Nike Team Nationals
Dec. 4, 2004 at Portland Meadows, Portland OR.

the Meet

Televised on Fox SportsNet Dec. 8 at 3 pm local time

on-site coverage by John & Donna Dye, Rich Gonzalez, Steve Underwood, and the NTN regional editors.

Qualifying for Foot Locker at NTN
the meet within the meet

by John Dye

PORTLAND 11/30/04 -- A meet within the meet at Portland Meadows Saturday will be individuals vying to qualify for the Foot Locker national finals a week later in San Diego. Some alternates at the Foot Locker regionals held Nov. 27 (Northeast, South and Midwest) will be very interested observors from a distance.

The first two finishers at NTN from Foot Locker regions will be awarded a slot at Foot Locker national finals. However, if they have already qualified at a Foot Locker regional, the slot will be awarded to an alternate in that region (9th and 10th place finishers). Thus, for example, if Midwest Foot Locker champ Ramsey Kavan is 1-2 at Portland among runners from the Foot Locker Midwest.

The Foot Locker West regional is being held at Mt. SAC, Walnut CA, the same day as NTN in Portland, so there will be eight qualifiers from Mt. SAC plus two from Portland.

As you may have figured out by now, the Foot Locker finals field expands from 32 to 40, with 10 from each region.

The chart below shows which Foot Locker qualifiers are running at Portland and who are the other top individuals at Portland in contention for the two Foot Locker qualifying slots.

There are actually only three regions offering a second chance for Foot Locker alternates, as the nine runners at NTN who have already qualified for Foot Locker finals come from the Midwest boys, Northeast girls, and Midwest girls.

  • Midwest Boys - Robert Bedsole, Hoover AL qualified for San Diego with a 7th in the South Regional and he is probably the leading individual at Portland among the four South region teams. Foot Locker South alternate Sandy Roberts NC is rooting for Bedsole to go 1-2 in Portland.
  • Northeast Girls - Saratoga placed a record four girls into the Foot Locker finals and they should be favored to go 1-2 in Portland, with Roxbury NJ and Bethlehem NY the only other Foot Locker Northeast teams entered.
  • Midwest Girls - Four girls who qualified for Foot Locker finals in Wisconsin last Saturday (Ramsay Kavan, Alison Eckert, Katelyn Kaltenbach and Keara Sammons) will be in Portland with their teams and these four girls are strong candidates to go 1-2 among Foot Locker Midwest girls at NTN, freeing up Foot Locker finals slots for both Midwest alternates, Michiganders Rebekah Smeltzer and Molly Waterhouse. There are other strong runners who could crack the top 2 and earn their own ticket to San Diego -- 2003 finalist Morgan Schulz of Smoky Hill Aurora CO, Krista Eckert SD, Ohio Div 1 runner-up Christy Titus of Bowling Green

Two strong runners on NTN teams -- Sean McNamara of York IL and Yahya Iman of Marshall MN -- took a risk by skipping the Foot Locker Midwest regional. They are hoping someone else, such as Tucker Weems of Shawnee Mission Northwest KS, doesn't get into the top two at Portland.

Chart prepared by Jim Spier and John Dye.
Individuals in bold face have already qualified for Foot Locker finals.

BOYS Foot Locker Region
Northeast South Midwest West
(Dec 4)
FL Alternates 9 Tradelle Ward CT 9. Sandy Roberts NC 9 Glenn Randall CO
10 Ayalew Taye ME 10 Michael Chapa VA 10 Brian Parr NE
NTN teams Top individuals at NTN
Fayetteville-Manlius NY 5 equally balanced
Christian Brothers NJ Chris Horel
Cedar Cliff PA Pat Caulfield
Hoover AL Robert Bedsole
Winter Park FL Coleman Hoover
The Woodlands TX Ben Schulz, Dan Gerber, Dan Lanzilotti
Carroll Southlake TX Kevin Ondrasek
York Elmhurst IL Sean McNamara
Yahara Hills Madison WI Ben Swimm
Northridge IN Braxton Fritz
Marshall MN Yahya Iman,
Dahir Jumale
Shawnee Mission NW KS

Tucker Weems

Mountain View UT Alden Bahr
Albuquerque Academy NM Cody Harper
Ferris Spokane WA Robert Cobsby,
Ben Poffenroth
Jesuit Portland OR Michael Maag
Mead Spokane WA Laef Barnes
Eisenhower Yakima WA Robbie Barany,
Charles Cummings
Royal Simi Valley CA Dylan Jaedtke
Dana Hills CA Scott Smith
El Toro CA Brandon Bethke


GIRLS Foot Locker Region
Northeast South Midwest West
(Dec 4)
FL Alternates 9 Chantelle Dron NH 9 Carlene Mayfield TX 9 Rebekah Smeltzer MI
10 Brittany Sedberry NJ 10 Jacy Kruzel FL 10 Molly Waterhouse MI
NTN teams Top individuals at NTN
Kinetic RC Saratoga NY Nicole Blood, Lindsey Ferguson, Hannah Davidson, Caitlin Lane
Roxbury NJ Ali Caruana
Bethlehem NY Emily Malinowski
Scottsboro AL Caitlin Chitwood
Harford Harriers MD Allison Barnes
Kingwood TX Danielle Selner
Carroll Southlake TX Brooke Upshaw,
Miranda Walker
Bowling Green OH Christy Titus
Yankton SC Ramsey Kavan, Betsy Bies  
Iowa City West IA

Sarah Wickman

Roosevelt Sioux Falls SD Alison Eckert, Krista Eckert  
Los Alamos NM Kristen Hemphill
South Tahoe CA Kelsey McClurg
Smoky Hill Aurora CO Katelyn Kaltenbach, Keara Sammons, Morgan Schulz
Fremont Plain City UT Alexis Meyer
Jesuit Portland OR

Patricia Loughlin

Hilltop Belles Tacoma WA Brie Felnagle
Fountain Valley CA Crystal Reed
Thousand Oaks CA Lynne Fletcher
Murrieta Valley CA Liana Boucher



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