Boys Triple Jump


Alphonso Jordan VA 49-1

text by Pete Cava

Alphonso Jordan of Hopewell High School (Charlotte, NC) had three personal bests Saturday.  His third, a 49-1 leap in the final round, gave Jordan a victory over favored Gary Jones (Webster, NY).
Jones came in with a season best of 50-1 from his state meet a week ago.  Jones led most of the way, while the 6-3, 182-pound Jordan quietly PRed on his second and fifth attempts.  “I felt confident the whole time,” said Jordan, who plans to attend either North Carolina or Georgia Tech this fall.
Then came the sixth round, and Jordan’s heroic last-ditch effort.  “I’m a national champion,” he told NSSF’s Caleb Doan.  “I’m very happy with my performance.  It has not all sunk in yet.”
Jones’s 48-8.75 gave him the runnerup spot, with Jason Gross (Owing Mills, MD) third at 47-6.25.  Sophomore Antonio Miller (Midlothian, VA), considered a good bet for future TJ greatness, wound up fourth with a 47-0.25 mark.   


photo by Vic Sailer / PhotoRun




Event 37  Boys Triple Jump


    National: N 52-07.50  3/13/1988   Keith Holley, Bayside, VA Beach, VA      

        Meet: M    50-10  3/2000      Allen Simms, Roosevelt,Greenbelt, MD     

    Freshman: ( 45-11.75  2005        Phelan Jones, McGill-Toolen,Mobile,AL    

   Sophomore: R 49-09.25  1998        Maurice Robinson, Blount, Prichard, AL   

      Junior: J 51-08.25  1973        Don Duvall, North, Denver, CO            

      Senior: $ 52-07.50  3/13/1988   Keith Holley, Bayside, VA Beach, VA      

    Name                    Year School                  Finals           


  1 Jordan, Alphonso          06 Hopewell HS,Charlot     14.96m   49-01.00 

  2 Jones, Gary               06 Webster Schroede,We     14.85m   48-08.75 

  3 Gross, Jason              06 McDonogh School,Ran     14.48m   47-06.25 

  4 Miller, Antonio           08 Manchester,Midlothi     14.33m   47-00.25 

  5 Bundy, Matu               06 Huguenot HS,Richmon     14.31m   46-11.50 

  6 Caleb, Brandon            06 Fork Union M.A.,For     14.27m   46-10.00 

  7 Payne, Justin             06 World Express AC,Ba     13.95m   45-09.25 

  8 Fowler, Josh              06 Dorman HS,Inman, SC     13.75m   45-01.50 

  9 Davis, Terrell            06 Nemesis Athletic,Wh     13.69m   44-11.00 

 10 Pierce, Scott             06 Unat-SC-Columbia,Co     13.65m   44-09.50 

 11 Kippins, Mike             06 Shaker T+F Club,Lat     13.62m   44-08.25 

 12 Hughes, Thomas            06 Henrico HS,Richmond     13.61m   44-08.00 

 13 Davis, Austin             07 Durham Striders,Dur     13.57m   44-06.25 

 14 Gray, Warren              07 Four Quarters,Clint     13.48m   44-02.75 

 15 Duncan, Justin            06 Vienna Youth Inc,Vi     13.33m   43-09.00 

 15 Gaddy, Craig              06 Otm Mustang,Hyattsv     13.33m   43-09.00 

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