April 26-28, 2001 at Franklin Field, Philadelphia PA

107th Penn Relays

Map and directions.


Franklin Field is on the U. of Pennsylvania campus at 233 S. 33rd St.  

Franklin Field is just across the river from downtown Philadelphia 
and very close to Amtrak's Penn Station (30th St.).

Philadelphia - Franklin Field (red star) is accessible 
from the Schuylkill Expressway (I-76), which connects to the airport

PennAccess: Franklin Field

Entrance Information:

  1. The spectator entrance for Franklin Field events is located off South street through Gate SL/SM, which has a ramp from the sidewalk to the east end of the field. This is the entrance to the accessible seating in the South Stands. The drop off/pick up area for spectators using the accessible seating is located at the intersection of Convention Ave. and South St. Vehicles may stop temporarily at this location. There are curb cuts and a stop light at the intersection.
  2. The northwest corner of the stadium provides access to the playing field rather than the stands.

    Elevator Information:

    • There are no elevators in Franklin Field.

    Accessible Restrooms:

    • South concourse - men's near Gate SB, women's/unisex near Gate SM.

    Building Information:

    • The accessible seating is in the South Stands from goal post to goal post. There are chairs that can fold out of the way for a wheelchair user or can serve for a companion to sit in. All other seating areas are tiered and not wheelchair accessible. All exits from the south concourse to the seating area on the south side are ramped.
    • Gates SL and SM have ramps up from South St. and are always open for games and events.
    • For ticket information for accessible seating call the Ticket Office at 898-6151


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