Nike Outdoor Nationals
A National Scholastic Sports Foundation Event
June 16-17, 2006
North Carolina A & T University, Greensboro, NC

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Boys Race Walk


by Pete Cava

Mile walk: Evan Crowdus opened the boys competition Friday with a wire-to-wire win in the walk. Crowdus (Morganfield, KY) marched to an early lead, followed by Patrick Shaffer (Mt. Vernon, NY). Crowdus increased his lead on the second lap, with Taylor Burns (Scarborough, ME) about seven seconds behind. By the third lap, Burns was the only challenger, with the rest of the field lagging. Brian Andrew (Spartanburg, SC) by now has moved into third. Heading into the final turn, the 5-10, 130-pound Crowdus maintained form as Burns began a surge. But Crowdus found another gear and rode home by himself in 7:13.79, the year's fastest prep performance. Second in 7:20.11 was Burns, with Michael Boucher (Ellsworth, ME) holding off Andrew for third. Boucher's time was 7:25.19 to 7:25.50 for Boucher. Friday's race was only the third of the year for Crowdus, a sophomore at Union County (Ky.) High School and lives in Morganfield, about three hours west of Louisville. “Coming into the race, I knew I could be near the front,” he said. “I didn't figure I'd lead the whole thing. I hadn't done a mile race in two years.” Crowdus's previous outings this season were a a 5k and a 10k, both on the road. “I run with my coach's daughters,” drawled Crowdus, who is trained by Dr. Douglas Johnson. “I didn't start until four years ago.”

Crowdus, 16, said he's competed at Junior Olympic nationals, finishing sixth two years ago and third in 2005.



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                Nike Outdoor Nationals - 6/15/2006 to 6/17/2006                

                 North Carolina A+T University, Greensboro, NC                 



Boys 1 Mile Race Walk


    National: $ 6:03.60  6/1/2002    Adam Staier, Farmington, ME               

        Meet: # 6:11.05  6/15/2001   Benjamin Shorey, Ellsworth, ME            

    Freshman:   7:22.72  6/15/2001   Zachary Pollinger, Mahwah, NJ             

   Sophomore:   6:27.34  6/14/2002   Zachary Pollinger, Mahwah, NJ             

      Junior:   6:25.71  6/13/2003   Zachary Pollinger, Mahwah, NJ             

      Senior:   6:03.60  6/1/2002    Adam Staier, Farmington, ME               

    Name                    Year School                  Finals 


Section  1  

  1 Evan Crowdus              08 Union County Hs-,Mo    7:13.79  

  2 Taylor Burns              07 Scarborough HS,Scar    7:20.11  

  3 Michael Boucher           06 Ellsworth HS,Ellswo    7:25.19  

  4 Brian Andrew Adams        09 Spartanburg HS,Spar    7:25.50  

  5 Allen Cox                 07 Bonny Eagle HS,buxt    7:35.81  

  6 Patrick Shaffer           08 Mt. Vernon Hs-Oh,ho    7:36.89  

  7 Ricky Michaud             06 Caribou HS,Caribou,    7:44.31  

  8 Aaron Carroll             08 Gardiner,Gardiner,     7:47.44  

  9 Padric Gleason            06 Hall-Dale HS,Dresde    7:49.69  

 10 Tyler Campbell            09 Unat-ME-Lisbon,Lisb    7:50.51  

 11 Ren Morse                 06 Maine Racewalker,wi    7:52.17  

 12 Thomas Esponnette         07 Edward Little HS,Au    8:00.91  


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