Nike Outdoor Nationals
A National Scholastic Sports Foundation Event
June 16-17, 2006
North Carolina A & T University, Greensboro, NC

a DyeStat Featured meet

5000 meters
Ben Massam and Bona Jones are first two NON champs


by Steve Underwood

Ben Massam
Bona Jones
photos by Vic Sailer

The 2006 of Nike Outdoor Nationals got off to a low-key, but kind of fun and festive start Thursday night with the heats of the “Fastest Kid in Greensboro” competition and the first-ever 5000 meter races that meet has held.

Both were a nice success. The former brought out local families to cheer on youngsters of all ages, while the latter produced some impressive performances for the more than 30 runners who competed. On the girls side, Estero HS FL sr Bona Jones ran away from the field early and posted an outstanding 16:57.21. Only Forest Park (Woodbridge) VA sr Stefanie Slekis tried to go with Jones as she opened in 77, then ran 79s for several laps, but the N.C. State signee was on her own after 1200.

The boys race was larger and more competitive, with an equally impressive champion in Chatham NJ sr Ben Massam with his 14:48.73. Massam started in 9:34, but closed in 4:40 for his final 1600. Four more broke 15:10, led by Mustang OK jr Kevin Schwab (15:00.56).

2005 Foot Locker finalist Jones has a 3200 PR of 10:30, good enough for a spot in the fast heat of the 2M, but she loves the 5k on the track. “I ran it earlier this season (16:42.63 at Raleigh Relays) and I wanted to try and beat my time,” she said. Despite struggling with being sick some of the spring, Jones has had some pretty good meets. She enjoyed the event, but wasn’t pleased that she couldn’t hit her PR. She’ll try again Friday in the 2-mile.

She certainly made a go at her 5k PR. She hit 1600 in 5:14, then 3200 in 10:40. She couldn’t really accelerate, though, and was running 84s most of the third segment.

Meanwhile, Skekis fell off after three laps, with Jones leading by six seconds at 1600 and adding 3-9 seconds per lap thereafter. Slekis dropped as far as 5th for awhile, as Laura Gallo paced the chase group for several laps, but then rallied and eventually kicked in strong for 2nd in 17:44.17 (Gallo 17:49.27).

Though he had a PR of 9:07 3200, Massam knew he wouldn’t make the fast heat of the 2-mile. “I had to decide and I feel like I’m better with the longer distances,” he said. He found a 5k on the track to be a far cry from the challenging terrain of Holmdel, the classic Jersey course he has traversed so often. “I’ve gotten so used to Holmdel. But this is all flat and there’s no break to change your stride. You just have to work it out. I wanted to make sure everything was even-paced early and that I had something left at the end.”

Massam had plenty of company in the first 3200, as a fluctuating line of 6-8 runners hit 4:47-9:34 for the first two 1600s. He was always near the front, though Schwab took it after 1600 and tried to make a move for a few laps.

After 7 laps, Massam began to open it up a bit, following a 73 with a 70 that gave him 3 seconds. He increased the margin to 8 seconds with laps of 71 and 69 and put it away. He closed in 68.

Except for a lap or so, Schwab held 2nd the rest of the way. Portage IN jr Phillip Heckhausen finished very strong for 3rd (15:02.99), followed by Oakton VA sr Matt Kroetch (15:04.41), and Eleanor Roosevelt MD sr Mikias Gelagle (15:06.85).


by Elliott Denman

Bona Jones turned the first edition of the NON 5,000 meters
into a runaway. The Estero, Florida senior cruised her 12 ½ laps in 16:57.61
for an automatic meet record, leaving runnerup Stefanie Slekis of Woodbridge,
Va. (17:44.17) and third-placer Laura Gallo of Cranford, NJ (17:49.47) on the
far side of the track.


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                Nike Outdoor Nationals - 6/15/2006 to 6/17/2006                

                 North Carolina A+T University, Greensboro, NC                 




Boys 5000 Meter Run


    National: $ 13:37.91  7/31/2004   Galen Rupp, Cent  Cath,Portland,OR       

    Freshman:   15:05.60  1981        Jeff Cannada, Greenway, Phoenix, AZ      

   Sophomore:   14:27.14  2001        Yong-Sung Leal, Arroyo, San Leandro,CA   

      Junior:   14:11.20  1979        John Zishka, Lancaster, OH               

      Senior:   13:37.91  7/31/2004   Galen Rupp, Cent Cath, Portland, OR      

    Name                    Year School                  Finals 


  1 Ben Massam                06 Chatham HS,Chatham,   14:48.73  

  2 Kevin Schwab              07 Jenks America TC,cl   15:00.56  

  3 Philipp Heckhausen        07 Portage HS,Portage,   15:02.99  

  4 Matt Kroetch              06 Oakton TC,Herndon,    15:04.41  

  5 Mikias Gelagle            06 Blazin' Raiders,Gre   15:06.85  

  6 Clay Mayes                06 Jenks America TC,Cl   15:12.07  

  7 James Joy                 06 Ward Melville TC,St   15:14.71  

  8 Zac Edwards               06 Northside HS,Roanok   15:16.19  

  9 Caleb Vogt                06 Winter Park HS,Wint   15:19.60  

 10 Charles (Max) Walden      07 Hopkins School,Guil   15:21.07  

 11 Evan Appel                09 Dakota Ridge HS,Lit   15:27.51  

 12 Brendan Martin            07 Smithtown West H,Sm   15:28.21  

 13 Cameron Carter            06 Greeley West HS,Gre   15:31.10  

 14 Robert Wetzel             07 Archbishop Spald,Cr   15:31.88  

 15 Chris Tyson               07 Washington-Lee H,Ar   15:40.61  

 16 Robert Hartnett           06 Cumberland-RI,Cumbe   15:43.71  

 17 Doug Smith                09 Roxbury Hs-Boys,Suc   15:43.80  

 18 Michael Leonard           06 Clarke Kents,Clarke   15:45.03  

 19 Dakota Lowery             07 W Johnston TC,Benso   15:46.45  

 20 Brice Cleland             06 Pike HS,Indianapoli   15:49.72  

 21 Taylor Gilland            09 East Chapel Hill,Ch   15:49.83  

 22 Rudy Belko                06 Triton Reg HS,Black   15:50.98  

 23 Brandon Campbell          06 Portage HS,Portage,   15:56.21  

 24 Tim Wertner               07 Greencastle RC,Cham   16:00.73  

 25 Glen Wright Colopy        06 Cary Academy,Cary,    16:14.78  

 -- Josh Andrews              06 Chelmsford HS,Chelm        DNF  


Girls 5000 Meter Run


    National: $ 15:52.88  7/13/2004   Caitlin Chock, Granite Bay, CA           

    Freshman:   16:34.70  1979        Kim Gallagher, Three Tuns JHS,M Gl,PA    

   Sophomore:   16:31.20  1995        Julia Stamps, Santa Rosa, CA             

      Junior:   16:14.69  1986        Erin Keogh, Langley, Mc Lean, VA         

      Senior:   15:52.88  7/14/2004   Caitlin Chock, Granite Bay, CA           

    Name                    Year School                  Finals 


  1 Bona Jones                06 Estero HS 3D Clu,Fo   16:57.21  

  2 Stefanie Slekis           06 Forest Park Ac-G,Mo   17:44.17  

  3 Laura Gallo               07 Cranford HS,Cranfor   17:49.27  

  4 Erica Jesseman            07 Scarborough HS,scar   17:51.49  

  5 Erin Lagasse              06 Cranston HS West,Cr   18:01.07  

  6 Jennifer Barbi            07 South Forsyth HS,Su   18:07.38  

  7 Kelly Sorrell             07 Lyman Memorial,Leba   18:10.75  

  8 Jillian Pollack           07 Millbrook HS,Winche   18:34.78  

  9 Alexandra Smrcina         06 Falmouth HS,North F   18:38.30  

 10 Colleen MacPhee           06 Columbia HS,Maplewo   19:27.79  

 11 Rachel Ruggiano           06 Hammer TC,Barnegat,   20:25.91  

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