99th Millrose Games
Feb 3, 2006 at Madison Square Garden, New York City

Prior Years

  • 2005 - Aislinn Ryan NY 4:52.29 continued her dominance that start with the 2004 Foot Locker cross country championship. Chris Barnicle MA 4:17.01 wins with authority.
    Barnicle takes command halfway from Bryan Scotland
    Millrose 2005 boys

    photos by John Dye

    Two laps to go, just after Ryan got the lead over Nicole Blood and Sarah Bowman
    2005 Millrose girls

  • 2004 - Nicole Blood NY 4:52.41 breezed to her second straight Millrose win, leading from the second lap (out of 11) to win by 5 seconds. Hakon Devries NY had to charge twice at Victor Gras MA, and the second one (below) was successful, 4:14.29 to 4:15.45.
    2004 Millrose
    photo by John Dye

  • 2003 - Freshman Nicole Blood NY 4:52.02 had a big smile at the finish as she beat Ari Lambie MA 4:53.14 and Kathleen Trotter NJ 4:53.17. Matt Debole NC 4:16.50 won a last lap sprint to the finish over Brian Dalpiaz NY 4:17.20.
    Nicole Blood Matt Debole
    Nicole Blood Matt Debole
    photos by PhotoRun
  • 2002 - Chris Lukezic WA wins a slow, tactical race in 4:21.14. Melissa Donais MA 4:53.90 ran away from everyone and explained why she likes to set the early pace. "At least I get some of the glory. And even if I don't win, I get a better time."
  • 2001 - Two thrilling come from behind photo finish victories - Sara Bei CA catches Erin Donohue NJ in the last hundredth of a second, 4:57.10 to 4:57.12 - Nick Schneider MN catches Bobby Lockhart VA in almost as close a finish, 4:17.88 to 4:18.02.
  • 2000 - Shalane Flanagan MA 4:54.84 lived up to her favorite's role with a 9-second win over Jillian Mastroianni NY, who was runner-up for the second straight year. Boys race was won by Tristan Colangelo MS in a photo finish over Jason Jabaut NY, 4:18.76 to 4:18.82.
  • 1999 - Dylan Welsh NY 4:13.30 denies Andy Powell MA 4:14.49 a repeat win. Californian Katie Hotchkiss 4:59.69 edges Jillian Mastroianni NY 5:00.22.
  • 1998 - Lindsay Hyatt CA 4:57.55 wins three-battle over Erin Sullivan VT 4:58.46 and Nicole Snider VA 4:58.69. Andy Powell MA edges Abdirizak Mohamud MA 4:16.64.


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