Hey Everyone,

We ran at Nike Team Nationals yesterday. That race is the coolest course I have ever ran on. Nike had everything set up perfectly. Thanks Nike for developing and putting on this race. The course was at Portland Meadows Horse track; the race took place on the infield. Their were roller coaster style hills, mud and giant ponds all over the course. I ran in the 8th man race along with Kyle Holmes and David Beltramo. In the team race, we didn't perform quite the way we had hoped, but every one ran as hard as they could and ran tough.

Thanks Nike for the awesome event. The season is basically over for everyone with the exception of a few guys with Foot Locker Nationals and Junior Olympic Nationals. It has been a great season to look back over. Their are a lot of good times of running with guys and girls who have common goals and are reaching for better performance. It's been tough,
the workouts, the injuries, the mental aspects of running but all these tough things make the good races so much better.

David Laney



Hey Everyone,

Yesterday we did a two mile race at Lincoln High School. It is a nice newly refurbished track. The weather was cold but sunny. The race went well for most guys. Here are the approximate times:

1 - David Beltramo 10:14
2 - Taylor Bergmann 10:43 (Taylor fell with 500 meters to go, but go up and finished, he also ran an 800 after the 2 mile at 2:10)
3 - David Laney 10:44
4 - Kyle Holmes 11:00

Today was Border clash. It was a good race. Kenny fell down and was in basically last place at 250 meters in in but he worked his way up and won. Kenny, Taylor, Luke, Nick, and Samot all represented the Oregon Team well.

Have a great week of running and Happy Thanksgiving!
David Laney



Hey Everyone,

Yesterday we did a workout at Grant High School. It was a tempo run at about 5:35 pace for 3 1/2 miles. It was pretty easy and everyone felt good afterwards.

Today we did a easy 4 miles and stretched. We had an assembly for the cross country team presented by the Nike Team Nationals founders. It was really cool and a lot of fun.

Let us run with endurance the race that God has set before us.

Have a great weekend
David Laney



Whats Up Everyone,

Today we did a long run at Glendover. It was a nice run and everyone ran well. It is sort of cold here, but sunny. Most guys did between 10-14. it started to get dark, but fortunately we were done before it got really dark. We were running around 7:00 (+ or - 10 seconds).

The schedule for the week is Wednesday tempo run and race this weekend, for some guys Border Clash. Guys that didn't make it in Borderclash are doing something else.

Have a great week of training
David Laney



Hey Everyone,

Today we have a workout at Wilshire park. After the usual warmup we did 5 X mile. We started out really fast on the first one, and then settled in for 3 more. The last one was
again really fast. Kyle and i started out doing 1200m so that we would stay with the group the whole time, so after 2 of those i was feeling so good that i did
miles the last three.

Klotz was running around 4:50-5:00, and Taylor Morgan was just off that around
5:00-5:15. Kevin O'Malley, Taylor Bergmann and David Beltramo were running around 5:35 for most, while I wasat 5:45. The ground was mushy in places and over all not particularly fast. It was a good workout because we all dug deep, and ran hard.

Have a good day everyone,
David Laney



Hey Everyone

Today was a really cold sunny day in Portland, Oregon. We started our workout at the Nike Duniway track by doing 2 easy miles, and drills. The workout was 16 X 400 meters really fast. The whole group did the first 4 on the track around 65-66, with 200 meters recovery.

I did 300's so that i would stay with the group the entire time. Then we went up to the hill and some guys did 8 times 400m and then back on the track for 4 more 400's. The hill 400's were around 71 seconds. After 4 on the hill Kyle and i went down to the track for a mile at a easy but brisk pace. It was 5:56, then we did 3 easy laps and another mile at an easy pace for
three laps and then kick. The time was 5:46.

We finished the workout up by doing a 1 mile cooldown.

Have a good week of training
David Laney



Hey Everyone,

We had our state meet yesterday. The weather was very cold with rain most of the day and a light wind; real XC weather. Central Catholic won the meet with 23 points, a new state record. The race took place in Eugene, Oregon at Lane Community College.

Here are the individual results:

1 Kenny Klotz 15:35
9 Luke Wiltshire 16:32
10 Taylor Morgan 16:32
13 Nick Turner 16:41
16 Samot Turina 16:44
56 Kevin O'Malley 17:20
135 Sam Wotipka 18:42

Most of the Central Catholic Guys had pretty good days. The guys that had not so good days raced tough and because of this they raced well. The course was extremely slow and muddy, due to lots or rain we have been getting this last week. The other 5 guys that did not race did a time trial at Hayward Field, except Taylor Bergmann who did it on the course.

David Beltramo did a 1 mile time trial and ran 4:49. Kyle Holmes did a 800m hard and ran 2:17. I did a 2 mile time trial and ran 10:55. Austin Arguello did a 2 mile and ran 10:58.
Taylor Bergmann did basically a 1 mile time trial on the muddy course at LCC and ran
5:03. He ran about a mile and 1/4th.

We are pretty excited to have been invited to NTN. We have had a great season so far and have high hopes and goals for December.

Have a great week of training everyone.
David Laney



Hey Everyone,

Today was an easy workout at the Nike Duniway Track. After the warm up, we started out with 2 X 800m at goal 5k race pace. Very easy; like 2:25 - 2:30. Then we did 3 X 300 meters at
a brisk pace; around 48. It was a really easy workout, but it got our legs feeling sharp as we want to get some work done so we don't feel sluggish.

We cooled down and did some stretching. Tomorrow we have an easy run from school.

Have a great week
David Laney



What's up Everyone,

Today was a easy 6 mile run at Glendover golf course. We run on a bark dust path around the Park. It was a nice rainy, muddy run. Tomorrow we are doing a light workout at Duniway in preparation for state. After we stretched.

Have great day everyone
David Laney



Hey Everyone,

Today we did a workout of 1 mile really fast, followed by an 800m. And for the guys who are not in the top 7 and running at state, we did a fast 400m after the mile. It was a good day as a bunch of guys ran PR's in the mile and surprisingly a few in the 800m. It was a little cold yesterday, so I guess it made everyone feel more like it was time to run fast.

Have a great week everyone
David Laney



What's Up Everyone,

Today we did a medium run at Grant Park and the surrounding area. We stayed mostly on the soft grass, and because it has been raining so much, we got pretty muddy which was fun.

Tomorrow we are doing a time trial mile followed by a fast 800m and 400m. We are sharpening our legs up, and getting some speed for state. I will update you with results as soon as I get home.

Have a good weekend
David Laney



Hey Everyone,

Today was our disctict meet at Centennial High school. It is a fairly flat course, with some long gently sloping up hill and down hill sections. Their is little pavement but we all wore spikes. It rained hard last night so the ground was slightly mushy in places. The JV race was first. Here are the times:

1 Taylor Bergmann 17:10
2 David Beltramo 17:34
4 Kyle Holmes 18:00
7 Hew Comerree 18:24
10 David Laney 18:36
11 Austin Arguello 18:44
14 Gerard Finnegan 18:56
22 Aaron Pecora 19:20
61 Andrew Wilkes

2 Connor Roland 19:00
5 Connor Campbell 19:23
16 John Brewer 21:32
18 Joseph Workman 22:08

The varsity results are as follows:

1 Kenny Klotz 15:46
2 Taylro Morgan 16:03
3 Luke Wiltshire 16:04
4 Nick Turner 16:06
8 Samot Turina 16:26
10 Sam Wotipka 16:39
13 Kevin O'Malley 16:47

After the race we did a very light amount or work just 3 X 300 meters fast, with 1 minute recovery. It was a good day. Everyone ran as hard as they could today. We all ran gutsy races and closed the last mile. The guys whos last race was today ran great and the guys who have another month of racing did great. To view pictures of the races you can go to RamXC.com.

Have a great day
David Laney



Hey everyone,

Last night we did a team activity. We played laser tag and it was really fun. It got us together as a team outside of running. Everyone had a good time.

Today we did a fast workout.
David Laney 5:07
Austin Arguello: did not run
Kyle Holmes 4:57
Hew comerree 4:59

The guys doing the mile ran really well. I was disappointed with my time but I know i will be good for districts in 3 days. After the mile we ran an all out 400. The other guys did a different workout consisting of 1200, 800, 600 X 2. They had their spikes on for the last set and were really moving.

This week the cross country team got together all 7 days of the week. That's a good week,

Have a good one
David Laney



Whats up Everyone,

We ran a race on Wednesday. It was a good race out at Pier Park. Their were some good hills. I do not have the results yet, sorry. The course was a little muddy but the hills and mud combination made it great for XC. Today we did a longer run, between 8 and 12, at Glendover at a really easy pace.

Some JV guys are cutting their mileage back for districts. We are feeling good and getting excited for districts.

Have a good week
David Laney



Hey Everyone,

Yesterday we did a workout at Duniway. The group we split into two groups. Group one did a mile time trial and 2x200 meters. Group 2 did 600 meter repeats at 5k race pace. The time trial was not great. We all ran a long run up hill and were not really prepared for the mile, but the times were not to bad.

We are planning to do another really good time trial on Saturday or Sunday. The guys doing 600's did well. It was a good workout yesterday and we finished with some light streaching and hurdle mobility drills.

Have a great week
David Laney



Hey Everyone,

Today a group met at the The Portland Zoo and ran a long run up to Pittock Mansion. Their was a very nice view of the City of Portland. The weather was cool and windy but in was nice. Most people went 10-14 miles today.

After the run we went to watch The Adidas Concordia race at Whitaker Park. It was a good race.

Have a good week!
David Laney



Whats Up Everyone,

Today we ran a race at Whitaker park. We are hosting the meet. It is a basic 3 loop course that ends on the track, there are some hills on the course. Here are some times:

3 Morgan, Taylor 16:26.00
7 Turina, Samot 16:40.00
9 Wotipka, Sam 16:58.00
10 O'Malley, Kevin 17:01.00
15 Bergmann, Taylor 17:28.00
19 Arguello, Austin 17:46.00
23 Holmes, Kyles 17:58.00 23

1 Commeree, Hew 18:19.00
4 Laney, David 18:46.00
11 Finnegan, Gerald 19:24.00
25 Pecora, Aaron 20:07.00

Frosh Race

The freshmen all ran really coompetitivly and showed potential to be great runners in the future. (Sorry about not having times)

After the workout Hew Commeree and I did 4 X 400 at 78,80,78,72 and the varsity group did 4 X 800 at a good fast pace. Have a great week everyone.

David Laney



Hey Everyone

Today after a 2 mile warm up and a prayer we did a workout at the Nike Duniway Track. First we did 2x 400 on the track then 2X 400, 300 on the hill and back on the track for 4 X 400 meters. Overall it was a fairly good workout. All of the repeats were pretty fast. Some of us are racing on Wednesday at a meet we are hosting.

Have a great day
David Laney


Hi Everyone,

We have had a pretty big week. After a 2 mile warm up and a prayer we did a 5 mile tempo run ranging from 5:20 - 7:00's. It was a good workout for everyone and we did
2 - 3 fast 400's at the end.

If you want to check out the Central Catholic Cross Country website you can see it at Ramxc.com. It is really cool and has a lot of pictures of races.

Have a great week of training,
David Laney


Hey Everyone

Last Saturday we raced at the Nike/Jim Danner Invitational at Blue Lake Park. The day before the race it poured rain. The course was wet but not really mushy. The temperature was cool but comfortable and it rained off and on throughout the day. Basically everyone performed well this weekend and everyone finished the race strongly. Taylor Morgan had an exceptional
performance yesterday.

Our prerace routine consists of a 2 mile warm up, skipping and running drills and strides. Then we have a prayer and put our spikes on. We are then ready to race.

Here is our team's results:

2 Klotz, Kenny 15:03.31
16 Morgan, Taylor 15:52.51
22 Wiltshire, Luke 16:05.39
32 Turner, Nick 16:15.58
50 Wotipka, Sam 16:31.72
56 Turina, Samot 16:35.04
90 O'Malley, Kevin 16:58.66
JV Frosh Soph
26 Arguello, Austin 18:13.97
124 Pecora, Aaron 19:47.09 102
191 Campbell, Connor 20:42.48 152
219 Brewer, John 21:04.00 171
JV Junior Senior
2 Bergmann, Taylor 17:00.97
6 Beltramo, David 17:13.27
20 Holmes, Kyle 17:44.07
76 Laney, David 18:43.19
116 Finnegan, Gerard 19:25.00 92

Everyone Really raced well and beat other runners atthe end.

Have a great day.



Hey everyone

Sorry about not writing about the race (Jim Danner Invite) yet. Mostly everyone ran well and everyone dug deep at the end. Due to some issues with the results I will try to send out the full race overview tomorrow.

Well the major thing is everyone raced and ran as hard as they could. It was a great day, the course was good and the weather was cool and wet.

Have a good one
David Laney


Whats up

On Monday we did a workout at Duniway Field (one of the first Nike Recycled tracks in the country). 1000m on the track, 3-4X 600 on the hill and 1000m on the track 5 seconds faster than the first 1000m. It was a good workout considering our workout on Saturday.

Tuesday was an easy run with strides, general strength and stretching. Wednesday some people raced at Lents park.

We are preparing for The Jim Danner Invite on Saturday. Its going to be a great race.

Have a great day.
David Laney


Hey Everyone,

Today we did a very fast workout. 1200, 800, 400 twice. It was not a lot of volume but we did it on the track so it was very fast. Most everyone ran well and we all finished with a fast 400. After out cool down we did hurdle mobility drills and stretched.

Have a great day
David laney


Hi Everyone,

Well, we raced this weekend. We flew down to Irvine CA Friday morning, checked into our hotel and got lunch. We went over to the race course to do a run through and get used to the course. We did a few fast strides and stretched for 15 minutes. After an uneventful dinner we had a quick team meeting and went to bed.

In the morning we ate breakfast then went over to watch the girls race and go on a short run ourselves, and stretch. We went back to our hotel and relaxed for a few hours before we went over to the course. The freshmen race went our well Samot Turina got third and fell on the line, Austin Arguello also ran a great race and finished in 25th.

The sophomore race went well with Hew holding on to finish strong. Aaron pecora PR'd twice this weekend, once Friday on the run-through and again on Saturday in the race. The Junior race was highlighted by a great performance by Taylor Bergmann. I ran reasonably well for my first race and performance sense getting Athletic Induced asthma. Kyle Holmes ran well in the senior race and finished in 17:34.

The sweepstakes race did not go exactly as planned for many but due to our unrelenting training over the last few weeks no one was to worried about it. Basically everyone ran well, Nick Turner had a great first XC race ever finishing in 15:58. Luke, Sam, Kevin, David, Kenny and Taylor all finished the race strongly. We are racing again on Wednesday.

Have a great day.
David Laney


Hey Everyone,

Today we did a hill workout at Duniway park. It consisted of 5X 400, 300. It was quick but not overly hard.

After the workout we talked about mentally preparing for this weekend in CA (Woodbridge Invitational - Meet Info). You have to do what you have to do. Listen to music, use "magic words" like Focus, Power, Strength or what ever will make you feel tough, fast and pumped. Some guys like to look at last years results to have a place goal. Whatever works.

Have a great week of racing
David Laney


Hi Everyone,

Yesterday we had a light workout at Wilshire Park. We did 4x 800 meters around 2:25. We had a easy workout because our mileage is fairly high this week and we are racing on Saturday.

We did drills after workout and did a 2 and 1/2 mile cool down run. Today we did a ton of drills, balance, lunge and reach, balance balls, general strength, and then we went on a 7 mile run. When we got back we did another set of general strength and dynamic flexability.

Only four days to Woodbridge!

Have a great week,
David Laney


Hi readers,

Today we did a workout at Alberta Park (hill, slow surface). The workout was 1200 meters followed by 300 meters. We did a race simulation so the first repeat was very fast. Kenny (Klotz) would start 10 seconds after the group on the 1200's to have someone for him to catch.

The group was running about 3:45 - 4:00, then recovering and running a 300. Taylor Bergmann had a break through run today, getting over his about 5 month awful cough, to run fantastically on the workout today and really finish strong. David Beltramo also finished very well as did most of the many of the runners.

Next week we have a solid week of mileage and on Saturday our first Race! We are excited!
If anyone has questions regarding our training or wants me to incorporate anything into this blog just leave a comment.

Have a great week
David Laney



What's up!

Today was the 4xmile race (not exactly 1 mile, 1570 meters) It was a lot of fun and their were some exceptional performances. In the varsity race the teams were as follows:

Team 1
Taylor Morgan 4:40
Kevin O'Malley 4:58
Kenny Klotz 4:25
Samot Turina 4:53 David Beltramo 4:57

Team 2
Luke Wiltshire 4:35
Nick Turner 4:51
Sam Wotipka 4:42
David Beltramo 4:57

The JV boys also won their race.

The girls ran fantastically in preparation for a good season after a big summer of training. After the Varsity race Their was a workout to finish off the day.

Have a great day,
David Laney



Hey Everyone,

Today we were all pretty tired so we decided to take the day off. You know feeling sort of sluggish, JUST JOKING!!!!!!! We did a bunch of drills and went on a fairly easy run. The run was only like 3 or 4 miles for everyone at a moderate pace.

The drills were balance, general strength, and mini bands. I was talking to Taylor Morgan (8:58 3000 meter runner) and I asked him why he runs? His response was simple, "well" he said "it's working for me now."

Tomorrow We have our first race of the season It's a 4xmile relay. It should be a fun race to get the season off and running. Have a great day.

David Laney



Whats up!

Here is the 2 mile time trial finish times. Most guys went through the mile in 5:00.

Kenny Klotz 9:47 (last 2 miles of an 8k tempo)
Kyle Holmes did not run
Luke Wiltshire 9:48
Sam Wotipka 10:00 (spike plate came off after 2 laps)
Kevin O'Malley 10:24
Nick Turner 10:15
David Beltramo 10:29
Taylor Bergmann did not run
David Laney dropped out
Taylor Morgan 9:52
Hew Commeree 11:01
Aaron Pecora 12:48
Austin Arguello 10:58
Samot Turina 10:19
Conor Roland 13:45
Conor Cambell 10:08(6 laps)
John Brewer 10:08(6 laps)

As a whole the team ran very well. after the time trial we did 1.5 miles easy then another 2 miles at a tempo effort. We did hurdle mobility drills and stretched before going home.



Hey Everyone,

Last Tuesday we did mile repeats, Everyone did 4-6. The workout was at Wilshire park (bark dust) so the times were a little slow. We did a race simulation workout, which means the first and last repeat were really fast, like at 5:00 minutes.

As a team it was a great workout. Due to the wishes of one of the juniors, we are stretching after every workout.

On Thursday we did a workout at Duniway we did 3x300 meters on the track, 6x600 on the hill and 3x300 back on the track. It was not really hard but we are ready for todays time trial. It is a two mile at 5:00 this evening. We wanted to do a little something before we started racing to see where we were and get our legs warmed up. Everyone is pretty excited about the big
season we have ahead

Have a great day.


What's up!

We are back from camp. We finished the camp on Wednesday and today a majority of the Central Catholic team is doing the Portland to Coast Relay. A relay race from Portland to Seaside, Oregon.

It is really a fun event, Teams are composed of 12 runners in 2 vans. We are really looking foreward to a fast season of racing. Have a great week

David Laney


Hey Everyone,

We did a long run yesterday, everyone went between 8-15. It was on a nice trail in Bend. Though part of the run for the 12-15 mile groups was off the beaten path. After getting on the wrong trail, they found their way through construction sites, new developments, and a few backyards (on mistake).

The weather has been really hot. Last night as we were swimming and jumping in the Deschutes river their was a big thunderstorm. We had to get out of the river really fast.

Once we were back at the house we had an interesting game of "Celebrities" in which we realized that a few of our teammates are not as up to date on pop culture icons (i.e. Taylor Morgan and Sam Wotipka).

After a long session of jokes we all slept soundly after a hard day of running. This morning we
awoke at different times before leaving for an 8:30 run around a loop near the Great Lodge in Sun River.

The run was more adventuresome for some who got lost on the way and then were fine once they found their way. That's all for now, until next time.

David Laney


Hey everyone,

Yesterday we did 1000 meter repeats on a flat surface near Behnam falls. Most people did between 6-8. It was a really great workout.

Today we only have 1 run, just an easy 30-45 minutes. We had a good lunch and now we are going to church. It is pretty hot here and dry but I guess that will make us tough.

A few nights ago we watched Hide and Seek as a team. Tomorrow we again only have 1 run but it is our long run for the week. Taylor Morgan made us 56 super good pancakes yesterday for breakfast.

See you all soon.


This is a guest blog from David Beltramo, Taylor Bergmann and Nick Turner

Hey everybody,We did a strenuous hill workout (6x150, 250) and short tempo yesterday. The mosquitoes were plentiful.

Kenny did a separate minutes type workout on the flat forest service road. Our girls team did the same hill workout as the majority of the boys team. Their hardwork is paying off with improving speed and endurance.

After the workout we went to the river where few took a plunge and David Laney did handstands. We then returned to the house and we had a scrumdidly-umptious spaghetti dinner.

Afterwards we watched FIVE THOUSAND METERS, and saw the work that went into preparing forthe Olympic trials yet we still are at a loss to knowing how to qualify for the Olympic team.

This morning (Wednesday) we woke up early and went to Elk Lake to run with the South Eugene Cross Country Team.After runs ranging from 20-65 minutes we went back totheir camp and ate a quick brunch while socializing. On the way back to Sun River we bumped to the musical stylings of 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, and The Game. Until next time, when David Laney returns to provide information about our training. And now we leave you with one last word, UH!


Hey Everyone,

The first thing we did when we got to camp was go on a run at Behnam Falls. Everyone ran between 40 and 50minutes. After the run the parents of one of our coaches made a barbecue for us and a few people went swimming in the river.

When we got back we watched Without Limits . This morning we got up and went on a 2-3 mile run, and did general strength and dynamic flexibility. We are doing a hill workout this afternoon.

See you all later