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Taye brothers and Eric Giddings stage "Maine's Greatest Race"

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Maine's Greatest Race

by Cameron Bonsey

On Saturday June 4th at the Class A Track and Field
Championships history was made in the boys 1600 meter run as
three amazing competitors ran the greatest high school mile
ever in the state of Maine. It may have been one of the best
in the annals of of Track and Field at the national level as
Sintayehu Taye , of Portland High School, shattered the the
national high school record for freshmen in winning the race
in 4:09.69. He was followed closely by his brother Ayalew in
4:10 and Eric Giddings, of South Portland High School, in

The beauty of this race and the incredible competition is
that all three of these talented, hard working young men
would never have reached these levels on their own. Each of
them brought unique talents to the race that enabled them
all to transcend the mental and physical obstacles that occur
within each race and push themselves to run to the best of
their abilities.

I have known Eric Giddings since he has a kid and I have
always been in awe of his ability to keep digging deeper,
training harder and working to improve everyday. He is a
wonderful example for my children and me.

I have met the both Ayalew and Sintayehu Taye. They are
humble, kind and represent themselves and Portland High
School with great charisma and respect.

All three of these amazing young men will be competing
outside of the state of Maine next year. Eric will be
running for Stanford and Ayalew and Sintayehu will be
running for Cushing Academy in Ashburnham, Mass.

Eric, Ayalew and Sintayehu,

Thank you for blessing us with your hard work, talent and
sportsmanship. You have shown us that the essence of sport
is the ability of competitors to raise each other to a
higher level.

We will miss you as you strive to become world class
runners. You are already world class human beings who truly
represent sports done right.

Yours truly,

Cameron Bonsey
Falmouth, Maine


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