13th Mobile Challenge of Champions
Mobile AL
Open Division - April 1, 2005 at UMS Wright School
Invitational Division - April 2, 2005 at St. Paul's Episcopal School

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WINNERS TABLE - winners and links to event by event coverage with photos and results. HIGHLIGHTS

Trindon Holliday LA and Francena McCorory VA win MVP honors
with sprint doubles

Redan GA boys, Skyline Dallas TX girls double in relays - Justin Oliver GA and Bianca Knight MS win 400m - Phelon Jones AL doubles TJ/LJ

The meet headquarters hotel is the Holiday Inn, MOBILE-I-10 BELLINGRATH GARDEN

Random seeding produced unusual lane assignments in some events, with favorites or second seeds running in outside lanes -- Justin Oliver in lane 7 in the 400, Bianca Knight in lane 7 in the 200, Francena McCorory in lane 1 of the 100, and Bethel VA girls in lane 1 of the 4x100. Oliver and McCorory won, while Knight and Bethel finished second.

Click on Event for pix and detailed results
Trindon Holliday LA 10.47 -0.3 Francena McCorory VA 11.87 -1.5
Trindon Holliday LA 21.39 -0.6 Francena McCorory VA 23.85 -0.8
Justin Oliver GA 46.87 Bianca Knight MS 53.91
E. C. Gibbs AL 1:53.75 Brittany Hall GA 2:12.59
Rob Sorrell TN 4:19.89 Emily Reese GA 5:03.64
Robert Bedsole AL 9:13.78 Elisabeth Molen AL 10:53.94
Leander McKenzie 14.35 +0.3 Aleesha Barber GA 14.10 +0.7
Spencer Neely AL 38.70 Deandre Doyley FL 43.09
Randy Guerin LA 6-6 Tiffany Chavis GA 5-4
Phelon Jones AL 49-7.5 nwi India Anderson LA 18-4.5
Phelon Jones AL 23-9.25 +1.4 Stasia Kelly-Taylor GA 38-3
Donnell Hill AL 15-6 Claire Spirling FL 11-0
Adam Wilcox LA 57-8.25 Emily Sanders GA 40-8.5
Zach Clayton 184-0 Alexea Revord FL 131-10
Preston Chatham LA 200-5 Emily Sanders GA 119-11
Redan GA 42.38 Skyline Dallas TX 46.27
Redan GA 3:16.19 Skyline Dallas TX 3:47.07
Hoover AL 7:59.78 Collins Hill GA 9:33.29


Move over, girls
Bethel VA junior Francena McCorory muscled her way into the national elite by toppling Texas 5A champ Krystin Lacy in the 100 meters, 11.87 -1.5 to 11.90, and an hour later doubling in the 200 meters over Bianca Knight, 23.85 -0.8 to 23.89.

Two short, but powerful sprinters blazed down the straightaway in Mobile -- Northeast Zachary LA sr Trindon Holliday (right) focussed straight ahead in the 100 meters and duplicated his win over Mt. Tabor NC sr J-Mee Samuels in the 60m at Nike Indoor Nationals 3 weeks ago, each time side by side and each time too close to call without the Finish Lynx camera. Holliday 10.47 -0.3, Samuels 10.60. Holliday repeated over Samuels and Justin Oliver an hour later in the 200 meters.

photos by John Dye - also see Winners Table for links to action photos of other events.
Three Alabama runners won distance events at Mobile. WINNERS TABLE links to event coverage with action pix of all running events.
Robert Bedsole
9:13.78 2-mile

Elisabeth Molen
10:53.94 2-mile
E.C. Gibbs
1:53.75 800m


Saturday - Invitational Division

The treat of the meet came Saturday afternoon and evening, with all eyes on the sprint events featuring some of the finest fast twitch athletes in the country. The storm clouds passed , leaving clear, cool weather.

  • B 4x400 - Redan GA 3:16.19 in a rout, with Justin Oliver anchoring in 47.0.
  • G 4x400 - Skyline Dallas TX 3:47.07. Bethel VA scratches. Skyline splits: 58.4, 55.9, 56.9, and 55.9.
  • B 2 Mile - Hoover AL sr Robert Bedsole 9:13.78, winning wire to wire by 7 seconds.
  • G 2 Mile - Altamont Birmingham AL soph Elisabeth Molen 10:53.94, going wire to wire. Northwest Whitfield GA jr Shelly Taylor closed for second in 10:55.75.
  • B 300H - Spencer Neely of Scottsboro AL 38.70.
  • G 300H - Fort Lauderdale FL sr Deandre Doyley 43.09.
  • B 200 - Trindon Holliday 21.39 -0.6 completes a sprint double in a blanket finish over Justin Oliver GA 21.57 and J-Mee Samuels NC 21.68.
  • G 200 - Bethel VA soph Francena McCorory 23.85 -0.8 over Bianca Knight 23.89, completing a 100-200 double for herself and denying Knight a repeat 200-400 .double.
  • B 800 - Cullman AL sr E.C. Gibbs 1:53.75, with a big surge down the home stretch over Brandon Jones NC 1:54.26, Scott Novak AL 1:54.33, Brian Sharkey FL 1:55.07 and Chris Thomas FL1:56.26. Thomas and Gibbs led through 400 in 53.4. Jones made a big move on the backstretch and took the lead on the turn. But Gibbs came back to get the lead in mid-stretch.
  • G 800 - Meadowcreek Norcross GA soph Brittany Hall 2:12.59 over University Nashville TN jr Krishna Curry 2:12.88. Curry went out in 63.6 and held the lead into the last turn before giving in grudgingly to the winner.
  • B 110H - Leander McKenzie of Lee Hunstville AL 14.35 +0.3.
  • G 100H - Redan GA's Aleesha Barber 14.10 +0.7, edging April Williams of Skyline Dallas TX 14.21.
  • B 100 - Northeast Zachary LA sr Trindon Holliday 10.47, Mt. Tabor NC sr J-Mee Samuels 10.60, repeating their finish in the Nike Indoor Nationals 60 meters. They were side by side in lanes 3 and 4 and ran into a -0.30 headwind on a cool evening under lights.
  • G 100 - Bethel VA soph Francena McCorory 11.87 -1.5 over Skyline Dallas TX sr Krystin Lacy 11.90. McCorory in lane 1 surged in front midway. Lacy's Skyline teammate Tara Thomas 12.12 was third.
  • B 400 -Redan GA sr Justin Oliver 46.87 held off Barbe LA jr Trey Harts 47.12. Oliver ran in lane 7. They were the two fastest times in the US this year.
  • G 400 -Ridgeland MS soph Bianca Knight 53.91 won for the second straight year. Knight turned on the jets at the 200 meter mark and shot past Katrina Taylor LA on the turn.
  • B Mile - Rob Sorrell TN 4:19.89 ran down Michael Eaton 4:23.84 on the backstretch of the last lap and won with authority. Sorrell covered the last lap in 63 seconds.
  • G Mile - Chamblee GA freshman Emily Reese 5:03.64 went wire to wire.
  • B 4x100 - Redan GA 42.38 in a photo finish over Northeast Zachary LA 42.39. Redan stuttered on the first exchange, but rallied and won.
  • G 4x100 - Skyline Dallas TX , 2nd fastest US team ever, won decisively in 46.27, followed by Bethel VA 47.30 and Magnet Baton Rouge 47.59
  • B 4x800 - Hoover AL 7:59.78, Collins Hill GA 8:02.57. Hoover closed on early leader Magnet Baton Rouge LA at the end of Robert Bedsole's second leg and dominated the second half of the race.
  • G 4x800 - Collins Hill GA 9:33.29, St. Paul's Episcopal Mobile 9:38.40, Vestavia Hills AL 9:39.13. The Pritchard sister led Vestavia Hills was in front nearly the entire way until Collins Hill anchor Erin Guglielmo 2:17.9 got the lead with a lap to go and pulled away.
  • B JT - National leader Preston Chatham LA 200-5.5.
  • B PV - Donell Hill of UMS Wright Mobile was a popular winner at 15-6.
  • B LJ - McGill Toolen Mobile's Phelon Jones completed a double with a 23-9.25 win.
  • G-HJ - Katie Nelson, Scottsboro AL 5-4, winning on the tie breaker over Tiffany Chavis of Pope.
  • G PV - Home towner Emily Sawyer of McGill-Toolen beat Clair Spirling of Bishop Kenny FL on fewest misses, both clearing 11-0.
  • G LJ - India Anderson, Magnet Baton Rouge LA 18-4.5
  • B HJ - Brandy Guerin, Northeast LA 6-6.
  • B DT - Zach Clayton, Opelika AL 184-00.
  • B TJ - Phelon Jones , McGill-Toolen Mobile AL 49-7.50; Andre Black, McGill-Toolen 48-3, Frankie Gatson, Southwood Shreveport LA 48-1.5.
  • G TJ - Stasia Kelly-Taylor of Greater Atlanta 38-3.

DyeStat Elite Performances

58 performances qualifying for DyeStat Elite top 100 national ranking

B-100 10.47 -0.3 Holliday, Trindon, 2005, Northeast Pride LA
B-100 10.6 -0.3 Samuels, J-Mee, 2005, Mt. Tabor NC
B-200 21.39 -0.6 Holliday, Trindon, 2005, Northeast Pride LA
B-200 21.57 -0.6 Oliver, Justin, 2005, Redan Stone Mountain GA
B-400 46.87 Oliver, Justin, 2005, Redan Stone Mountain GA
B-400 47.12 Harts, Trey, 2006, Barbe LA
B-800 1:53.75 Gibbs, E.C., 2005, Cullman AL
B-2Mile 9:13.78 Bedsole, Robert, 2005, Hoover AL
B-LJ 23' 9.25 Jones, Phelon, , McGill Toolen AL
B-TJ 49' 7.5 Jones, Phelon, , McGill Toolen AL
B-TJ 48' 3 Black, Andre, 2005, McGill-Toolen AL
B-TJ 48' 1.5 Gatson, Francois, 2005, Southwood Shreve LA
B-TJ 47' 4.5 Gibson, Brandon, , UMS-Wright Mobile AL
B-TJ 47' 4.5 Davis, Carlos, 2006, Beau Chene LA
B-PV 15' 6 Hill, Donnell, 2005, UMS-Wright Mobile AL
B-PV 15' 0 Wells, Patrick, , Spain Park AL
B-SP 57' 8.25 Wilcox, Adam, , Catholic Baton Rouge LA
B-DT 184' 0 Clayton, Zach, , Opelika AL
B-DT 179' 0 Killen, Tommy, 2005, Catholic New Iberia LA
B-JT 184' 0 Chatham, Preston, 2006, St. Paul's Covington LA
B-4x400 3:16.19 Boys Relay, , Redan GA
G-100 11.87 -1.5 McCorory, Francena, 2006, Bethel VA
G-100 11.9 -1.5 Lacy, Krystin, 2005, Skyline Dallas TX
G-200 23.85 -0.8 McCorory, Francena, 2006, Bethel VA
G-200 23.89 -0.8 Knight, Bianca, 2007, Ridgeland MS
G-400 53.91 Knight, Bianca, 2007, Ridgeland MS
G-400 55.73 Taylor, Katrina, 2005, Baton Rouge LA
G-400 55.98 Pelham, Shaina, , Edgewater
G-800 2:12.59 Hall, Brittany, 2007, Meadowcreek Norcross GA
G-800 2:12.88 Curry, Krishna, 2006, University Nashville TN
G-800 2:13.66 Rosby, Katara, 2005, Magnet Baton Rouge LA
G-800 2:14.21 Doucett, Lindsay, , Sulphur LA
G-800 2:14.47 Moore, Cori, 2006, Everett WA
G-800 2:14.99 Marks, Diamond, 2006, Lithonia GA
G-3200 10:50.14 c e Molen, Elisabeth, 2007, Altamont Birmingham AL
G-3200 10:51.95 c e Taylor, Shelley, 2006, NW Whitfield Tunnel Hill GA
G-3200 10:54.93 c e Chitwood, Caitlin, 2008, Scottsboro AL
G-3200 10:55.64 c e Carlton-Johnson, Mary, , St. Paul's Episcopal Mobile AL
G-2Mile 10:53.94 Molen, Elisabeth, 2007, Altamont Birmingham AL
G-2Mile 10:55.75 Taylor, Shelley, 2006, NW Whitfield Tunnel Hill GA
G-2Mile 10:58.73 Chitwood, Caitlin, 2008, Scottsboro AL
G-2Mile 10:59.44 Carlton-Johnson, Mary, , St. Paul's Episcopal Mobile AL
G-100H 14.1 +0.7 Barber, Aleesha, 2005, Redan GA
G-100H 14.21 +0.7 Williams, April, 2007, Skyline Dallas TX
G-100H 14.44 +0.7 Coward, Jacquelyn, 2008, Knoxville West TN
G-300H 43.09 Doyley, Deandrea, 2005, Fort Lauderdale FL
G-300H 43.22 Barber, Aleesha, 2005, Redan GA
G-300H 43.95 Coward, Jacquelyn, 2008, Knoxville West TN
G-TJ 38' 3 Kelly-Taylor, Stasia, 2005, Grtr Atlanta Christian GA
G-TJ 38' 0.5 Wright, Asia, , West Felciana LA
G-4x100 46.27 Girls Relay, , Bethel VA
G-4x100 46.27 Girls Relay, , Skyline Dallas TX
G-4x100 47.59 Girls Relay, , Magnet Baton Rouge LA
G-4x100 47.65 Girls Relay, , McEachern GA
G-4x100 48.11 Girls Relay, , Redan GA
G-4x400 3:47.07 Girls Relay, , Skyline Dallas TX
G-4x400 3:52.88 Girls Relay, , Redan GA
G-4x400 3:52.93 Girls Relay, , Magnet Baton Rouge LA

It poured
in Mobile

MOBILE AL 4/1/05 -- It poured rain in Mobile and that's no joke -- torrential downpours with non-stop thunder and lightning -- 11 inches of rain in 30 hours. But skies cleared Friday afternoon and by Saturday afternoon the only thunder will come from the track at St. Paul's Episcopal school in the heights above downtown Mobile. Southeastern sprinters will be joined by Bethel VA from the north and Skyline Dallas TX from the west in a high energy collision at the Mobile Challenge of Champions . Entries also include 2-miler Robert Bedsole of Hoover AL.

The Mobile Challenge of Champions grows in stature every year with national elite competition. The 400 meters has been especially star-studded, with the likes of Reggie Witherspoon, Xavier Carter, Elzie Coleman, Cedric Goodman and Stephanie Smith appearing. Redan GA sr Justin Oliver, second last year to Cedric Goodman, will be back to carry on the tradition. Top California teams have joined top Southeastern teams at Mobile in recent years. J.W. North Riverside CA girls have won the last two MVP awards (Ashlee Brown and Gayle Hunter).


by John Dye

Saturday is for sprinters in Mobile
Samuels, Oliver, Knight, Lacy, McCorory, Harts, Holliday, Skyline, Bethel, Redan

Here are the events to watch closely:

  • 4:30 pm Girls 4x100 - Super matchup will get the meet rolling quickly -- Texas champion Skyline Dallas and Virginia champion Bethel, with Louisiana champ Magnet Baton Rouge lurking. Skyline is the second fastest 4x100 team ever in the US with their 44.60 victory in the Texas 5A state meet last year. Skyline also swept AOC Raleigh national titles in June in the 4x100 (45.63) and 4x200 (1:36.73). Skyline is led by senior Krystin Lacy, who doubled in the Texas 5A sprints last May (11.61 +1.5 100m and 23.60 200m). Bethel comes here after torrid indoor season, winning the 4x200 at Nike Indoor Nationals 2 weeks ago (1:40.59) and winning the overall team title at the Virginia AAA state meet. Their season best in 4x200 was 1:39.85 at Virginia Tech. Bethel is led by super soph Francena McCorory, US#1 indoors in the 300 meters (37.60). Magnet Baton Rouge ruled the 4x200 indoors at the LSU Classic, Carl Lewis and the Louisiana Division 1 state meet, with a season best of 1:43.05.
  • 5:10 pm Girls 400 - Ridgeland MS soph Bianca Knight debuted here 2 years ago as an 8th grader finishing 2nd in the 200 and third in the 400. She came back last year and doubled 400-200 in 54.74 and 23.75. Knight later tripled 100-200-400 in the Mississippi 4A state meet. Her 2004 season best was 52.96. This year, Knight dazzled Simplot with a solo 200m in an unseeded section, winning overall in 23.70, US#11 all time, and followed that up with a flat track 24.05 win at Nike Indoor Nationals. Magnet Baton Rouge LA Katrina Taylor won here 2 years ago in 54.55 and was Louisiana 5A state champ last year in 54.96.
  • 5:20 pm Boys 400 - Redan GA sr Justin Oliver ran second here last year behind Cedric Goodman, 45.94 to 47.02, with both of them ahead of national indoor record holder Elzie Coleman 47.28. This event has been won in recent years by Otis Harris, Jonathan Fortenberry, Arthur Davis, Xavier Carter and Goodman
  • 5:30 pm Girls 100 - Continuation of Krystin Lacy v. Francena McCorory ((55-300 doubler at Virginia AAA state meet), plus local favorite Tenille Wilson, winner indoors in the Carl Lewis 60m and the Alabama state meet 55m.
  • 5:40 pm Boys 100 - Mt. Tabor NC sr J-Mee Samuels is on a mission. After brilliant freshman and sophomore seasons (national records for freshman class 200m 20.99, age 15 100m 10.42, and age 14 200m 21.54), Samuels lost his junior year to suspension for a school fight. He returned to the track last summer in Junior Olympics competition and has been on a tear ever since. Strictly off summer age group races, Samuels led the nation in 2004 in the 100 meters at 10.25 +1.5 and was US#3 in 200m at 20.58 +1.1. He also ran a windy but scary 10.07 +3.6 100m. Indoors this year, Samuels was US#1 in the 200m at 21.22, US#5 all time and fastest flat track one lapper ever. Samuels' chief competition here should be Northeast LA sr Trindon Holliday, US#1 indoors at 55m (6.19) and 60m (6.64). Holliday edged Samuels in a sizzling 60 meters at the Nike Indoor Nationals, 6.64 to 6.70, with those times ranking US#4 and US#11 all time. Also in the race are Southern Lab Baton Rouge LA jr Wayne Hobley (6.38 55m and 6.84 60m US#8) and Westlake Atlanta GA sr Eddie Rush ( 6.39 55m and 6.87 60m).
  • 6:30 pm Girls 200 - If she wins the 400m, Bianca Knight will be going for a second straight Mobile 400-200 double. She will be tested here by Krystin Lacy, Francena McCorory , and local favorite Tenille Wilson, winner indoors in the Carl Lewis 60m and the Alabama state meet 55m.
  • 6:40 pm Boys 200 - J-Mee Samuels, possibly going for a double - Justin Oliver, 21.46 US#3 indoors (US#18 all time) finishing second to Samuels at NIN - Barbe LA jr Trey Harts, 21.23 US#2 winning NSIC in New York 2 weeks ago - Trindon Holliday - Wayne Hobley, 22.02 indoors.
  • 7:45 pm Girls 4x400 - Skyline Dallas TX was national outdoor champ at AOC Raleigh in 3:41.77. Bethel ran 3:45.97 at Penn Relays last year.
  • 7:50 pm Boys 4x400 - Redan GA looks to repeat. Last year, Justin Oliver anchored Redan's victory over Elzie Coleman's Newburgh NY team, 3:16.61 to 3:16.99.

Some of the leading sprinters entered:

  • Boys
  • J-Mee Samuels-Mt. Tabor -Winston Salem,N.C.100& 200
  • Trindon Holliday-Northeast-Zachery,LA. 100& 200
  • Wayne Hobley-Southern Lab-Baton Rouge,LA.-100&200
  • Eddie Rush- Westlake-Atlanta,GA.-100&200
  • LaDarerrius Woods-Homewood,AL- 100.
  • Montez Billing Pelham,AL.-100&200
  • Dwantaveus Anderson-Germantown,GA.-100
  • Justin Oliver Redan-Stone Mtn.,GA. 400& 200
  • Shyron Champagne- St.Augustine-New Orleans,LA.-400
  • Albert-Fullwood-Shreveport,LA.-400
  • Girls
  • Kristin Lacy 100& 200, Tara Thomas 100, and Channelle Curry 400- Skyline-Dallas,TX.
  • Francena McCorory-Bethel,Hampton,VA. -100&200
  • Brittany Wilson-Dr. Phillips,Orlando,FL.-100&200
  • Tennille Wilson- Foley,AL.-100&200
  • Santana Lowery-Starkville, MS.-100&200
  • Courtney Brown-Redan-Stone Mtn.,GA.-100
  • Bianca Knight- Ridgeland,MS.- 400&200
  • Katrina Taylor-Baton Rouge Magnet-Baton Rouge,LA.-400
  • Shakirra Pinnock-Bethel-Hampton,VA.-400

More Entries - Another featured event is the boys 800, with Karjuan Williams LA and E.C. Gibbs AL ready to reprise their 1-2 duel in the Nike Indoor Nationals 3 weeks ago.

Prior Years

2004 - Gayle Hunter's quad and Cedric Goodman's 45.94 400m (over Elzie Coleman) earn MVP awards. Big doubles by Khadija Talley and Bianca Knight.
Gayle Hunter
Cedric Goodman
  • 2003 - The story was Xavier Carter and those California girls. Palm Bay Melbourne FL jr Xavier Carter doubled in the 200 and 400 to earn MVP honors. J.W. North Riverside CA sr Ashlee Brown won the girls MVP award with a double in the hurdles and a leg on J.W. North's winning 4x100 relay, Wilson Long Beach CA girls double in the 4x400 and 4x800 as coach Terry Kennedy returned to visit relatives in Mobile.
  • 2002 - A Davis show. Janice Davis (100-200 double) and Arthur Davis (200-400 double) are MVPs.
  • 2001 - MVPs are Stephanie Smith (200-400 double over Janice Davis) and Bershawn Jackson (hurdles double, winning 110H over Josh Walker).
  • 2000 - Horizontal jumpers Maurice Robinson and Ronda White win MVP awards. Robinson adds a third gold in the 100.
  • 1999 - Sprinters Casey Combest (10.06) and Erica Whipple (10.94 and 22.93) light up the Mobile night.




Invitational Division - Open Division

Invitational Division April 2

Time Event Meet Record

3:00pm 4x800 girls Wilson-Long Beach , CA.-9:04.54-2003
3:15pm 4x800 boys West Charlotte-Charlotte, N.C.-7:55.5-1998
4:30pm 4x100 girls J.W. North - Riverside , CA. -46.06-2003
4:40pm 4x100 boys Tricities-East Point, GA.-41.54-1999
4:50pm 1 mile girls Sara Graybill-Davies County-Owensboro, KY. -5:02.3-2000
5:00pm 1 mile boys Anthony Chuilli- Christian Brothers- Memphis,TN. -4:14.27-2003
5:10pm 400 girls Stephanie Smith-N.E. Macon-Macon, GA.-52.98-2001
5:20pm 400 boys Xavier Carter-Palm Bay- Melbourne,FL.-45.88-2003
5:30pm 100 girls Erica Whipple-Suncoast- Riviera Beach, FL-11.24-1999
5:40pm 100 boys Casey Combest-Owensboro-Owensboro, KY .-10.34-1999
5:50pm 100h girls Char Foster- Clearwater Catholic- Clearwater , FL.-13.60-1995
6:00pm 110h boys DeAndre Eiland-Tupelo-Tupelo, MS.-13.66-2000
6:10pm 800 girls Kirby Patterson-Daphne-Daphne, AL.-2:12.14-2004
6:20pm 800 boys Brendon Mahoney-Marist-Atlanta, GA .-1:50.8-1999
6:30pm 200 girls Erica Whipple-Suncoast-Riviera Beach, FL.-23.24-1999
6:40pm 200 boys Fernando Blakley-Blount-Pritchard, AL.-21.03-2000
6:50pm 300h girls Char Foster- Clearwater Catholic- Clearwater , FL.-42.12-1997
7:00pm 300h boys Bershawn Jackson - Miami Central- Miami , FL.-36.33-2001
7:10pm 2 mile girls Laura Zeigle-Bingham- South Jordan, UT. -10:23.05-2002
7:25pm 2 mile boys Scott Fuqua-Oak Mountain-Birmingham, AL.-9:03.7-2001
7:45pm 4x400 girls Wilson-Long Beach , CA.-3:40.41-2003
7:50pm 4x400 boys Vineland-Vineland, N.J.-3:16.34-2003

8:00pm Dyestat Most Outstanding Performer Awards

2004 Girls-Gayle Hunter-J.W.North-Riverside, CA
2004 Boys-Cedric Goodman-Newnan-Newnan,GA


2:00pm Pole Vault girls Lacy Janson-Cardinal Mooney- Sarasota , FL.-12'6-2001
2:05pm High Jump boys Josh Reed-Collins Hill-Suwanee, GA.-6'11-1/4-2001
2:10pm Long Jump girls La Clair Carter-Sydney Lanier-Montgomery, AL.-19'7-1/2-2002
2:15pm Triple Jump boys Maurice Robinson-Blount-Pritchard, AL.-49'7-1/2-2000
2:20pm Shot Put girls Khadija Talley-Columbus-Columbus,GA.-45'8-1/2-2004
2:25pm Discus boys Raben Fox-Vandebilt Catholic-Houma,LA.-175'1- 2003
2:55pm Javelin girls Jane Johnson-Mtn. Brook-Mtn. Brook,AL.-130'3 2004
3:30pm High Jump girls Carmia Carrol-Southern Lab- Baton Rouge , LA. -5'9-2004
3:35pm Long Jump boys Jonathon Brown-Union County-Morganfield, KY. -24'3-1999
3:40pm Triple Jump girls Gayle Hunter-J.W.North-Riverside, CA.-41'1-1/4-2004
3:45pm Pole Vault boys Brad Smith-Franklin County-Carnsville, GA.-16'3-2001
3:50pm Discus girls Khadija Talley-Columbus-Columbus,GA.-140'2-2004
3:55pm Shot Put boys Andy Fryman-Mason County-Maysville, KY. - 62'10-2003
4:45pm Javelin boys Cody Fillinch- South LaFourche, LA.- 196'10- 2003

Open Division April 1

All events are run in section as finals and are sanctioned by the NFHS and participating states guidelines.2 entries per event and 1 relay team. Athletes must check 10 minutes before their event. All entries need to be confirmed under meet guidelines. Running events will be on a rolling time schedule. Invitational Division is Saturday April 2,2005, 2pm at St. Paul 's Episcopal School.                   

Time Schedule:

Field Events-3pm
Javelin- Boys       
Pole Vault-Girls
Long Jump-Boys
Triple Jump-Girls

Field Events-4pm
Shot Put-Boys
Long Jump-Girls
Triple Jump-Boys

Field Events-5pm                     
Shot Put-Girls                      
Pole Vault-Boys
High Jump-Girls

Field Events-7 pm
High Jump-Boys        

Running Events-3pm

3200m unseeded - Girls/ Boys
4x100m Relay-Girls/Boys
3200m- seeded-Girls/Boys
4x400m Relay-Girls/Boys



Letter to Coaches

by Steve Schoenewald and Mike Cambre

This track and field meet is heading into its 13th year. It has quickly become one of the premier early season prep meets. This meet started in 1993 as a tri-county meet and has expanded into attracting some of the top high school track and field athletes in the country. Many nationally ranked, All Americans, national record holders and state champions have competed. In the past, Stephanie Smith and the first Wendy's Female Heisman Athlete of the Year Erin Droomgle, have competed on the girl's side. The boys have had Olympic Gold Medalist 100 meters Justin Gatlin, 400 meter national high school indoor record holder Elzie Coleman, 2000 Olympic 400 meter hurdle Gold Medalist Angelo Taylor, 2000 and 2004 Olympic Silver Medalist Terrance Trammell, 2004 Olympic 400 meter/4x400 Gold and Silver Medalist Otis Harris, Super Bowl MVP Dexter Jackson and NFL single game rushing recordholder Jameel Lewis.

The 2005 Challenge of Champions is scheduled to host the top high school track and field talent from around the nation. The National Scholastic Sports Foundation selected the Challenge of Champions as one of the top 10 Select High School meets in the country and is a Dyestat Elite Meet. Again this meet is scheduled to be part of the United States Track Coaches Association Series of High School Meets.       

This is a two-day meet with the Open Division on Friday April 1 st 3pm at UMS - Wright School and the Invitational Division on Saturday April 2 nd 2pm at St. Paul 's Episcopal School. The open division involves 1200 plus athletes and the invitational division has 300 plus athletes. The invitational involves an all finals format and invitations are issued to the top athletes in each event. Last year's meet drew over 4,000 spectators. Many of the meet marks made the Track & Field News and Dyestat national event lists(49 marks). Dyestat will be in Mobile to cover the meet and have the latest results from the meet on their site (www.dyestat.com). Athletes, fans and coaches are again looking forward with anticipation to the 2005 Challenge of Champions.

I look forward to having your athletes compete in this year's meet. Event participation in the Invitational Division is limited so all events are finals. Please confirm your invited athlete's participation early to allow full participation in each event. Enclosed is meet information. Please call me at 251-639-0303 or email me at [email protected] if you have any questions. 
You may also call Mike Cambre - contact information below.

Yours in track,

Steve Schoenewald                                                          Mike Cambre
Complete Sports Productions                                          2331 Monroe St.
6509 Timbers Dr .                                                              Mandeville, LA  70448
Mobile, AL  36695                                                            (985) 626-8177 
(251) 639-0303                                                                 email: [email protected]


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John Dye - founder and editor in chief
Donna Dye - features editor
Kirsten O'Hara - business and marketing manager
Rich Gonzalez - reporter and DyeStatCal co-editor
Doug Speck - reporter and DyeStatCal co-editor
Steve Underwood - reporter and TrackTalk administrator

left, John and Donna Dye