Southern Track Classic
May 13, 2005 at Fred Hardy Track, U. of Richmond, Richmond VA



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Francena McCorory 23.53 is fastest 200m in the country. Michael Morrison 16-8.75 PV US#3. Doubles by Kai Roper and Rachel Lewis. Sarah Bowman 2:07.38 800m.

Boys - Great Bridge jr Michael Morrison 16-8.75 US#3. Dematha MD sr Kai Roper doubles 21.81 +0.3 200m and 47.56 400m. Dematha 3:17.55 4x400.
Girls - Bethel jr Francena McCorory 23.53 -0.3 200m US#1. Meadowbrook sr Rachel Lewis doubles 19-1.75 LJ and 39-6.5 +0.0 TJ. Hermitage 46.54 4x100 (Bethel 47.31). Fauquier sr Sarah Bowman opts for 800m instead of mile and wins by 5 seconds in 2:07.38. Hermitage jr Queen Harrison 43.17 300H. Bethel 3:52.20 4x400 (Fauqier 3:52.37).

Bethel - Midlothian - Germantown PA - Sarah Bowman - Francena McCorory - Michael Morrison - Dennis Boone - Michael Chapa - Dematha - Daniel Magness
Brandon Miles' Preview - There is something magical in the air at every Southern Track Classic when night falls and the lights are on. The tensity and nerves conveyed by the athletes combined with the awe and excitement shown in the faces of the fans, parents, and coaches is something truly unique to this meet. A meet of this caliber was lacking last spring when the Classic took a year of absence and the impact of this loss was greatly felt. However, Virginia's finest in high school track and field competition has returned !


5:00 Woman's Shot followed by Men's

Men's Discus followed by Women's

Woman's Pole Vault followed by Men's

Woman's Long Jump followed by Triple Jump

Men's Long Jump followed by Triple Jump

Men's High Jump followed by Women's


6:30 Opening Ceremonies

6:40 Woman's Sprint Medley Relay

Rolling Schedule Men's Sprint Medley Relay

Woman's 4 x 800 Relay

Men's 4 x 800 Relay

Women's 100m Hurdles

Men's 110m Hurdles

Women's 100m Dash

Men's 100m Dash

Women's Mile Run

Men's Mile Run

Girl's 4 x 100m Relay (2 sections)

Men's 4 x 100m Relay (2 sections)

Women's 400m Dash

Men's 400m Dash

Women's 300m Hurdles

Men's 300m Hurdles

Women's 800m Run

Men's 800m Run

Women's 200m Dash

Men's 200m Dash

Women's Two Mile Run

Men's Two Mile Run

Women's 4 x 400m Relay (2 sections)

Men's 4 x 400m Relay (2 sections)


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