Donna on the Side at NTN - before the races

A First Class Welcome

Sporting the Nike Team Nationals banners, the Embassy Suites in Tigard let all know what was important this week.


NTN activites before the races were centered at Nike World Headquarters where there was registration, campus runs and tours, hospitality, and of course shoes and gear.

Smile Please.
Getting fitted.

Nike campus walks and run


Hospitality included all sorts of recretational toys and games while
vidoe of last year's race played on a jumbotron.


It's an NTN Smile.

Willmar XC Club Willmar MN
Yankton 3-D Running Club Yankton SD
Gig XC Club Gig Harbor WA
Chapel Hill XC Club Chapel Hill NC
Fort Collins XC Club Fort Collins CO
Westfield XC Club Westfield IN
Boys--Fort Collins XC Club Fort Collins CO &
Girls Yankton 3-D Running Club Yankton SD
Manlius XC Club Manlius NY (Fayetteville Manlius)
Portland Harriers Portland OR (Jesuit)
Greenbelt XC Club Greenbelt MD (Eleanor Roosevelt)
Hills XC Club Rockaway NJ (Morris Hills)

Flower Mound XC Club Flower Mound TX (Flower Mound
North Lakeville XC Club Lakeville MN (Lakeville North)

And parents, friends and fans made up the cheering squads.

Warren XC Club Indianapolis IN (Warren Central)
Westfield XC Club Westfield IN (Westfield)
Flower Mound XC Club Flower Mound TX
Yankton 3-D Running Club Yankton SD

Getting Acquainted

Once the fun was done and the pasta dinner finished, teams put on skits intended to tell a story
about the team, home state, or a message. The skits were judged by distinguished panelists: Lauren Fleshman, Dathan Ritzenhein, and Alan Webb and the "peoples rep" Ry Benevides, a Nike employee.
The best skit as judged by this illustrious group won dinner with elite atheletes. It was a tough gig. Skits judged as poor or not worthy of stage time were "gonged." The audience was banned from booing for 20 seconds, but then often let loose. A tough crowd.


With his great smile, Josh Rowe of Nike set the action in motion. MC, Nike's Rosemary St. Clair had a tough job
keeping things in order.
Dathan Ritzenhein and Lauren Fleshman Alan Webb and Ry Benevides



The participants as audience



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