Coe's the Boys Distance King for Now -
Nichole wins girls 2-mile, not Nicole

Story by Steve Underwood - photos by John Dye and Vic Sailer

Michael Coe
Michael Coe
photo by John Dye
Nichole Jones
Nichole Jones
photo by Vic Sailer/PhotoRun

NIN 2-mile races

by Steve Underwood, DyeStat senior editor

Boys 2-mile

Distance fans my age and older will remember when British legend Seb Coe set his first world record in 1979, a 1:42.33 800 in early July. But it was 12 days later, in the Dream Mile in Oslo, Norway, that he ran 3:48.95 for another world record and truly established himself as the great middle distance runner he was known as.

Twenty-six years later, in the world of US prep distance running, another Coe has used two races to similarly establish himself among his peers. Fellow Californian A.J. Acosta won the Foot Locker title last December to put himself on top, but with a US#1 4:07.30 mile at Boston in January and then Sunday’s Nike Indoor Nationals 2-Mile title in a US#1 8:56.87. Lompoc CA (El Cabrillo HS) sr. Michael Coe has become The Man.

Amazingly, Coe had never raced a 2-mile in his prep career, but he ran the smart race he said he would and pulled away in the last 3 laps from the almost equally impressive Colts Neck NJ jr. Craig Forys. It was the highlight of a day of solid, if not quite spectacular distance races that featured one big upset and a few awesome come-from-behind finishes, but no other overall US leaders.

The boys deuce promised to be a fascinating affair, with Coe, Forys, new Team USA Junior XC member and Greenwood KY sr. Michael Eaton, NTN champ and 8:23 3k runner Kenny Klotz (Central Catholic, OR), just-added 9:06 3200-runner and Saturday relay hero Tommy Gruenewald (Fayetteville NY), 2005 NIN 2-mile runner-up Steve Murdock (Saratoga NY) and a bunch of other 9:10-15 types.

Not surprisingly, Eaton and Murdock satisfied their individual penchants for a fast pace by exchange the lead through 400s of 65, 66, 68, and 70. Murdock’s teammate, Greg Kelsey, and Forys stayed close to the lead as the mile passed in 4:29, with Coe closing in with the leaders. During the next two laps, Kelsey and Murdock traded the first position, then Crater OR sr. Issac Stoutenburgh took it through 1.25 miles (5:39).

Finally, Forys tired of all the jostling and made a decisive move, picking it back up to 33-34 laps. Coe, figuring this was the move he had to cover, went with him and it quickly become a two-man race through 1.5 (6:47). After passing three laps to go (7:20), Coe took over and that was it. Finally stretching it out, he closed very impressively in 32-30 (62).

As sharp as his race looked, it turned out that the path was anything but smooth. With the meet running a bit behind schedule, Coe said he was given an approximate start time that wound up being almost too late. He almost missed the start. And, “I didn’t really feel 100 percent out there,” he said. “I was feeling lethargic, but I never panicked. With three laps to go, I gutted it out. Forys was strong and tried to move, but I had enough left in the tank.”

Forys, coming off his second 4:05 DMR anchor of the year Friday night in New York, said he didn’t feel too great himself warming up, but got right into it when the gun went off. He wasn’t crazy, however, about the way the race unfolded at first. “A couple of people went out fast,” he said. “There was a lot of surging and switching around. I got sick of dealing with it.”

His move gave him the race he wanted, however. At first, he thought he finished just over 9:00. “I didn’t know I was that close,” he said. But the final clocking was 8:59.98, lowering his 9:07 from NON last June.

Lap 14 - Coe took the lead for good.
photo by Vic Sailer/PhotoRun


Boys 2-mile - Michael Eaton, Steve Murdock, and Greg Kelsey set the pace for the first 9 laps.
Boys 2-mile early

Lap 10 - Isaac Stoutenburgh took the lead.
Lap 10

Lap 11 - Craig Forys took the lead and Coe went with him.
photo by Vic Sailer/PhotoRun

Girls 2-mile:
It’s Nichole Over Nicole

A Nichole won the girls 2-mile, but it wasn’t the Nicole that came in with the top seed. Royal CA sr. Nicole Blood looked pretty darn good for the first six laps, passing three-quarters in 3:46. But she knew on the inside what no one else did. “It was one of those races where you start and you know in the first 400 that it’s not going to happen,” she said. “The second half of the race I wasn’t myself.”

Blood will have a wonderful experience to look forward to on Team USA in Japan next month for the World Cross Meet, but Sunday’s wonderful experience went to the other Nichole, the amazingly versatile Miss Jones from Houston TX. With range from 2:10s 800s to 1:21 half-marathons, the Westfield junior seems to love a challenge. At NIN she likes to run a morning heat of the 800, then attack the deuce in the afternoon. When Blood’s splits started slowing toward the 40-second mark (she still led at 5:06), Jones moved closer, then passed Blood before 9 laps.

“I was thinking (Blood) was going to go with me if I passed her,” said Jones. “Then when she didn’t, there was a point when I started to slow, because I was afraid of her kick. But then I thought, I’m feeling good, what the heck.”

From there, she ran 81-82 pace before closing in 78 for a winning 10:29.09. Meanwhile, Northside VA jr. Catherine White and Spring Valley SC sr. Kate Niehaus (defending champ) waged a great battle for the runner-up spot after passing Blood. White finally prevailed in a big PR 10:32.27, pulling away on the last lap from Niehaus (10:37.05).

Nicole Blood went right to the lead and held it for 9 laps


Blood built a 30-meter lead through 6 laps, but then the lead began to shrink as Nichole Jones reeled her in.
photo by Vic Sailer/PhotoRun

Jones wins
Jones wins
photo by Vic Sailer/PhotoRun

Jones got the lead on Lap 10

Boys 2 Mile Run


 SECTIONS 1 + 2  AT 7:30am SUNDAY


    National: N 8:40.00  2/15/1964   Gerry Lindgren, Rogers, Spokane, WA       

        Meet: M 8:45.19  3/2001      Alan Webb, South Lakes, Reston, VA        

    Freshman: ( 9:16.65  3/4/2005    Sintayehu Taye, Portland, ME              

   Sophomore: R 8:55.80  1974        Rudy Chapa, Hammond, IN                   

      Junior: J 8:52.94  2000        Dathan Ritzenhein, Rockford, MI           

      Senior: $ 8:40.00  2/15/1964   Gerry Lindgren, Rogers, Spokane, WA       

    Name                    Year School                  Finals 


Section  1  

  1 Biddle-Snead, Simon       07 Clarke County HS,Be    9:33.64  

  2 Weigel, Philip            06 Mount Pleasant H,Wi    9:34.80  

  3 Parker, Dwight            07 World Express AC,Ba    9:36.62  

  4 DuBois, Seth              06 Guilderland HS,Alta    9:37.63  

  5 Wolpert, Kyle             06 NC School of Sci,Du    9:41.46  

  6 Edwards, Zac              06 Northside HS,Roanok    9:44.93  

  7 Kaye, Adam                06 Brookline HS,Brookl    9:51.68  

  8 Goldsmith, Kyle           07 Cinco Ranch TC,Katy    9:52.61  

  9 Mayes, Clay               06 Jenks America TC,Cl    9:56.44  

 10 Carothers, Tanner         07 Northland Prep,Flag   10:07.87  

 11 Koubek, Rick              07 Deep Six Racing,Por   10:12.39  

 -- Fahey, Matt               07 Unat-PA-Conestog,Be        DNF  

Section  2  

  1 Centrowitz, Matthew       07 Broadneck HS,Arnold    9:20.38  

  2 Osborne, James            06 Jesuit HS,Lutz, FL     9:23.21  

  3 Bateman, Noel             06 Aquinas,Rochester,     9:24.81  

  4 Divinnie, Tom             06 Harpeth Valley H,Br    9:27.31  

  5 Birdsong, Anthony         06 Monterey Senior,Lub    9:31.83  

  6 Duncan, Ron               06 Fleming County,Hill    9:33.21  

  7 Sauvageau, Joe            06 Cinco Ranch TC,katy    9:37.48  

  8 Moldovan, Robert          07 Northrop HS,Fort Wa    9:40.50  

  9 Moujoodi, Jeremy          06 Hoover HS,Hoover, A    9:41.00  

 10 Keithan, Chas             06 Cinco Ranch TC,katy    9:56.01  

 11 Parks, Joe                06 Deer Park HS,Deer P    9:58.06  

 12 Chandler, Matt            06 Gonzaga HS,Alexandr   10:03.70  

 -- Webb, Tom                 06 Bishop Hendricke,Ba        DNF  

 -- Spooner, Mike             07 West Springfield,Sp        DNF  

Section  3  

  1 Coe, Michael              06 Cabrillo HS,Lompoc,    8:56.87( 

  2 Forys, Craig              07 Colts Neck HS,Howel    8:59.98( 

  3 Tebo, Matthew             07 Eldorado HS,Albuque    9:10.02( 

  4 Balyo, Chad               06 Springboro HS,Sprin    9:10.12( 

  5 Eaton, Michael            06 Greenwood HS,Bowlin    9:10.50( 

  6 Jackson, Dan              07 Dexter HS,Ann Arbor    9:15.66( 

  7 Heineking, Emil           07 Chardon HS,Chardon,    9:17.32  

  8 Gruenewald, Thomas        07 Fayetteville Tra,Ma    9:18.10  

  9 Stoutenburgh, Isaac       06 Crater HS,Central P    9:18.12  

 10 Kelsey, Greg              06 Kinetic RC,Saratoga    9:20.06  

 11 Massam, Ben               06 Chatham HS,Chatham,    9:27.40  

 12 Murdock, J. Stephen       07 Kinetic RC,Saratoga    9:32.73  

 13 Klotz, Kenny              06 Stark Street AC,Por    9:34.13  



 Girls 2 Mile Run


 SECTIONS 1 and 2 AT 7:30am SUNDAY

 SECTION 3 at 2:12pm SUNDAY

    National: N  9:55.92  3/10/1991   Melody Fairchild, Boulder, CO            

        Meet: M 10:23.63  3/2000      Carol Henry, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada     

    Freshman: ( 10:23.46  1998        Michelle Dela Vina, Andrean, Merillville 

   Sophomore: R 10:25.07  1999        Sara Bei, MontgomerySantaRosa, CA        

      Junior: J 10:13.16  1982        Laura Craven, Beechcroft,Columbus, OH    

      Senior: $  9:55.92  3/10/1991   Melody Fairchild, Boulder, CO            

    Name                    Year School                  Finals 


Section  1  

  1 Campbell, Ashley          06 Kinetic RC,Saratoga   11:24.89  

  2 O'Sullivan, Kaitlin       07 Kinetic RC,Saratoga   11:26.68  

  3 Lonzi, Sarah              08 Bradford Area TC,Br   11:27.85  

  4 Abid, Anastasia           07 Lafayette HS,Willia   11:28.70  

  5 Solly, Amanda             08 West Seneca E HS,We   11:39.29  

  6 MacMillan, Laurel         08 Blacksburg HS,Black   11:45.20  

  7 Andrews, Hilary           07 The Woodlands HS,Th   11:50.11  

  8 LaFave, Erin              08 Sunset Striders,Tro   12:00.44  

  9 Bellon, Brianne           10 Kinetic RC,Greenfie   12:01.27  

 10 Stehle, Erin              08 Midlothian Tc-Va,Mi   12:25.69  

Section  2  

  1 Amaro, Emilie             08 Cypress Bay HS,Coop   10:47.55  

  2 Pancoast, Stephanie       06 Westford TC,Westfor   11:15.81  

  3 Griebel, Alasia           07 Bristol Central,Bri   11:19.37  

  4 Armstrong, Jessica        07 Wayland Union HS,Do   11:20.45  

  5 Johnston, Mary Carleton   08 St. Paul's Episc,Mo   11:31.80  

 -- Slekis, Stefanie          06 Forest Park TC,Mont        DNF  

Section  3  

  1 Jones, Nichole            07 Track Houston-Gi,Ho   10:29.09  

  2 White, Catherine          07 Northside HS,Roanok   10:32.27  

  3 Niehaus, Kate             06 Spring Valley HS,Co   10:37.05  

  4 Parrish, Kelly            06 Vanguard HS,Ocala,    10:50.83  

  5 Blood, Nicole             06 Fastlane,Gansevoort   10:55.36  

  6 Saylor, Lauren            07 Buchanan HS,Clovis,   11:04.90  

  7 Smeltzer, Rebekah         07 Lake Erie Stride,Mo   11:05.28  

  8 Molen, Elisabeth          07 The Altamont Sch,Bi   11:15.42  

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