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Northeast Week
Sep 18, 2004
Boys - Girls - Preview - Briarwood -

by Don Rich,
Northeast Region Editor

Runners splash through wind and waves of Hurricane Ivan. "My girls loved it," said Bethlehem NY coach Jack Rightmyer at Guilderland Inv. Council Rock North PA boys and Eleanor Roosevelt MD girls (Southeast region) get big wins at Briarwood Inv in Philadelphia.

It was wind and waves of water throughout much of the Northeast 9/18 as the remnants of Hurricane Ivan left it's mark on the memories of runner and spectator alike. "And my girls loved it," declared NE#4 Bethlehem Central coach Jack Rightmyer.

  • Boys
  • NE#1 Fayetteville-Manlius uses 14-second spread to total just 23 points in big win @ East Syracuse-Minoa Invitational NY
  • NE#3 Christian Brothers Academy rolls at DeLaSalle CA inv
  • NE#8 Chaminade gets 3rd at Briarwood PA to Council Rock North PA and LaSalle PA
  • NE#4 Toms River North NJ and NE#9 Cherokee show how close they'll be at season's end at class races at Cherokee Challenge
  • Girls
  • US#1 Saratoga Springs NY rests, NE#2 Bay Shore's meet is cancelled.
  • NE#4 Bethlehem Central NY comes up big over NE#10 Columbia NY even without #1 runner.
  • NE#5 Amherst takes 3rd and loses home inv to Concord Carlisle MA and Keene NH
  • NE#7 Morris Knolls NJ loses dual to Roxbury NJ 9/14, who then wins own inv 9/18.


NE#1 Fayetteville-Manlius NY won the East Syracuse-Minoa Invitational with a score of 23 points and a spread of just 14 seconds. The 5k course was extremely muddy with standing water.

1. Fayetteville-Manlius Owen Kimple (11)
1 16:18 1
Andy McCann (11)
3 16:20 3
John Heron (11)
4 16:21 4
Tom Gruenewald (10)
6 16:23 6
Jared Burdick (12)
9 16:32 9
Tim Page (12)
16 17:27
Danny Marnell (11)
17 17:30

1:21:54 23

2. Westhill Kevin Blaich (12)
2 16:19 2
Tim Hartnett (11)
10 16:40 10
Greg Pallotta (10)
18 17:31 18
Will Pierce (10)
27 17:55 24
Taylor Mulherin (12)
36 18:15 33
Dave Riccardi (11)
39 18:18
Mark Leonard (12)
54 18:41

1:26:40 87

NE#2 Cedar Cliff PA trained through the weekend, prepping for two challenging
meets 9/25 at the Carlisle Invitational, and 10/2 in the top race at
Great American.

NE#3 Christian Brothers Academy NJ went 1-3-6-9-11 for 30 points and a 31 point edge on host De La Salle CA at the 9/18 DeLaSalle Invitational. The junior-dominated squad averaged 15:59 on the 2.9 mile Newhall Park course.

1 Schmitt, Jake 12 Redwood 15:04.00
3 Horel, Chris 11 CBA 15:20.00 1
6 Leach, Greg 11 CBA 15:49.00 3
9 Rogers, Kevin 11 CBA 16:02.00 6
13 Wheat, Justin 11 CBA 16:16.00 9
15 Keating, Brian 12 CBA 16:21.00 11
18 Pellegrino, Anthony 10 CBA 16:29.00 14
23 Jensen, Derek 12 CBA 16:46.00 18
36 Dichiara, Nick 12 CBA 17:10.00

1 Christian Bros. Acad. -nj 30 1 3 6 9 11 14 18 Total Time: 1:19:48.00. Average: 15:57.60
2 De La Salle 61 5 8 10 12 26 40 45 Total Time: 1:21:56.00. Average: 16:23.20

NE#4 Toms River North NJ competed against NE#9 Cherokee NJ at the Cherokee Challenge, a normally tough two-mile race by class. Although no scoring is done, comparing the times of the top sevens reveals a slight edge to TRN. Cherokee was missing their #1 and #4 runners with injuries.

Toms River North
12 Pisano 10:01
12 Brackett 10:16
12 Ellis 10:33
11 Westen 10:44
11 Wittmann 10:46
12 McGarry 10:49
12 Caffrey 10:49

12 Tom Yersak 10:21
11 Greg Bredeck 10:23
12 Paul Mcfadden 10:42
12 Mike Candy 10:44
12 Matt Dolan 10:47
11 Rich Nelson 10:47
12 Vinny Marziano 10:50

NE#5 Lockport NY won the split team format WNYT&CC Officials Meet at Beaver Island State Park, Grand Island, NY (1-2-3 men run in one race and the 4-5-6-7 in another), with the total time for the top five used to determine the winner. Lockport totaled 84.41.5 to beat 2nd place Frontier NY by over two-and-a-half minutes in the Large Schools race.

1. Lockport 84.41.5
2. Frontier 87.23.2
3. Canisius 91.47.0
4. St . Joes 91.48.4
5. Jamestown 92.37
6. Kenmore West 95.58

Merged Results (1-2-3 and 4-5-6-7)
Mike Deren (12) Frontier 16:17.5
Patrick Russell (11) Lockport 16:30.3
John Haenle (10) Lockport 16:39.6
Brett Finnan (12) Lockport 16:45.1
Mark Russell (12) Lockport 16:48.0
Travis Prejean Jamestown 16:50.2
Brad Bogdan Canisius 17:00.1
Joe Hughes Kenmore West 17:03.9
John Diggins Frontier 17:22.8
John Schnitter St. Joes 17:37.5
Kenmore West 17:42.0
Kenmore West 17:44.0
Todd Fraser (12) Lockport 17:48.0
#6 man for Lockport – Mike Germany 19:09.0 (knee problem)
#7 man for Lockport – Lyle Tolli DNF Coming back from delayed
start to training.

Additionally, Mark Russell fell on 9/16, cutting his knee which required 5 stitches - hindered his running this weekend. Brett Finnan also fell 9/16 and was fairly sore from being scraped up. Course was changed slightly due to water problems in one area – most felt is was longer.

Results are not put on the internet and no published results are available for some time.

NE#6 Shenendehowa NY did not race 9/18. They face a daunting dual meet schedule and will aim for the 10/9 Manhattan Inv.

NE#8 Chaminade NY went to the Briarwood Invitational in Philadelphia with high hopes, and left with a
3rd place behind a very strong Council Rock North squad, 1st with 51 points, and just five up on LaSalle. Chaminade #1 Kevin Mcdermott ran the fastest time of the day, a 16:32. Rock placed five runners within a
minute, and their top three in 4th, 5th and 6th, just 16 seconds apart. Notable was McDermott defeating Kevin Tschirhart, Northport in VERY poor conditions, probably affecting times by 30-40 seconds at this
point in the meet (conditions worsened as day went on).

1. Kevin McDermott, Chaminade NJ 16:32
2. Kevin Tschirhart, Northport NY 16:40
3. Sean McKinnley, LaSalle 16:46
4. Brandon Pomerantz, 12, Council Rock North 16:52
5. John Mahoney, 12, Council Rock North 17:00
6. Keith Capecci, 11, Council Rock North 17:08
10. Pat Jeffers, LaSalle 17:17
11. Brendan McCann, Chaminade, 17:18 (out most of last year)
14. Grant Stanfield, 12, Council Rock North 17:28
15. Brian McDermott, Chaminade, 17:31 (1st varsity race)
17. Bob McCullough, LaSalle, 17:40
19. Tim Shay, LaSalle, 17:46
20. Conor MacNamara, Chaminade, 17:46

Chaminade NJ additional runners
Greg Hoffman (12) 18:08
Tim Woods (12) Chaminade 18:53
Conor Hampel (12) 20:00+

Council Rock North additional runners
Whitmer, 10 Council Rock North, _____
6th man: Eric Haidinger, 10, Council Rock North, 17:57
7th man: George Serfes, 10, Council Rock North 18:21
Bryce Kruman, 10, regular 6th man CRN, nursing achilles injury

Boys Championship Race
1. Council Rock North 51
2. LaSalle 76
3. Chaminade NJ 81
4. Cardinal O'Hara 111
5. Archbishop Carroll 114

NE#10 New Milford CT had their scheduled meet cancelled. They may run at St. Anthony's 10/2.

Meet Results

9/18-East Syracuse-Minoa Invitational: (Fayetteville-Manlius)
9/18-DeLaSalle CA Invitational:
(Christian Brothers Academy NJ)
9/18-Cherokee Challenge: (Toms River NJ, Cherokee NJ)
9/18-Briarwood PA Invitational: (Chaminade NY)


US#1 Saratoga Springs NY is in their dual meet schedule, before going to Great American 10/2.

NE#2 Bay Shore NY was rained out at the Suffolk County Coaches Inv.

NE#3 St. Basil PA did not compete and will travel to the Carlisle PA Inv 9/25, followed by Great American.

If this was the week for the NE#4 Bethlehem Central NY girls to falter, it didn't happen. They had faced rival NE#10 Columbia NY twice in the previous week, narrowly taking the Shaker Inv 9/11 and a dual meet 9/14. Adding to the uncertainty was the absence of #1 Emily Malinowski, who was missing the meet for a long-planned family obligation. "They ran out of their heads," was the understated reaction of coach Jack Rightmyer. As with every other race in the Northeast, the conditions were abysmal at the Guilderland Inv. Some parts of the course were completely submerged, while others had mid-calf deep mud. The downhill ("Suicide Hill") just prior to the finish was so bad that an official was stationed at that
point to direct runners to slow down and proceed with extreme caution. There were nine complete teams and over 60 finishers, with Bethlehem going 1-2-5-7-9-(21-26) for 24 points. Columbia went 8-10-14-17-28-(36) for 77 points. Guilderland was third with 95. Columbia did lose one top five runner during the race, as Alison O'Brien fell early. Rightmyer probably spoke for most coaches 9/18, expressing his pride for his girls who "were not intimidated at all by the conditions."

Bethlehem Central times; 2.7 mile, hilly, muddy, miserable (times were a minute slower than the course normally yields on a dry day.)
1. Roxanne Wegman, 18:16,
2. Kristen Kenney, 18:41
5. Claire Luke, 19:09
7. Carly Magin, 19:21
9. Kristen Peck, 19:33
21. Trylor Jackson, 20:32
26.Debra Wray, 20:51

Cumulative: 95:00:00
Average: 19:00:00

8. Margaret Rowley, 19:24
10. Ashley Ferriero, 19:42
14. Sarah Anderson, 20:02
17. Alexandra Nichols, 20:23
28. Brina Sequine. 21:13
36. Katrina Hines, 22:06
Alison O'Brien, DNF
Cumulative: 100:44:00
Average: 20:08:48

It doesn't get any easier for Bethlehem, as they face Saratoga Springs 9/21 in a dual meet, along with two other teams.

Competing at their home invitational, NE#5 Amherst lost for only the third time in the history
of the event, getting 3rd to an impressive winner Concord Carlisle and
2nd place Keene NH. Missing #3 Niina Heikkenen and #5 Daria Pause who are
working their way back from illness and injury (currently running on
the JV). #2 Cailey Condit (IT band) ran her first race of the season
and the rust showed. But they showed the heart of XC runners everywhere
in the Northeast, joining their harrier brethren in coping with the mud
and madness of the end of Hurricane Ivan. Following over two inches of
rain overnight. the race was in in a cold downpour. Parts of the course
were ankle deep in water. None of this could detract from the
impressive performance of Concord Carlisle, who could now be considered
the top team in MA and the team to beat for top state honors with their
45-56-58 win over Keene NH and Amherst MA. Amherst and CC will meet again in two weeks at the
Bay State Inv before their big showdown at the state meet in November.

Amherst #1 Spring Greeney won the girls race by over a minute in 19:03
- this in spite of falling on the final turn. Senior Tim Cunningham of
Wachusset ran an impressive 16:13 through the swamp for a 17 second

1 #8071 Greeney, Spring 12 Amherst 6:07.7
19:03 1
2 #8830 Knight, Cassi 11 Concord-Carlisle 6:29.6
20:11 2
3 #8130 Knudson, Karin 12 Concord-Carlisle 6:32.8
20:21 3
5 #8236 Mills, Paige 9 Keene 6:34.6
20:26 5 (only her 2nd 5k)
6 #8077 Lacey, Melissa 12 Amherst 6:35.0
20:28 6
7 #8117 Clark, Lindsey 11 Concord-Carlisle 6:36.6
20:33 7
8 #8222 Bayr, Stephanie 12 Keene 6:37.0
20:34 8
10 #8224 Boyer, Karen 12 Keene 6:37.3
20:35 10
12 #8144 Schumacher, Emma 11 Concord-Carlisle 6:38.6
20:39 12
14 #8226 Cornell, Amy 12 Keene 6:40.9
20:46 13
15 #8067 Condit, Cailey 10 Amherst 6:42.6
20:51 14
19 #8069 Eve, Juli 11 Amherst 6:45.4
21:00 18
20 #8088 Van Cleef, Bryce 11 Amherst 6:47.2
21:05 19
21 #8239 Norwood, Karyn 11 Keene 6:48.0
21:08 20
22 #8118 Cooney, Olivia 10 Concord-Carlisle 6:48.1
21:08 21
23 #8081 Nazar, Leslie 10 Amherst 6:48.3
21:09 22
28 #8116 Cicchetti, Cricky 10 Concord-Carlisle 6:55.1
21:30 27
35 #8087 Sephton, Kaitlyn 12 Amherst 7:04.8
22:00 34
36 #8135 McElligott, Jill 11 Concord-Carlisle 7:07.8
22:10 35

1 Concord-Carlisle 45 2 3 7 12 21 27 35
Total Time: 1:42:52.00
Average: 20:34.40
2 Keene 56 5 8 10 13 20
Total Time: 1:43:29.00
Average: 20:41.80
3 Amherst 58 1 6 14 18 19 22 34
Total Time: 1:42:27.00
Average: 20:29.40


NE#6 Champlain Valley VT won a small four-team invitational. They had been
scheduled to race at a different invitational in the area, but it was
moved at the last moment. The course at Middlebury HS in Middlebury,
VT was flat to rolling and VERY wet. Officials placed wood planks to
cross wet areas and one CV girl had to jump off to avoid two of our
girls who had fallen. Running without their #3 due to illness, they
still tallied just 16 points. Kendall Frost won in 20:47.

CVU 16
Middlebury 50
Mt Abe 72

1. Kendall Frost CVU 20:47
2. Emily Olsen CVU 20:52
3. Mairead Harris CVU 21:05
4. Melanie McCormick CVU 21:09
5. Sabrina Petri MIDD 21:31
6. Lindsey Morel CVU 21:32
7. Brittney Fields CVU 21:37
8. Amy Hopkins CVU 22:08

They next race 9/25 at the Manchester Inv, where they will face former
NE#7 Manchester Central NH, NE#8 Hanover NH, and NE#9 Concord NH.

NE#7 Morris Knolls NJ did not race 9/18, but on 9/14, they lost a dual meet to Roxbury NJ. Roxbury won their own meet on 9/18. Roxbury is doing really well, and on 9/18 won
their own invitational:
Morris Knolls will stay in NJ 9/25 and 10/2 before traveling to NYC for Eastern States 10/9.

6th Annual Roxbury Inv (class race format: Jun-Sen girls race)
1 Ennis, Jenn JR Roxbury 18:37.63 1
2 Caruana, Ali SR Roxbury 18:58.84 2
3 Stevens, Kristen JR Roxbury 19:25.29 3
7 Campbell, Casey SR Roxbury 20:42.43 5
9 Tencza, Sarah JR Roxbury 21:21.54 6
18 Weld, Alison JR Roxbury 23:37.09 10
36 Giardina, Karen JR Roxbury 30:13.41 22

Roxbury 11 1 2 3 5 6 10 22
Total Time: 1:17:44.19
Average: 19:26.05

Girls Freshman Race - 3500m
1. Cromartie, Ashley FR Roxbury 6:40.4

NE#8 Hanover NH did not compete 9/18. They race at 9/25 Manchester NH Inv.

NE#9 Warwick Valley NY took 9/18 off to train and rest. Warwick Valley
will visit the Paul Short PA Inv 9/25, site of the PIAA District 1
Championships, and face top PA teams including Parkland, who knocked
off Hatboro-Horsham 9/11, Allentown Central Catholic, who was 2nd at
Gettysburg 9/18, and Gwynedd Mercy, former NE#4, who was 3rd 9/18 @ the
Briarwood PA Inv.

Meet Results

9/18-Guilderland NY Invitational: (Bethlehem Central NY, Columbia NY)
9/18-Amherst MA Invitational: (Amherst MA)
9/18-Morris Knolls NJ Invitational:

Preview of Top 10 action


1. Fayetteville-Manlius NY - After winning the opening
Vernon-Verona-Sherrill Inv in convincing fashion, taking the first five
places, they travel to the East Syracuse-Minoa Inv 9/18 before taking a
week off to ready for their next big test at the 10/2 McQuaid Inv.

2. Cedar Cliff PA - The Colts dominated the field at the Gettysburg PA
Inv with a scoring average of 16:16. This team is not just a solid
pack, as senior Pat Caulfield posted a 15:40, finishing 3rd to the
Miller twins' 15:29 and 15:32. Cedar Cliff is training through the 9/18
weekend preparing for their next tests on consecutive weekends at the
9/25 Carlisle Inv and 10/2 Great American XC Festival.

3.Christian Brothers NJ – Christian Brothers Academy drops to NE#3 after
strong opening invitational performances by Fayiettevville-Manlius NY
and Cedar Cliff PA. They trained through a loss to Morristown NJ,
sitting out some top guns to ready for the the DeLaSalle Invitational
in California 9/18.

4.Toms River North NJ – Will open at Cherokee Challenge class races
9/18. The course should be VERY slow, thanks to a redesign that added a
hill, and lots of rain.

5. Lockport NY – Opens 9/18 at the WNYT&CC Officials Invitational on
Beaver Island. They will run at the McQuaid Invitational on 10/2.

6. Shenendehowa NY – Led by a 15:43 from Dan McManamon, they won the
Shaker Invitational Varsity Boys 46 – 71 over Bethlehem. Shen had two
others in the top ten. They face a daunting dual meet schedule and will
aim for the 10/9 Manhattan Inv as they enter the tough four-week New
York state championship gauntlet.

7.Warwick Valley NY – Warwick Valley easily won their home invitational
9/11 with a spread of just 26 seconds. Coach St. Lawrence has a young
squad that he will bring along as they close on the Federations to make
their best case. They'll run the 2nd tier races at 9/25 V
and the 10/2 Great American XC Festival.

8.Chaminade NY – Open 9/18 with the Briarwood Invitational in
Philadelphia. Will face tough PA squads, inclding Archbishop Carroll,
Council Rock North, Council Rock South, laSalle, Cardinal O'Hara, plus
Northport NY and West Potomac VA.

9.Cherokee NJ – Opens 9/18 at their own invitational, the Cherokee
Challenge, which is a two-mile class race.

10.New Milford CT – Opens 9/18 at Wilton Invitational at Allen Meadows



1.Saratoga Springs NY – Defending US#1 Saratoga is spending September
concentrating on dual meets and training until their first big test at
Great American 10/2, followed by a visit to Van Cortlandt Park for
Eastern States on 10/9. They have a full plate from 10/30 on, so they
worry mostly about staying healthy.

2.Bay Shore NY - They solidified their NE#2 with a sweep of the first
three spots at the Spiked Shoe PA Inv 9/11, and will run the Suffolk
County Coaches Inv. 9/18, before going to McQuaid on 10/2.

3.St. Basil PA – With both Hatboro-Horsham PA and Gwynedd-Mercy PA
dropping invitationals on 9/11, there was a perfect opening for
Gwynedd's District 1 AA rival St. Basil PA to move into and up the
rankings all the way to NE#3. They made their case on 9/3 against the
defending PA AAA champ Hatboro squad at the Viking Inv. St. Basil will
train through the 9/18 weekend and challenge the best of central PA on
9/25 at the Carlisle Invitational, where they will likely face Cedar
Cliff and Chambersburg.

4.Bethlehem Central NY – Bethlehem moves into the rankings thanks to a
win over new NE#10 Columbia NY at the Shaker Inv 9/11 by 11 points.
Bethlehem beat Columbia again on 9/14 in a dual meet 25-30, taking the
first three spot, plus places 9-11. The two teams will race again 9/18
at the Guilderland Inv @ Tawasentha Park, but Bethlehem will be missing
#1 runner Emily Malinowski, who has a family obligation. It doesn't get
any easier for Bethlehem, as they face Saratoga Springs 9/21 in a dual

5.Amherst MA – Competes at a home invitational 9/18. Their next big
meet after that will be Brown on 10/16.

6. Champlain Valley VT – Running without their #1, they still placed
five scorers in the top ten for 32 points and the win 9/11 at the
Essex Inv. They next race 9/25 at the Manchester Inv, where they will
face former NE#7 Manchester Central NH, NE#8 Hanover NH, and NE#9
Concord NH.

7. Morris Knolls NJ – Won the Livingston NJ Inv with 18 points. Will
stay in NJ 9/18, 9/25 and 10/2 before traveling to NYC for Eastern
States 10/9.

9. Warwick Valley NY – Moving up a spot after placing five in the top
ten and all seven in the top 19 at the Big Purple Festival 9/11. Team
#1 runner Aislinn Ryan set a course record of 17:33, winning the race
by 1:48. They'll visit the Paul Short Inv 9/25, site of the PIAA
District 1 Championships, and face top PA teams including Parkland, who
just knocked off Hatboro-Horsham 9/11, Allentown Central Catholic, who
was 2nd at Gettysburg 9/18, and Gwynedd Mercy, former NE#4.

10. Columbia NY - Narrowly lost Shaker Inv 9/11 to NE#4 Bethlehem NY,
and by just five points three days later at a dual meet. They'll race
9/18 at the Guilderland Inv @ Tawasentha Park.



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