79th Kansas Relays
Thursday-Saturday, April 20-22, 2006 - Hershberger Track, Memorial Stadium - University of Kansas, Lawrence KS

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The deepest and most talented field in Kansas Relays history will take the track ...

... starting Thursday April 20 for the 79th annual track and field event at KU’s Memorial Stadium. Some 9,000 athletes applied for this year’s Relays, but that list was narrowed to just over 6,000 participants on Sunday April 16. “Each event is filled with state, national, and international champions,” said director Tim Weaver of the meet, which features athletes from 641 schools, 17 states, and 24 nations. Anyone leaving Memorial Stadium with a Kansas Relays medal will have accomplished something special this weekend. In both quantity and quality, this will be the greatest Relays on record.” The highlight of the weekend is the return of the GOLDZONE, which will run from 2-5 p.m. on Saturday April 22 and features such high profile athletes like Maurice Greene, Justin Gatlin, Allyson Felix and Nick Hysong. In all some 100 major champions and 36 Olympians comprise this year’s GOLDZONE II field that will match-up champion vs. champion, (from kusports.com)

Meet Schedule

Thursday, April 20
Hammer Events
11 am Men's Hammer Throw
3 pm Women's Hammer Throw
Distance Carnival
(All running event times are approximate. Thursday will run on a rolling schedule.)
5 pm Women's Unseeded 800m Run
5:15 pm Men's Unseeded 800m Run
5:35 pm Women's Unseeded 1500m Run
5:45 pm Men's Unseeded 1500m Run
5:55 pm Men's Unseeded 3000m Steeple
6:10 pm Women's 3000m Run (F)
6:20 pm Master's Mile (S)
6:30 pm Women's Open 5k (S)
7 pm Men's Open 5k (S)
7:30 pm Women's 5000 Meter Run (F)
7:55 pm Men's 5000 Meter Run (F)
8:35 pm Women's 10,000 Meter Run (F)
9:20 pm Men's 10,000 Meter Run (F)

Friday, April 21
Field Events
8 am Girl's Javelin
8 am Boy's Shot Put
9:30 am Boy's Pole Vault
10 am Girl's High Jump
11 am Boy's Triple Jump
11 am Boy's Javelin
11:30 am Women's Shot Put
12 pm Women's Triple Jump
1:30 pm Men's Pole Vault
1:30 pm Women's High Jump
2 pm Women's Javelin
3 pm Men's Shot Put
4 pm Men's Triple Jump
4 pm Girl's Triple Jump
5:30 pm Girl's Pole Vault
5 pm Boy's High Jump
5 pm Men's Javelin
6:30 pm Girl's Shot Put

Running Events
9 am Girl's 4 Mile Relay (F)
9:30 am Boy's 4 Mile Relay (F)
9:55 am Girl's Shuttle Hurdle Relay (F)
10:05 am Women's Shuttle Hurdle Relay (F)
10:10 am Boy's Shuttle Hurdle Relay (F)
10:20 am Men's Shuttle Hurdle Relay (F)
10:30 am Girl's 400m Dash (P)
10:45 am Boy's 400m Dash (P)
11:05 am Women's 4x200 Relay (F)
11:15 am Men's 4x200 Relay (F)
11:30 am Girl's 3200m Run (F)
11:45 am Boy's 320m Run (F)
12 pm KR for kids 4th Grade Relay (S)
12:15 pm Girl's 100m Dash (P)
12:30 pm Boy's 100m Dash (P)
12:45 pm Women's 100m Dash (P)
1:05 pm Men's 100m Dash (P)
1:30 pm Women's 400m Hurdles (P)
1:45 pm Men's 400m Hurdles (P)
2:05 pm Boy's 300m Hurdles (F)
2:25 pm Girl's 300m Hurdles (F)
2:45 pm KR for kids 4th Grade Relay (S)
2:50 pm Girl's Distance Medley Relay (F)
3:05 pm Boy's Distance Medley Relay (F)
3:20 pm WOmen's Distance Medley Relay (F)
3:35 pm Men's Distance Medley Relay (F)
3:50 pm Women's 400m Dash (P)
4:05 pm Men's 400m Dash (P)
4:25 pm Girl's 4x100m Relay (P)
4:55 pm Boy's 4x100m Relay (P)
5:25 pm Women's 4x100m Relay (P)
5:45 pm Men's 4x100m Relay (P)
6:05 pm Community 4x100m Relay (S)
6:10 pm Girl's 800m Run (F)
6:20 pm Boy's 800m Run (F)
6:30 pm Men's Steeplechase (F)
6:45 pm Women's Steeplechase (F)
7 pm Girl's 4x400 Relay (P)
7:25 pm Boy's 4x400 Relay (P)
7:50 pm Women's 4x400 Relay (P)
8:10 pm Men's 4x400 Relay (P)
8:30 pm Women's 4 Mile Relay (F)
8:55 pm Men's 4 Mile Relay (F)

Saturday, April 22
Field Events
8 am Boy's Discus
10:30 am Women's Pole Vault
10:45 am Women's Discus
11 am Men's High Jump
11 am Boy's Long Jump
11 am Men's Long Jump
1:30 pm Girl's Discus
3 pm Girl's Long Jump
3 pm Women's Long Jump
2 pm Men's Invitational Pole Vault
3 pm Men's Inviatational Shot
3:30 pm Women's Invitational Pole Vault
4 pm Men's Discus

Running Events
9:00 am Boy's 110m Hurdles (P)
9:15 am Men's 110m Hurdles (P)
9:35 am Girl's 100m Hurdles (P)
9:50 am Women's 100m Hurdles (P)
10:10 am Girl's Sprint Medley Relay (F)
10:30 am Boy's Sprint Medley Relay (F)
10:50 am Women's Sprint Medley Relay (F)
11:05 am Men's Sprint Medley Relay (F)
11:25 am Masters 4 x 100m Relay (S) 
11:30 am Grade School 4 x 100m Relay (S)
11:35 am Girl's 4 x 200m Relay (F)
11:50 am Boy's 4 x 200m Relay (F)
12:10 pm Girl's 2 Mile Relay (F)
12:35 pm Boy's 2 Mile Relay (F)
12:55 pm Women's 2 Mile Relay (F)
1:05 pm Men's 2 Mile Relay (F)
1:15 pm 200m Joggling Race (S)
1:17 pm Masters 800m Run (S)
1:20 pm Hy-Vee Shopping Cart Race (S)
1:25 pm Youth 50m Dash (S)
2:00 pm Women's Invitational 200m Dash (I)
2:05 pm Men's Invitational 200m Dash (I)
2:10 pm Girl's 100m Hurdles (F)
2:15 pm Women's 100m Hurdles (F)
2:20 pm Women's Invitational 100m Hurdles (I)
2:25 pm Boy's 110m Hurdles (F) 
2:30 pm Men's 110m Hurdles (F)
2:35 pm Men's Invitational 110m Hurdles (I)
2:40 pm Girl's 100m Dash (F)
2:45 pm Women's 100m Dash (F)
2:50 pm Women's Invitational 100m Dash (I)
2:55 pm Boy's 100m Dash (F)
3:00 pm Men's 100m Dash (F)
3:05 pm Men's Invitational 100m Dash (I)
3:10 pm Women's 800m Run (F)
3:15 pm Men's 800m Run (F)
3:20 pm Girl's 4 x 100m Sunflower Showdown
3:25 pm Girl's 4 x 100m Relay (F)
3:30 pm Boy's 4 x 100m Sunflower Showdown
3:35 pm Boy's 4 x 100m Relay (F)
3:40 pm Women's 4 x 100m Relay (F)
3:45 pm Men's 4x100m Relay (F)
3:50 pm Men's Invitational Mile (I)
4:00 pm Women's 400m Hurdles (F)
4:05 pm Men's 400m Hurdles (F)
4:10 pm Men's Invitational 400m Hurdles (I)
4:15 pm Girl's 400m Dash (F)
4:20 pm Women's 400m Dash (F)
4:25 pm Women's Invitational 400m Dash (I)
4:30 pm Boy's 400m Dash (F)
4:35 pm Men's 400m Dash (F)
4:40 pm Men's Invitational 400m Dash (I)
4:45 pm Women's 1500m Run (F)
4:50 pm Men's 1500m Run (F)
4:55 pm Women's Main Event - Invite 4x100 (I)
5:00 pm Men's Main Event - Invite 4x100 (I)
5:20 pm Masters 100m Dash (S)
5:25 pm Girl's 1600m Run (F)
5:40 pm Boy's 1600m Run (F)
5:55 pm Girl's 4 x 400m Sunflower Showdown
6:00 pm Girl's 4 x 400m Relay (F)
6:05 pm Boy's 4 x 400m Sunflower Showdown
6:10 pm Boy's 4 x 400m Relay (F)
6:15 pm Women's 4 x 400m Relay (F)
6:20 pm Men's 4 x 400m Relay (F)


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