Coliseum League Prelims
Tuesday, May 1st, 2007

Los Angeles Section Road to State Meet

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Coliseum League Prelims
Thursday May 1st, 2007 @ Cerritos College

Los Angeles Road to State Meet


League Prelims Top Marks From Coliseum League
100 Meters
Raymond Carter, Crenshaw 10.69
Marlon Calix, Dorsey 10.95
Johnathan Franklin, Dorsey 11.01

200 Meters
Marlon Calix, Dorsey 21.95
Rahim Moore, Dorsey 22.21
Kevin Alley, Dorsey 22.32
Raymond Carter, Crenshaw 22.24

400 Meters
Rahim Moore, Dorsey 50.14

100 Meters
Ebony Collins, Locke 11.92
Nicole Turner, Dorsey 12.22

200 Meters
Ebony Collins, Locke 24.2
Alysha Turner, Dorsey 25.5
Arielle White, Dorsey 25.2

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