Boys Pole Vault - Scott Roth CA 17-4.25 US#4 all time

Scott Roth CA wins on a rare fourth attempt at 17-4.25, setting a new NIN meet record (Tommy Skipper 17-3.75 in 2003) and moving into US#4 on the all time list. When Roth missed on his third attempt, Michael Morrison VA and Jordan Scott GA were preparing for a jumpoff for first. But the officials ruled that the standards were set incorrectly (different depths, making the cross bar crooked) and awarded Roth a fourth attempt. He soared over cleanly. Roth then missed three times at a national record 17-7. Five vaulters were alive at 16-8, four at 17-0 and three at 17-4.

Scott Roth
photo by John Dye

photos by Vic Sailer / PhotoRun

Michael Morrison
Jordan Scott
Jordan Scott

Pete Cava's report

– The vault got underway at 4:00 p.m.  It ended four hours and thirty later, with spectacular results.A first-rate field produced three 17-foot vaults, a meet record, a new national prep leader and three attempts at a national indoor high school record.    Three vaulters were left when then bar reached 17 feet:  Scott Roth (Granite Bay, CA), Michael Morrison (Chesapeake, VA), Jordan Scott (Watkinsville, GA) and junior Hunter Hall (Fort Wayne, IN), the son of former nationally-ranked vaulter Randy Hall. 

            Hall bowed out at 17-0.  Morrison and Scott made it on their second try, while Roth needed three attempts.  Appropriately, all three were wearing national team singlets.
The bar went up to 17-4.25.  All three came excruciatingly close, but failed to clear.  There was talk of a jump-off to determine first place. 
But then meet announcer David Mitchell made an astonishing declaration:  due to an official’s error, Roth would have one more attempt.  It seems the standards had been set off-line for one of his attempts.  “I had no idea,” said Roth.  “I couldn’t tell anything was wrong.”
Given new life, Roth cleared the height to deafening cheers and applause.  The bar went up to 17-7, a national record height, but the winded Roth wasn’t up to it.
“It’s been a long day,” he said. “I could feel it on that last jump.  I was out of steam.  When I come to a meet like this and take 10 to 15 jumps and give it 120 percent< it takes a lot out of me.”
Morrison and Scott tied for second at 17 feet, with Hunter fourth at 16-8.

Boys Pole Vault


 14-0.5, 14-6.25, 15-0.25, 15-6.25, 16-0, 16-4, 16-8, 17-0

    National: N 17-06.50  3/8/1986    Pat Manson, Aurora, CO                   

        Meet: M 17-03.75  3/15/2003   Tommy Skipper, Sandy, OR                 

    Freshman: ( 15-06.25  3/4/2006    Corey Shank, Canterbury, IN              

   Sophomore: R    16-09  1994        Jacob Davis, Orangefield, TX             

      Junior: J    17-03  1995        Jacob Davis, Orangefield, TX             

      Senior: $ 17-06.50  3/8/1986    Pat Manson, Aurora, CO                   

    Name                    Year School                  Finals           


  1   777 Roth, Scott         06 Granite Bay HS,Gran      5.29m   17-04.25 

  2   331 Morrison, Michael   06 Chesapeake Edge,Che      5.18m   17-00.00 

  2  1695 Scott, Jordan       06 Spirit TC,Watkinsvi      5.18m   17-00.00 

  4   875 Hall, Hunter        07 Homestead HS,Fort W      5.08m   16-08.00 

  5    56 McCorkel, Spencer   07 Arkansas Vault C,Br      4.98m   16-04.00 

  6   923 Di Cesare, Casey    06 Irvington HS,Irving      4.88m   16-00.00 

  7   498 Porter, Brian       06 Dfw Elite PV,Waxaha      4.73m   15-06.25 

  8  1971 Woepse, Gregory     06 Unat-CA-Santa An,Sa      4.58m   15-00.25 

  8  1365 Gil, Sean           07 North Allegheny,Pit      4.58m   15-00.25 

  8    55 Faulkner, Chad      06 Arkansas Vault C,Fa      4.58m   15-00.25 

  8   490 Kearney, Shea       07 Unat-AZ-Phoenix,Pho      4.58m   15-00.25 

  8   924 Di Cesare, Scott    06 Irvington HS,Irving      4.58m   15-00.25 

  8  1245 Cheek, Cameron      07 Mill Creek HS,Bufor      4.58m   15-00.25 

  8  1998 Jodon, Jared        06 Unat-PA-Laurel H,Un      4.58m   15-00.25 

  8  1665 Cooper, Kirk        06 Smoky Hill HS,Cente      4.58m   15-00.25 

 16  1142 Wesley, Joseph      08 Marine City HS,Mari      4.43m   14-06.25 

 16   385 Peterson, Ben       06 Cody Track,Cody, WY      4.43m   14-06.25 

 16   224 Curley, Bryan       06 Branford HS,Branfor      4.43m   14-06.25 

 16  1392 Oberg, John         06 Ocean City,Seaville      4.43m   14-06.25 

 16   263 Shank, Corey        09 Canterbury HS,Fort       4.43m   14-06.25 

 16  1969 Spear, Chris        06 Unat-AL-Spain Pa,Ho      4.43m   14-06.25 

 --   122 Lynch, Logan        07 Bedford HS,Lambertv         NH            

 --  1217 Frawley, Nick       06 Midlothian Hs-Tx,Mi         NH     


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