April 26-28, 2001 at Franklin Field, Philadelphia PA


Girls Mile

Erin Donohue

Results - Photos

by John Dye

If there is a happy warrior in high school track and field, it is Erin Donohue. Through victories and defeats -- and she has had both -- no one seems to enjoy competition as much as the Haddonfield Memorial NJ all-sports star. She always has a smile and body language that seems to say, "this is fun." This was an occasion for big smiles, as Erin almost toyed with the field and then moved decisively to victory with one bold stroke. Afterward, she was smiling and shaking everyone's hand, looking fresh and ready to run again. She said she always loves running at the Penn Relays, with the stadium a short drive across the bridge from her Jersey home.


The story of the race:

Start with Tanice Burnett JAM (8), Kelley Otstott,
Erin Donohue (1), and Liz Gesel (3)

Lap 1, 72 seconds, close pack led by Colleen Taylor DE (12)
and Meliesha Spencer JAM (14), with Otstott (left)
and Donohue tucked in close behind.

Lap 2, 76 seconds, 800 in 2:28, Taylor - Otstott - Donohue - Spencer still on top. Donohue said the race went as she wanted, with a first half in 2:25 to 2:30. "I probably could have run faster (early) but you have to give a lot of respect to your competition."
After Lap 3 in 76 seconds, bell lap started with Otstott in a slight lead over Colleen Taylor DE (red) and Donohue (black)
Donohue's kick put her in full command in the stretch. On the first turn of the bell lap, Erin reached up with both hands, fixed the rubber band holding her hair back, and then put her head down and took off, as if to say "see you later". Asked about this after, Erin said this is just a habit she picked up sometime, not wanting her hair to fly loose when she kicks. "I knew I would take off at 300 meters to go."
Big smile and raised hand for Donohue at the finish, after last lap in 70, second half in 2:26 and a winning time of 4:54.15

Taylor 4:58.78 and Melissa Donais MA 5:00.84 got past Otstott for 2nd and 3rd - in last place, but a victory at that, was Kate Twarog, of Colonie Central NY, who is coming back from a near-fatal auto accident last Christmas Eve.


1 4:54.15 Erin Donohue Haddonfield Memorial / NJ
2 4:58.78 Colleen Taylor Ursuline Academy / DE
3 5:00.84 Melissa Donais Phillips Academy / MA
4 5:01.36 Meliesha Spencer Vere Technical / JA
5 5:01.65 Kelley Otstott Thomas Jefferson / VA
6 5:03.04 Heather Iataura Tri-Valley Central / NY
7 5:04.77 Liz Gesel Manchester Central / NH
8 5:11.61 Debbie Huss Wyomissing Area / PA
9 5:12.19 Tanice Barnett The Queen's School / JA
10 5:12.44 Ashley Robinson Half Hollow Hills East / NY
11 5:12.67 Lindsay Thomas Overbrook Regional / NJ
12 5:13.43 Megan O'Shea Miller Place / NY
13 5:31.55 Courtney Epps Columbia / NJ
14 5:36.68 Kate Twarog Colonie Central / NY



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