 

  4 Emily Overmyer            07 St. Joseph's HS,Fre     38.75m     127-01 

  5 Alexandra Roberts         08 Columbus Elite,Hill     36.07m     118-04 

  6 Melissa Presti            06 Bay Shore TC,Bright     35.74m     117-03 

  7 Liz Graybill              06 Boiling Springs,Car     33.64m     110-04 

  8 Samantha Hegmann          06 Mineola HS,Mineola,     33.48m     109-10 

  9 Karen Shump               08 Media Striders,Medi     31.44m     103-02 

 -- Erin Pendleton            09 Woodmore,Lindsey, O       FOUL            

Flight  2  

  1 Becky O'Brien             08 Greely HS,Cumberlan     41.32m     135-07 

  2 Carly Morse               06 Liberty Hs-Va,Sumer     40.33m     132-04 

  5 Felisha Willaert          07 Lakeville South,Lak     38.64m     126-09 

  6 Courtney Bowen            08 Centerville HS,Cent     38.58m     126-07 

  7 Caitlin Harris            07 Plainfield HS,Plain     36.42m     119-06 

  9 Brieanna Kennedy          08 Caravel Academy,New     35.15m     115-04 

 21 Thanithia Billings        06 Carrollton HS,Carro     39.00m     127-11 

 22 Kodat Aimee               06 Westfield Hs-Va,Cha     39.00m     127-11 

 31 Sue Trzebiatowski         06 Rosholt HS,Rosholt,     36.33m     119-02 

Flight  3  

  1 Norjai Palma              06 Cary HS,Cary, NC        41.47m     136-01 

  2 Kami Klopfenstein         06 Leo HS,Leo, IN          41.24m     135-04 

  3 Jennifer Mack             06 Custer HS,Watertown     39.98m     131-02 

  4 Danica Haight             07 Runwest,Iowa City,      39.41m     129-03 

  5 Mercedes Hicks            06 Atlantic City HS,At     39.10m     128-03 

  6 Nicole Wilson             06 Iroquois HS,Erie, P     39.09m     128-03 

  7 Allison Liske             07 Zeeland East HS,Zee     38.93m     127-09 

  8 Kristen Batts             07 Marlboro HS,Morganv     38.18m     125-03 

 10 DeAnne Hahn               08 Worlds Longest T,La     35.23m     115-07 

 30 Samantha Fetter           06 Hempfield HS,Darrag     36.33m     119-02 

 -- Eve Machovec              06 Unat-GA-Lawrence,La       FOUL            

Flight  4  

  1 Emily Pendleton           07 Woodmore,Lindsey, O     50.67m     166-03 

  2 Natalie Baird             08 Loudoun T+F Club,St     47.41m     155-06 

  3 Paige Newby               07 Unat-TX-Colorado,Co     46.63m     153-00 

  4 Natalie Clickett          06 Union City,Union Ci     46.02m     151-00 

  5 Rachel Deloney            08 Bloomington HS N,Bl     44.54m     146-01 

  6 Taylor Freeman            08 Runwest,Coralville,     43.91m     144-01 

  7 Kamorean Hayes            07 Unat-NC-Charlott,Ch     43.89m     144-00 

  8 Tynisha McMillian         06 Stamford HS,Stamfor     43.34m     142-02 

  9 Kim Warren                06 Atlantic City HS,At     41.73m     136-11 

 10 Lauren Guerrieri          07 Davis HS,Davis, CA      41.71m     136-10 

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