13th Mobile Challenge of Champions
Mobile AL
Open Division - April 1, 2005 at UMS Wright School
Invitational Division - April 2, 2005 at St. Paul's Episcopal School


100 Meters
Francena McCorory 11.87 -0.8 (Krystin Lacy 11.90)
Trindon Holliday 10.47 -0.3 (J-Mee Samuels 10.60)

Move over, girls
Bethel VA jr Francena McCorory muscled herself into the national elite by toppling Dallas 5A champ Krystin Lacy in this race and an hour later doubling in the 200 meters over Bianca Knight.


Boys - Girls


Northeast Zachary LA sr Trindon Holliday (right) focussed straight ahead and duplicated his win over Mt. Tabor NC sr J-Mee Samuels in the 60m at Nike Indoor Nationals 3 weeks ago, each time side by side and each time too close to call without the Finish Lynx camera.
Boys 100 Meter Dash
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Wind
  1 Holliday, Tridon             Northeast                10.47  -0.3 
  2 Samuels, J-Mee               Mt. Tabor                10.60  -0.3 
  3 Rush, Eddie                  Weslake                  10.86  -0.3 
  4 Munnerlyn, Captain           Murphy                   10.94  -0.3 
  5 Woods, LaDarrius             Homewood                 10.95  -0.3 
  6 Billings, Montez             Pelham                   11.01  -0.3 
  7 Owens, Kenny                 Theodore                 11.24  -0.3 


Skyline Dallas star Krystin Lacy (4th from left) was out quick, but Francena McCorory (far right) finished fastest.

Girls 100 Meter Dash
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Wind
  1 McCorory, Francia            Bethel                   11.87   NWI 
  2 Lacy, Kristin                Skyline                  11.90   NWI 
  3 Thomas, Tara                 Skyline                  12.12   NWI 
  4 Wilson, Tennille             Foley                    12.16   NWI 
  5 Bryant, Courtney             Redan                    12.48   NWI 
  6 Wilson, Brittany             Dr. Phillips             12.58   NWI 
  7 Wicks, Gercia                Pensacola                12.70   NWI 


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