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24 State XC team Championships 4 individual state XC Champions The first HS Olympic coach 1988 Numerous Hall of fame inductions Author of four books: Coaching Cross Country Successfully Running to the Top of the Mountain The Long Green Line Motivation: The Name of the Game.

Summer training philosophy:

Summer training determines November success. York has a summer cross country camp that starts the second week of June and ends the last week of July. We meet monday through friday in elmhurst as a whole group and on saturdays in a nearby town for hills (optional, but the top guys are expected to be there). Practice varies from long segments (45 min, 45 min, 30 min), fartlek to track workouts (25x400 or 4xMile, 5x1200). There is not a great deal of emphasis placed on times during the summer, although the kids become competitive and will put the hammer down on their own. We do not emphasize any one workout more than another. The major goal of summer training is consistent work. The intensity increases once the seasson officially starts in August.


We do not have specific time set aside for lifting. It is encouraged but the overriding belief is that you get better by running and that is how our time is spent.

Team Building:

This occurs each and everyday as we spend 3 hours in the morning with each other and then one hour in the afternoon. At the cnclusion of the afternoion practice the boys will often play a game of softball.


We have our own camp.

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