Boys Race Walk

text by Pete Cava

Throughout the race, the only way to tell apart the two leaders was to take fingerprints. 
Identical twins Roberto and Ricardo Vergara (Edinburg, TX), both wearing white tops and green shorts and walking in lock step, slowly pulled away from the field.  By the time they’d finished, they had lapped all but one contestant.
            Roberto finished in 6:49.20, the year’s fastest prep time, with Ricardo a close second in 6:49.56.  “Yeah, I was trying to catch him,” admitted Ricardo, who is older by five minutes. 
The Vergaras’ economical styles, highlighted by good knee action, was also synonymous.  Roberto claimed there’s one way to tell them apart.  “I think I’m a little taller,” he said with a grin.   
The Vergaras are sophomores at Edinburg High School and belong to the highly successful South Texas Walking Club.  Born in California to a Mexican-American family, they moved to South Texas at the age of two.  Roberto and Ricardo are fluent in English and Spanish.   
 A few years ago, race walkers were about as common in Texas as alpine skiers.  But South Texas Walking Club coach A.C. Jaime has been slowly nurturing the event.   
“Race walking’s not that big in Texas,” said Roberto.  “No one knows about it.  We’re trying to make it bigger.  Our coach goes to different schools to promote it.” 
 Third in 7:33.60 was Abraham Villareal, the Vergaras’ teammate. 

Event 45  Boys 1 Mile Race Walk


    National: N 6:11.00  2/2/1990    Paul Tavares, Centereach, NY              

        Meet: M 6:17.96  3/15/2003   Zach Pollinger, Mahwah, NJ                

    Freshman: ( 6:49.50  3/12/2005   Roberto Vergara, Edinburg, TX             

   Sophomore: R 6:29.96  1993        Kevin Eastler, Mt. Blue,Farmington, ME    

      Junior: J 6:17.96  2003        Zachary Pollinger, Mahwah, NJ             

      Senior: $ 6:11.00  2/2/1990    Paul Tavares, Centereach, NY              

    Name                    Year School                  Finals 


  1 Vergara, Roberto          08 S Texas Walking,Edi    6:49.20( 

  2 Vergara, Ricardo          08 S Texas Walking,Edi    6:49.56  

  3 Villarreal, Abraham       08 S Texas Walking,Don    7:33.60  

  4 Shaffer, Kyle             08 Mount Vernon HS,How    7:51.15  

  5 Chavez, Alejandro         10 S Texas Walking,Pha    7:51.70  

  6 Burns, Taylor             07 Scarborough HS,Scar    7:54.04  

  7 Carroll, Aaron            08 Gardiner Area HS,Ga    7:55.15  

  8 Campbell, Tyler           09 Maine Racewalker,Li    7:57.01  

  9 Morse, Ren                06 Wiscasset,Wiscasset    8:11.73  

 10 Cox, Allen                07 Bonny Eagle HS,Buxt    8:27.02  

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